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MH370 – The Malaysian Government’s Responsibility

Lose Yourself Malaysian AirlinesWe now know multiple authorities watched MH370 disappear. Despite the inaction and the repeated failures by those in charge on the evening of March 8 2014, no one in Malaysia has taken responsibility for the loss of MH370, and this is the real conspiracy behind the disappearance. This course was charted from the first official press conference, and since then it has become increasingly evident that a litany of embarrassing failures by multiple authorities in Malaysia to take the action they should have taken, has been covered up and dumbed down.

“It is a conspiracy,” said former Chief Pilot for Malaysia Airlines, Nik Huzlan, “merely to protect the people who have not done the job they were supposed to do…all the people that were on duty that night.”

The world knows what happened to MH370. Not definitively, perhaps, but based on the official evidence available it all points to one thing: human interference. Whether that onboard human interference was initiated by the Boeing 777 pilots, members of the crew, the passengers or a combination of all, the disappearance almost certainly began in the mind of a human. The task was carried out by people with vast aviation experience.

A catastrophic accident can be effectively ruled out. If there was a fire and/or explosion aboard MH370 that knocked out the transponder and the ACARS communication system, could the plane have kept flying? “It is beyond the bounds of probability,” said retired Boeing 777 Pilot Steve Buzdygan. “No mechanical malfunction would destroy an aircraft communication system while enabling said aircraft to fly on – in the case of MH370 – for several hours.”

It is true, a passenger jet can deviate from its proposed course because of bad weather or some control requirement prompted by Air Traffic Control, but none of these are a factor in the case of MH370. So until further notice it is safe to assume human interference is the root cause for the mystery.

Referring to the “grey-zone” where Malaysian air space crosses over into Vietnamese air space, yet another retired Boeing 777 pilot, John Lindsay, agreed that, “If I was going to take the aircraft over and make the aircraft disappear this is exactly when I would do it.”

Nik Huzlan backed up this claim: “When a plane crosses over from one air space into another, I tell you, it is all done in one fair swoop: Malaysian 370, good-night…over to Ho Chi Minh CLICK…Ho Chi Minh, Malaysian 370, good-morning. – That’s all it takes. Exactly that long. That did not happen.”

And while the mid-air human interference was occurring, human incompetence was working in tandem at a ground level to create a synergy of error that would ultimately make the disappearance of MH370 absolute.

The following is part of an interview conducted by ABC news with The Minister of Malaysian Transport, Hishammuddan Hussein.

ABC: Did DCA [Dept of Civil Aviation] contact the military?

HH: Yes they did.

ABC: What time?

HH: You have to ask the DCA. And it will come out the details, the dates…because I do not want to be trapped by…from my experience in the last four weeks…by dates, by numbers, by names, by rank.

ABC: You have conceded earlier that on the morning the plane was missing, there was four and a half hours time in which to respond. So why wasn’t a jet sent up?

HH: It was not hostile, it was commercial, it was from our airspace, and we’re not at war with anybody. Even if we sent [a jet] up are you going to say that we are going to shoot it down?

ABC: Well you said that, not me.

HH: No, I’m asking you.

ABC: I could not possibly answer; I’m not a military expert…

HH: So if we’re not going to shoot it down what’s the point of sending it up?

ABC: To see where it’s going.

HH: Well, to see where it’s going…you need a fighter for that? You are talking now about military procedures. And if I did shoot it down, you’d be the first to say how can you shoot down a commercial airline with 14 nationals, half of them Chinese…I’d be in a worse position, probably.

ABC: Why shoot it down if it’s not hostile?

HH: Well, the Americans would.

It is far from uncommon for officials attempting to cover-up details of an incident to put the blame on a subordinate. However, in this interview, Hishammuddan Hussein used a different approach. Relying on his skills in public deception, Mr. Hussein tried to create the impression that nothing improper had occurred, that faced with horrendous choices a sharp military crew had done the right thing. They had behaved in a manner that would surely shame the leaders of the free world.

Asked why a jet wasn’t sent up, Mr. Hussein replies: “…are you going to say that we are going to shoot it down?” Firstly, the original question should have included the word intercept; I believe this is what the interviewer intended: the question should have been clearer – Why wasn’t a jet sent up to intercept MH370? Perhaps then Mr. Hussein might have been less predisposed to introduce the concept of blowing the plane out of the sky. The word “intercept” is clearly different than the phrase “shoot it down.”

Air Traffic Controllers request military jets to intercept commercial aircraft on a routine basis. Sometimes the purpose is to tell a commercial pilot their plane has gone off course; other times the interceptor is sent to observe a situation directly – for example, to see who is flying the plane. None of this requires political approval. It is not uncommon for ATC to request military jets to intercept a commercial aircraft in response to any serious problem which ATC cannot resolve thru radio contact. Furthermore, the most common problem is that a commercial jet has deviated from its authorised flight path. Given what is known about the behaviour of MH370 post 01:19 this would have been a completely appropriate response.

Yet Mr. Hussein frames his response as “You are talking now about military procedures” as though interceptions are 1) unusual, and 2) as something that automatically means a seek and destroy mission. Mr. Hussein believes no interception was necessary because “It was not hostile, it was commercial, it was from our airspace, we’re not at war with anybody.”

The fact that Malaysia is not at war with anybody should not alter the fact that anyone at any time might decided to initiate an act of war against you. That is what military radar is for, early detection. “It was not hostile” – who decided it was “not hostile” might have been an appropriate follow up question. That or, how was the “non hostile” status arrived at? “It was commercial, it was from our airspace” – how did Malaysian military know that given that transponders and ACARS data transmitters aboard MH370 had been switched off? In the 40 minutes that MH370 blipped across Malaysian military radar, and to the best of public knowledge, that aircraft was unidentified.

Again, when a plane deviates from its flight plan, ATC will contact the pilot. If ATC cannot establish contact, a military jet can be scrambled to fly up to the aircraft and check out the situation. This normal procedure is called “interception” and it is not an aggressive act. Almost always it is requested because routine communication has become impossible.

Furthermore, Mr. Hussein’s implied argument – that there is no point in sending up an interceptor unless there is an intention to shoot it down – is obtuse. Why would such a decision have to be made in advance of scrambling an interception? Even if an airliner has been taken over by terrorists with a suicide mission, no one could predict how the hijacker(s) might respond to an interception. Both police and the military routinely respond to a hijack situation in this manner: they mobilise a potentially overwhelming force in the hope of getting the hijacker to surrender?

Here is just one example amongst the many that demonstrates Hishammuddan Hussein and the Malaysian authority’s reluctance to discuss their failure to intercept MH370. It adds to a full list of fallibility peppered with half truths peddled as accepted fact, false foundations and a fog of emotional misinformation designed to cover-up plain and simple human fault.

When will The Malaysian Government accept responsibility for the disappearance of MH370?

Roy Pinto, Chief Operations Officer at Inmarsat, said, “In events of this magnitude, everybody has an opinion.” The ongoing and regrettable behaviour of The Malaysian Government has done nothing to minimalise this truth.



MH370 – Some Ping Happening Here

It was breakfast time, 14th of May 2014. I was reading thru a Daily Mail article dated May 12 (updated the 13th): “Searchers fear “pings” they thought were from missing MH370 were not from the plane at all.”

I guffawed aloud, “Yeah, no shit Sherlock.”

When those black-box pings first made headlines round April 5th, I tracked down a scientist who helped direct the search for Air France flight 447, a Mr. Bill Meacham.

He said: “I don’t know any underwater acoustic people that think the pings have anything to do with the plane” – this was Monday April 14, just a week after the first reports – “One has to wonder if, in the eagerness to believe and the absence of any other lead, the authorities directing the search have downplayed evidence that is clearly contrary.”

But even before I spoke with Bill Meacham, I undertook my own preliminary research online which revealed to me that for several decades now, pingers with frequencies of 30 to 50kHz have been commonly used to track large, deep sea animals. Location and other data is transmitted to receivers in the ocean or to satellites whenever the animal surfaces. Acoustic pingers are also widely used as fishing net protectors, to drive away predators that would steal fish.

The more I learned about the specifics of the evidence obtained by the TPL (Towed Pinger Locater) the more it indicated that the received signals could have originated from any number of tracking devices, including all sorts of bio-telemetry tracked marine life. Anything from tagged whales to sharks, sea turtles, tuna, seals, swordfish, even a pinger attached to a net that is drifting.

Bill Meacham told me of a colleague at the University of Hong Kong who tracked a great white shark all the way from Australia to South Africa.

The first two pings detected on April 5th and thought to have come from the black box aboard MH370 came in at 33.5 kHz and later at 27 kHz. Remarkably, these detections occurred on the very first run of the TPL, and as we know if something seems too good to be true it probably is. But the experts on TV seemed very confident, especially with Prime Minister Abbott stating repeatedly that there was nothing in nature or commercial shipping that would make a similar sound.

That’s true, providing you exclude just one example (yes, just one of many) such as the real-time tracking of more than 400 marine animals listed at www.seaturtle.org/tracking.

But first and foremost, the signal’s frequency of 33.5 kHz and lower should have been the first red flag. This is NOT within the manufacturer’s specs of 37.5 +/- 1 for the black box pinger. It was written off at the time as “weakening batteries.” But reading this morning’s Daily Mail article, which caused me to spit toast crumbs all over my iPad, the authorities are at it again. The “vagaries of deep-sea conditions” they are calling it, with all the panache they can muster.

Meanwhile, Bill Meacham and his colleagues have been on record for a month saying the 33.5 kHz frequency alone proves that the signal did not come from MH370. Furthermore, that the frequency of the pinger would not change due to deep sea conditions.

The range of detection is another factor that adds to the skepticism. Scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution studying Baleen Whales used a pinger with an identical specification to the one used on flight MH370. The maximum range of detection was recorded as 2.3km. By contrast, the distances between the black box pings for the detections recorded between April 5th and the 8th were rated at 9.5, 12.3 and 13.6km. Even supposing the voice and data recorders were separated after impact by ocean currents, the signals clearly cannot be from the pingers on MH370 (and don’t even get me started on lack of a debris field).

Yet another quandary is the first detection, which lasted over two hours, picked-up by a TPL moving at 2 knots. The TPL covered 9km for the duration of the detection (a little over 2 hours). Since a TPL can only pick up a signal at a maximum of 3km, this extended detection suggested something moving parallel or at an angle to the TPL. (Maybe it was Flipper!) The depth of the sea floor was estimated at 4.5km and the TPL at approximately 1.5km away from the black box, even when directly over it – it doesn’t add up. Equally problematic is the second brief detection. The signal picked-up by the TPL partially submerged at a depth of only 300m, so approximately 4.2km from a source lying on the seabed.

There’s something happening here. Is it a case of brains trying to baffle us with bullshit?

Perhaps I’m being too harsh. Maybe it’s just irony, but all these authorities directing the search seem to dismiss the reality of a double audience. They regurgitate the news to one particular group who upon hearing the updates hear but don’t understand. The other group are not acknowledged at all. Those who hear when more is meant than meets the ear, are aware both of that more and of the outsiders incomprehension. If thru persistence they are finally acknowledged it is merely to write them off as conspiracy theorists.

Even a Daily Mail reporter at the time remarked: “Call it a triumph of science, or incredible luck, but on the very first path, the Ocean Shield (towing the TPL)… detected a steady series of pings.”

Prime Minister Abbott, you’ll recall, was “very confident” that the signals had come from the black box. I’m sure he still is. I’m sure all G20 members are very confident that this search situation is normal; as normal as a group of dolphins with wings riding around on skateboards assuming we all live someplace where such behaviour is completely normal.

Since March 8, I have walked a line and I have not walked it alone. The line maintains that for whatever reason of turpitude, the authorities are not in any hurry to find this missing plane. It will take many more weeks and months and many more millions of dollars before it miraculously appears at a time and place of their choosing. On that day, the smug faces will smile above their blue ties and hands will be shook and backs will be slapped and a prayer will be recited. Stringent measures will be put in place to ensure that this sort of incident is never repeated. Speeches will be made. Listen closely when they are: it will be an orgy of credibility mired in fact. The surface meaning and the underlying meaning of what is said, however, will not be the same as the evidence.


MH370 – Dividing By Zero


QUESTION: Who was responsible for entertaining the false impression that MH370 sent a “ping” message every hour on the hour, regular as Big Ben, from the time it left the runway in Kuala Lumpur until its final complete “handshake” at 08:11?

Answer: The Malaysian Government.

Does this “false impression” matter much to the average Joe? Probably not, but it should and here’s why. It is part of a long chain of information dilution aimed at lulling the public back to sleep on the MH370 issue. Media continue to perpetuate this lullaby, no doubt, but it’s The Malaysian Government and all affiliated authorities who keeping rocking the cradle. Since day one, the grieving families, the general public, have been mollycoddled away from the truth – that is, the claim that Flight MH370 went South rests not on the weight of mathematics but on faith in authority.

What you’re about to see is the official ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing & Reporting System) details for flight MH370. The document is public, but it is quite a bit different from what the public imagine.

A Brief Summary Of The Summary

The official synopsis as reported across countless global news services since March 2014 –“After leaving Malaysian military radar coverage the plane turned South and flew over the Northern tip of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island before heading for the Southern reaches of the Indian Ocean off Australia’s Western coast”

How would The Malaysian Government know this if they were no longer able to track the aircraft?

Answer: The “ping” data.

Inmarsat, who provided the data, stated that final pings from MH370 at 08:11 and 08:19 indicated one of two aircraft trajectories: 1) the Southern Indian Ocean, or 2) North toward the Gulf of Thailand and the Bay of Bengal. They are on record as calling their own early interpretations of the data uncertain.

Then Inmarsat reportedly refined their calculations. The Doppler affect; a phenomenon that causes radio signals to be longer when the source is moving away from the receiver, shorter when it is moving toward the receiver.

The Inmarsat geo-stationary satellite hangs over the Southern Indian Ocean “shaking-hands” with an array of aircraft, including, apparently, MH370. Inmarsat calculated their satellite data and declared each one of the MH370 pings after 01:07 was shorter than the one before it. That would indicate the plane was moving toward the satellite’s geo-stationary point (the place on earth that is directly under the satellite). Inmarsat said it was so. The Malaysian Government released the report, but orchestrated public attention away from Inmarsat’s over-all findings towards less relevant detail. The newspapers, as Bob Dylan once sang: “They all went along for the ride.”

The Exchange Between MH370 & ACARS

  • Used to calculate the Doppler affect:

1. 00:30 ACARS Message
2. 00:41 Take-off
3. 00:43 ACARS Message
4. 00:55 ACARS Message
5. 01:07 ACARS Message

GAP – 1 hour gap in ACARS and Handshakes

6. 02:25 ACARS Message or Ping?
7. 02:27 ACARS Message or Ping?
8. 02:29 ACARS Message or Ping?

GAP – 1 hour gap in ACARS and Handshakes

9. 03:40 Hand-Shake Ping
10. 04:40 Hand-Shake Ping
11. 05:40 Hand-Shake Ping
12. 06:40 Hand-Shake Ping

GAP – 91 minute gap in ACARS and Handshakes

13. 08:11 Final complete Handshake Ping
14. 08:19 Final “partial” transmission (no Doppler yet)
15. 09:15 Final Ground Station attempt to shake (unsuccessful)


(1) 00:30 ACARS Message

  • Aircraft position on the runway immediately before flight (calibrates the total time delay bias).

(2) 00:41 Take-off

  • Exact NOC (Network Operation Centre) ground station location.

(3) 00:43 ACARS Message

  • Maps of the GPS integrated water vapor delay (small correction).

(4) 00:55 ACARS Message

  • Exact satellite location Vs time

These first 4 readings were generated by standard ACARS messages.

(5) 01:07 ACARS Message

  • GAP – 1 hour gap in ACARS and Handshakes (?)

(6) 02:25 ACARS Message or Ping?
(7) 02:27 ACARS Message or Ping?
(8) 02:29 ACARS Message or Ping?

  • GAP – 1 hour gap in ACARS and Handshakes (?)

(9) 03:40 Handshake Ping

  • The gap between 01:07 and 03:40 contained 3 emergency alerts initiated by the aircraft radio) around 02:25-02:29 containing engine data (whether this takes into account ambient pressure sensor data necessary for independent data analysis, Inmarsat won’t say. Privacy laws).

(10) 04:40 Handshake Ping
(11) 05:40 Handshake Ping
(12) 06:40 Handshake Ping

  • GAP – 91 minute gap in ACARS and Handshakes (?)

(13) 08:11 Final complete Handshake Ping

  • The 4 transmissions between 04:40 & 08:11 were Pings initiated from the NOC ground station.

(14) 08:19 Final “Partial” transmission (no Doppler yet)

  • The final “unexplained partial ping” transmission was not initiated by NOC and was not in-fact a ping. It was a 4th emergency alert generated by the aircraft.

(15) 09:15 Final Ground Station attempt to shake (unsuccessful)

Burst Frequency Offset Analysis

Inmarsat used a new kind of mathematical analysis to rule out a Northern route. What that “new kind” of math might be they didn’t say. Or if they did, The Malaysian Government surely didn’t pass it on.

What was released was a written report with an appendix that contained 3 diagrams. Diagram 2 appeared to sum up the case against the Northern route in one persuasive chart. The graph showed the predicted Doppler shift for a plane traveling a Northern route; another line showed the predicted Doppler shift for a plane flying a Southern route. A third line, that showed actual data received by Inmarsat, fitted the Southern route almost like a glove. It was enough to dismiss the Northern route altogether.

Using the charts and diagrams from the report, science-buffs around the globe threw themselves into reverse-engineering the Inmarsat data. It was generally believed to be possible to figure any number of feasible routes while double-checking the assertion that the plane did in fact fly South.

But as examiners drilled down into the sequence, they quickly realised something wide of the mark. The former commander of the US Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, Scott Morgan said, “There simply isn’t enough information in the report to reconstruct the original data. Consequently, we don’t know what Inmarsat’s assumptions are going into this.”

Mike Exner, a CEO from the remote sensing company Radiometrics Inc., came to the same conclusion. Using all available Inmarsat information, Mike was able to derive figures for the relative velocity between aircraft and satellite. But no matter how he stretched his vast mathematical know-how, he could not get his values to match those implied by Inmarsat. “Mine look like cartoons,” smiled Exner.

Even more disturbing, not one person who independently analysed the Inmarsat report has been able to figure out what kind of Northern route might yield the values shown in the report. According to Mike Exner’s analysis, there’s no more than a few percent of the total velocity value that varies. And yet the Inmarsat report shows a drastically different set of values between the Southern and Northern routes. “Actually, neither predicted route makes much sense,” Exner concluded.

Hans Kruse, a professor of telecommunications systems at Ohio University, said, “It’s really impossible to reproduce what the Inmarsat folks claim and therefore impossible to validate their assertion which rules out a Northern route.”

Is this Inmarsat’s fault? Make no mistake, Inmarsat engineers are commonly regarded as top-shelf, models of precision in a profession that is almost neurotic about its attention to detail. But their work has been passed onto the media via The Malaysian Government, whose consistent inconsistency and lack of transparency has from the go-get eroded public confidence. The Inmarsat report appears to have been abridged in such a way as to make it impossible for anyone to independently assess its claims. Given that the report was supposed to explain to grieving family members Inmarsat’s amazing conclusion, it has, in-fact, had the opposite effect. Instead of clarity and trustworthiness, it has succeeded only in adding yet another layer of mud.

Of course, Inmarsat has done themselves no favours by refusing to answer repeated requests for a clarification of their methods. To date, not enough information has been provided for the public to assess the validity of Inmarsat methods. The company remains tight lipped behind a barrier of customer confidentiality agreements and various US laws that restrict the release of information about sensitive technologies. The Malaysian Government continues to play a “tell them only as much as we need them to know” game in a similar way.

One is forced to wonder who is pulling the strings.

Did You Say, “Conspiracy Theory?”

Look again at the Inmarsat Ping data again. After the 01:07 ACARS message there is over a 1 hour gap in satellite relations. One hour and eighteen minutes later comes the first of four emergency pings 02:25, 02:27, 02:29, followed by a gap of one hour and eleven minutes before the 03:40 ACARS message. A total time lapse of two hours and thirty three minutes in “normal” satellite relations. Clockwork communications followed from 03:40 til 06:40 when a 91 minute gap occurs.

Inmarsat never questioned whether the pings were originating from MH370; each aircraft communication system generates a unique ping identified with that particular aircraft, so why would they? The Comsat (Communication Satellite) link was where Inmarsat said it was…but that does not mean the plane itself was. Comsat links are small devices. Two such units might easily be interchanged. Alternatively, any programmable device can be reprogrammed or cloned to mimic the hand-shaking device found on MH370. Such a device could easily be loaded onto a “private jet” and flown along the flight path that investigators believe MH370 traveled. No one – certainly not Inmarsat – could ever tell whether the plane that left those signals behind was MH370 or another aircraft.

THEORY #112:

MH370 went North and was shot down by India over The Bay of Bengal, where “wreckage” was found…(but led to nothing, just like the official search of likely impact zones West of Perth led to nothing). “Whoops,” said India, “sorry.” To avoid an international incident G20 scrambled a jet with a clone of the Comsat device aboard to trick the geo-stationary satellite into believing MH370 was flying to its doom in the Southern Indian Ocean. When the jet reached the deepest part of the ocean it had only to turn the Comsat link off to suggest MH370 had crashed. Such a jet could then divert to, say, The Royal Australian Air Force Base Pearce, located just North of Perth, for a routine refueling and a cup-of-java before finally heading home – “I’m back honey. Boy, what a night.”

Theory #112 and the ones involving Diego Garcia, found its way into the public domain thru Twitter. It was spawned by the “ping” data gaps. To some people, it makes more sense than a “hi-jacker” diverting a plane to no-mans land. A suicider might do that but not a hi-jacker. It makes more sense than 239 people dying from a catastrophic accident and the plane diverting itself down the Southern arc until it runs out of fuel and crashes into the sea without a trace.

How ridiculous.

DAY 63:

Now, with the search for surface debris over and the mystery of MH370 looking more impenetrable by the minute, I’m afraid it’s not a conspiracy theory that needs to be debunked anymore, it’s the “official story.”