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Interview With Two Really Mod Hippies

Interview Joe Flower & Harmony Breeze

San Francisco based hippie-duo Joe Flower & Harmony Breeze first made waves in Australia with a cover of Bruce Watson’s Save The Hippie. Now, on the heels of their summer festival tour with The Trippy Hippy Band, they’re set to mark the psychedelic world yet again. While readying their weed contacts in Nimbin (which is currently under siege from a Byron Bay SWAT team) Joe & Harmony were pleased to sit and fidget with us for several minutes: “Almost straight, can yah dig it?” The following exchange is a sobering meditation on the priorities of a relationship amidst a hectic touring schedule backdrop.


1.When and why did you start playing?

JOE: I started playing air guitar at 11, but didn’t graduate to a real guitar until I was 22, so 1991. I started playing a real guitar coz some asshole stole my record player.

HARMONY: My folks owned a record store on Sunset Blvd which had a small instrument section. Whiling away the hours my favorite instrument became a toy piano, that incidentally was used by Seals & Croft on their 1972 hit “Summer Breeze” – like, how far out is that?

2. Which instruments do you play?

JOE: 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar and ukulele. ( I did play double bass for a spell until I moved into an 8th floor apartment without an elevator.)

HARMONY: I play cosmic voice flute and also dig getting percussive with toe cymbals and tambourine. Recently I’ve been experimenting with an electric kazoo thru a Wah Wah pedal (wait til yah hear our version of Vodoo Child, like, wow!)

3.What was the first tune(s) you learned?

JOE: Bloodsucker by Deep Purple and a Grateful Dead version of the Elvis standard Ol’Shep.

HARMONY: Smoke on the Water (on toy piano), and theme from Exodus (on kazoo).

4. Is your family musical?

JOE: My folks weren’t players but they sure had a cosmic need for music in their lives. My mother was at Newport in 65 when Dylan went electric (and she cheered) and she met my father at Monterey Pop Festival in 67.

HARMONY: Like I said, my folks ran a record store in the 70s and most of the Laurel Canyon cats used to hang out there. I think Jackson Browne still owes them money, but I can’t really be sure coz I haven’t spoken to my folks since 1980 when they voted for Ronald Reagan.

5.Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

JOE: The Ravi Shankar who said, “Music is not for sale” and then went onto make a squilluon dollars from his music.

HARMONY: Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, right? Gloria Steinem too…she’s not a musician, I just admire her.

6.Which famous musicians have you learned from and what have you learnt?

JOE: Okay, like, Willie Nelson taught me how to make the best hash cookies ever, like, I saw more ceilings than Leonardo da Vinci, and Joan Baez who showed me how to whip up a cheese omelette.

HARMONY: My Laurel Canyon neighbor Frank Zappa showed me the best places to stash your shit when your being busted by the fuzz….

7.Who was your first teacher? Other teachers?

JOE & HARMONY: See question 6.
The Trippy Hippy Band
 8.Describe your first instrument. Other instruments.

JOE & HARMONY: See question 2.

9.What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?

JOE: My fondest musical memory was when Jerry Garcia said to me, “Dude can you hold my coffee?” I did. He blew his nose then said, “Thanks man.” I don’t have any musical memories from my house coz I grew up in an orphanage where live music was banned, and most musical memories from my town involve weed so I can’t remember most of them.

HARMONY: I’m hungry.

10. Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD’s?

JOE: My favourite musicians are ones with good weed, groups too for that matter, like, they have groupies too, right. And CDs, like, no man, vinyl, right? But when that asshole stole my record player he took my records too, man!!

HARMONY: Any band that made the San Francisco scene in the mid 60s, like Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe & The Fish, Quick Silver Messenger Service.

11.How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

JOE: Well, I just edit it out later…

HARMONY: I distract the audience by breaking into interpretive dance.

12.Do you get nervous before a performance?

JOE: Only if I’ve forgotten my guitar.

HARMONY: Only if I’ve forgotten my kazoo. And my weed.

13.What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

JOE: I’d say just wait until you’re no longer a beginner coz the nerves wear off by then.

HARMONY: Keep away from the brown acid before going on stage, man.

14.Do you attend sessions? What makes a good session?

JOE: Are you kidding me?

HARMONY: Yeah, I attend sessions, and a good one is when I have to be carried out.

15.How often and for how long do you practice?

JOE: Are we still talking about music?

HARMONY: I like to align my Chakras with a daily practise of downward facing dogs and happy babies.

16. How do you balance your music with other obligations mate, children, job?

JOE: Music is my job, my mate and my children, can yah dig it?

HARMONY: Joe is my mate, see above.


Money No Object When Great Power Scorned


“The IS is a direct result of the adventurism of the West”

A generation of controversy can be compressed into that spare, declarative statement by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He speaks as a free man; free in the most basic and important sense – he is free to speak his mind. Yet he speaks as a refugee, living under the diplomatic protection of the government of Ecuador since June 2012, in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

In 2010, Julian Assange supervised the examination and publication of over half a million documents from the U.S. State Department and the Pentagon. He arranged hundreds of media and human rights groups to scrutinize these documents, which revealed thousands and thousands of embarrassing misdeeds and transgressions perpetrated by the United States government. The deaths of more than 100,000 individual people in Iraq and Afghanistan were amongst the precise details.

This upset the ruthless Americans no end. They began a criminal investigation into espionage charges aimed squarely at Julian Assange and his staff at WikiLeaks. As this article goes live the investigation is ongoing.

Also in 2010, a separate investigation was initiated by Swedish prosecutors who wanted to question Julian Assange on allegations of sexual misconduct. Just questions. He was not charged with any crime, let alone convicted of anything. Despite the availability of alternatives, and complete cooperation on the part of Julian Assange and his lawyers, the Swedes insisted he answer the questions in Sweden and issued an extradition order to that effect. Under house arrest in the UK, he fought that extradition in the English courts for over two years. In June 2012, Julian Assange lost the extradition case at the final court of appeal. He was faced with indefinite pre-trial imprisonment in a Swedish jail and the reality of at some stage being handed over to U.S. authorities by the obedient Swedes.

When Julian Assange entered the Ecuadorian embassy in London on June 19th 2012 to exercise his superior right under international law to seek asylum, he was guilty of the following: a dedicated defence of freedom of expression and freedom of the press, as well as exposing America and other countries deliberate abuse of power. After more than two years “on the run,” the threat of political persecution against him was stated simply as a fact. The Ecuadorian government granted Julian Assange asylum on August 16th 2012.

He has been inside the Ecuadorian embassy ever since.

The situation is currently gridlocked. The embassy remains surrounded by the London Metropolitan Police force prevented from entering by the Vienna Convention. The UK authorities continue to reject negotiations aimed at providing Julian Assange with safe passage to Ecuador. Ecuador continues to offer the Swedish government an interview with Julian Assange on its premises, thereby facilitating Swedish due process and at the same time protecting Julian Assange from being transited to the United States. To date, the Swedish government continues to rebuff this offer.

So far, the UK taxpayer has spent multiple millions of £GBP keeping Metropolitan Police officers stationed 24/7 outside the Ecuadorian Embassy, on the off chance that Julian Assange will just nip out for a cuppa coffee (see the real time running total here -).

Swedish Attorney General Anders Perklev was recently quoted via Rixstep News, saying “Costs to UK taxpayers [is] not our problem.” London Mayor Boris Johnson called the situation “absolutely ridiculous…[money] completely wasted.” Deputy chair of the Police & Crime Committee at the London Assembly, Baroness Jenny Jones said the situation had reached ridiculous proportions – “It’s time to end the stalemate and stand down the officers.” Former Scotland Yard royalty protection chief Dai Davies echoed the sentiments of many British subjects when he stated: “It is unfair for taxpayers to continue to fund this farce.”

It is an acutely embarrassing situation for all powers concerned, especially Prime Minister David Cameron. The UK government can’t back down from its position: Julian Assange must be arrested if and when he steps outside the building. Therefore, while America and Sweden remain in bed with one another the UK taxpayer is effectively paying for their room service.

In February 2015, Swedish State TV channel SVT2 aired an episode of Agenda discussing whether the case against Julian Assange should be dropped. Swedish Liberal Party spokesman Johan Pehrson stated, “All are losers in a lawsuit that drags on.”

But truth is rarely so simple, especially in a case that has stirred so many emotions and is so intertwined with issues just as large as the documents on WikiLeaks. The UK Inspectorate of Constabulary says that in austerity Britain, police can’t give priority to property crimes because they don’t have the personnel to attend the scenes of such crimes in person. But the UK’s domestic security apparatus does have millions to squander on a full time stake out of Julian Assange.

How long will this waste continue? It is a question to which UK taxpayers must demand an answer. For almost 3 years, defenders of Julian Assange have protested his maltreatment (and that must continue); surely now it is time to effectively protest the mounting costs to UK taxpayers, with full mention, in all instances, of the grounds which have shifted under this fundamentally important issue.

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KRM Update – 5 Memorable Quotes From The Abbott Government

Tony Abbott Talking Shit

The 28th Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott.

Julie BishopTalking Shit

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop.

George Brandis Talking Shit

Attorney-General, Minister for the Arts, George Brandis QC.

Joe Hockey Talking Shit

Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Scott-Morrison Talking Shit

Minister for Social Services Scott Morrison.


KRM Update – Nauru Not So Bad After All…

12_Carlos_CazalisAfter more than four years of describing his time at Nauru Detention Centre as an “everlasting fire,” and “a place of torment for the damned,” Burmese and Sri Lankan refugees finally admitted yesterday that their time on the tiny Micronesian island was, in fact, “all right.”
“In spite of all the hunger strikes and all the letters to Amnesty,” Burmese Permanent Protection Visa holder Aung San said, “Nauru was not so bad. Mostly it was quite pleasant. Most refugees just get a little emotional, that’s all.”

Following Aung San’s announcement, asylum seeking refugees awaiting processing in detention centres across Australia acknowledged the positives of their particular predicament.

“The riots in February are the best part so far,” said Amila Debnath, 27, who has been on Manus Island for 11 months. “But it’s all good. A lot of time you look the guard in the eye and instead of killing each other, you swap food recipes and tell funny stories. We show them our secret dens, and they invite us over to their food hall to share some imported Australian beer and to smoke cigarettes.”

Debnath said he also started smoking marijuana on Manus, a habit he still enjoys to this day.

“There is nothing in the world quite like it,” he said. “Not even a visa.”

Musayev Marma is a Sri Lankan refugee who has been at Christmas Island Immigration Reception and Processing Centre for twenty months said, “I’m so glad the facilities here are nothing like they portray in movies like Afghan Stories or In This World. That would be really bad. Coming To America and a little bit of Peter Seller’s The Party is more true to our experience.”

Added Marma: “You see, everybody talks about the overcrowding and the rape allegations. But no one ever talks about the Freddo Frogs and games of Twister.”

Acting as spokesperson for his group, Aung San also admitted that, contrary to what The Refugee Council of Australia’s claim, the asylum seeker circumstances are not something beyond the average Australian’s comprehension.

“For quite a time now we are telling people, if you are not a refugee then you would not understand us,” San said. “But this is simply not true. Anyone could easily look at the television and get a very good idea of what it is like for us. There are many many shows with many detailed descriptions and bright coloured pictures. You certainly don’t need to actually go to Nauru to get a feel for it.”

Padma Ambu, an asylum seeker from Nepal formally detained in the now closed Baxter Immigration Reception and Processing Centre, remembers many good times.

“A lot of times, in between fighting, we would have the barbeque of great seafood and just laze around and drink for many hours,” Padma said. “Then we’d usually flirt with the Baxter guards and take them to our room and have sex with them. And they would often be our very good friends.”

Padma is now raising two beautiful children in Port Augusta South Australia thanks to her exciting refugee sexual adventures.

Ali Rasulov, who while waiting for his asylum claim to be heard had his eye gouged out by a guard during a riot at the now defunct Port Hedland Detention Centre, said that although he has had numerous recurring nightmares over the past 10 years, they have been largely unrelated to his stint as a refugee.

“There’s a really bad one where I’m back in the Port Hedland, and I’m swimming in the Olympic pool, but I realise I’m not wearing any trunks because I forgot to bring my gym bag,” Rasulov said. “My goodness, it seemed so real, it was terrifying.”



KRM Update – Mathias Cormann Denies He is the Voice of Rainier Wolfcastle

Mathias and RainierMathias Cormann, the Minister for Finance in the Abbott Government, strongly denies allegations that recently appeared on internet website Reddit claiming he has been moonlighting as the voice of Simpson’s character Rainier Luftwaffe Wolfcastle. Speaking from Austria, where he is holidaying with family, Cormann told The Sun Herald, “This whole Wolfcastle gossip is someone’s girlie fun-stuff.”

On ABC’s “Lateline,” Shadow Minister for Finance Tony Burke, described Cormann as “a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger.” The show’s host, Emma Alberici, interjected, “You think he owns a Ferrari F40?” Tony Burke replied that he believed it was neither “coincidence” nor “a gee-whiz luck event that he was recently observed driving around Austria in a Hummer H1.”

Cormann continued to deny the allegations outright, stressing “clearly and unambiguously I am not the voice behind Wolfcastle or the reprehensible McBain character.” He added, “This clearly false rumour won’t stick. Because Australian people are smarter than the average Commie-Nazi.”

If he were the voice behind Wolfcastle, Cormann asked, “Why do I think “Run! Get to the chopper!” is not funny?” And he denied, when asked how he slept at night, that he had ever responded with, “On top of a pile of money surrounded by many beautiful women.”

In the nine months since Cormann first assumed office as Minister for Finance, there have been discreet whispers about his experimentation with body-building and his love of German Bratwurst. The Sun Herald reported this week “a senior officer with the Federal Police said on Sunday that it was still their conclusion that Mr. Cormann was not leading a double life.” Despite accusations, Labour has not publicly revealed any evidence that he is working in any capacity with The Simpson’s creator Matt Groening. This issue is key to shaping the public’s perceptions of Cormann and indeed the Abbott Government in the wake of the 2014 Federal Budget. Tony Burke on “Lateline,” went on to allege that “I’ve personally heard him humming “The Bratwurst Song” in the Upper House. And several back-benchers on my side of The House heard him remark to Clive Palmer at the coffee cart “Quit stalling, fatty!” ”

On ABC’s “Q & A,” Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen made similar allegations, saying, “One night in March this year, Senator Cormann was at a local Canberra hotel with Christopher Pyne and was heard to jibe The Minister for Education by saying, and I quote: “Ja, that is some outfit, Pyne-e-e. It makes you look like a homosexual” – I mean, this is disturbing stuff.”

Asked today to elaborate on his reasons for suggesting that Mathias Cormann was in-fact the voice of Rainier Wolfcastle, Chris Bowen, thru a press aide, declined to comment.

Some observers, looking at the substantiation that Cormann was seen lunching with Matt Groening at Fox Studios in New York have pointed to a report in popular culture magazine, Rolling Stone, that before leaving America last Christmas Cormann stayed at Groening’s house in Malibu City. Cormann’s legal adviser, Lionel Hutz, a lawyer with “I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm” denied that report, however, saying, “It’s the most blatant case of fraudulent advertising since my suit against the film “The Never Ending Story” ” – (Rolling Stone stands by its story.)

“It’s not just the allegations about me being the voice of Rainier Wolfcastle that mystify me,” Cormann told The Sun Herald. “It’s that people really think I had a starring role in several gay pornography films while chewing on a “Power Sauce Bar.” ” Cormann expressed concern at the range of allegations that have been made against him in the media without intelligence officials providing some kind of factual basis: “I was never a key player in the Hollywood Prostitution scandal, and most certainly never carried George Brandis in an oversized Snugli for babies. I have no idea who Rob Schneider is and I’ve never seen the movie My Baby is an Ugly Man.” ”

Cormann went on, “I mean, I am more socially liberal than a majority of Ministers in our Cabinet around issues of the stem cell research, but I have never supported anyone named Sideshow Bob, and had no idea he was running for Mayor. Really, if I could meet some of these rumour-mongers I would shoot their face…and shoot their face again.”

In the end, Cormann reiterated that “These allegations are false. If mine bratwurst has a second name that’s S-C-H-N-A-C-K-E-N-P-F-E-F-F-E-R-H-A-U-S-E-N, it is nobody’s business but my own.”

KRM Update – Budget 2014: Drinkers React

Dougie Bishop on the BUDGET 2014An inebriated man from Footscray made a fascinating point about the 2014 Federal Budget a few nights ago, astutely commenting on the Abbott Government’s strangely misguided priorities. Dougie Bishop, a 37-year-old fork-lift driver, made the remark around 10:50pm at The Reverence Hotel, where he had spent the night stuffing himself with cheap tacos and drinking himself into a blind stupor.

Shortly before pissing himself, Dougie Bishop shrewdly hypothesised about the puzzling priorities of the 2014 Federal Budget. He has since been elevated to the position of senior-most provincial adviser to Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

“This government, they can find money to fight wars and search for missing planes, but they’re making people pay just to have a thermometer stuck up their bum,” Bishop sharply noted to a handful of patrons as he downed a triple shot of Bundy OP Rum. “They don’t know their fucking armpit from their elbow.”

He then added, “It’s bull-shit, mate, you ‘ear me?” before pissing his pants and stumbling home.

Bishop’s perceptive political remark immediately impressed punters at The Reverence Hotel.

“What Dougie said was spot on,” said Warren Murphy, 33, who was also maggotted. “He was saying like how we spend more money on the the war effort and stuff that’s got nothing to do with us than we are on free health-care for pensioners and stuff. And he was dead right: The whole budget’s screwed-up.”

Sharon Ward, who stood alongside Dougie Bishop at the time waving a bottle of Strong-Bow cider around, also agreed with the Footscray man’s appraisal.

“I can’t remember exactly how he put it now; I wish I could because it was bloody amazing,” she said. “He just cut thru all of the shit right to the heart of the problem…sensational mate, eh?”

Ward broke her nose and 3 ribs later that evening when she was struck by a car while trying to hail a taxi on Napier Street.

When asked to expand on his judgment of the proposed spending cuts outlined in the 2014 Federal Budget, Bishop replied, “I was talkin’ to this good-looking-sort for a while last night and I was pretty sure I was gonna get me end in,” he said. “But then I just threw me guts up right in front of her…but then she said she was a dyke anyway, so…you know.”

News of Dougie Bishop’s politically charged outburst quickly reached Canberra.

“Only a few days ago, I was one of the ministers in favour of cutting welfare benefits while rubber-stamping the purchase of 58 US F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft,” Minister for Employment Eric Abetz said. “But it is now clear that, as Mr. Bishop put it, We don’t know our armpit from our elbow.”

The Australian was also enthused by Dougie Bishop’s hard hitting remarks, dedicating a full page to the central comments of the twice-divorced alcoholic fork-lift driver and father of six who has a history of driving offenses and domestic violence.

“Solutions to major societal problems do not always come from within the Canberrian brain-trust,” editor-in-Chief Chris Mitchell noted. “Often, they come from ignorant, fluro-shirted Australians who fling their uninformed, one-dimensional solutions to multifaceted, 21st Century problems at anyone bothered to listen.”

In addition to his editorial in the pages of The Australian, Bishop has been invited by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman to participate in next month’s round table discussion on Brisbane’s ongoing bikie problem as well as strategies for supercharging the local economy.

New South Wales Premier, Mike Baird, has also expressed interest in consulting Bishop on a number of grave concerns in the wake of recent ICAC investigations.

“It would appear that Mr. Bishop has a nose for decoding the difference between good choice and a choice that is simply rank,” Baird said. “Therefore, I intend to initiate discussions with him in the foreseeable future, definitely.”

This is not the first time Dougie Bishop has boldly questioned the priorities of an Australian Government. In April 2013, after consuming 24 cans of Melbourne Bitter on the tailgate of his Hilux ute, he mumbled to himself, “This fucking Carbon Tax, mate…politicians just sitting around all day dreaming up new ways of sucking another dollar out of yah.”

The remark is said to have been the turning point which culminated in the Liberal Party being swept to power at the Australian 2013 Federal Election.


KRM Update – Manus Island Slackers!

Manus1Nine months after deciding his life was just too hard and engaging a people smuggler to secure him passage on a fishing boat bound for Australia, Adeeb Kohistani, a gutless slacker from Afghanistan, was continuing to hide from reality at Manus Island regional processing facility.

According to former G4S staff, the 31-year-old refugee, a member of the Shia Hazara people from the central highland region of Hazarajat in Afghanistan, apparently did-a-runner from his home last June following a violent raid by the Taliban Army, and now prefers to live in an army tent in the middle of Manus Island than face up to the challenges in his life and deal with them like any normal Australian would.

PNG Police Officer Russty Nicholson said of the pathetic runaway, “When things got hard Kohistani could have defended his village and died with his pride intact, but at the first sign of trouble he just took off to a different country instead.” Officer Nicholson explained this as a common reaction amongst boat people: the moment a large, well-armed military regiment raids their village and slaughters their family, they turn about and run.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison specifically mentioned Adeeb Kohistani’s case at a press conference outside Villawood detention Centre Thursday. “People like Mr. Kohistani need to understand that Australia is not the place to come and bury your head in the sand just because life has dealt you a rough-hand. I think I can safely speak for all Australians when I say that we are a tolerant nation who believe in a fair go and when a problem crops up, we fix it. You fix it and move on with your life. Because that’s what Australians do.”

Talk-back radio phone lines rang hot after Mr. Morrison’s press conference with the majority of callers agreeing that ignoring all your problems— such as ethnic cleansing and homelessness—and hoping it will all go away is a total cop-out.

“Look at me,” said Mr. Jasper Whyte a caller from Penrith NSW, “I never got my Housing Commission flat by taking the easy way out. It was bloody hard work.”

Another caller described Adeeb Kohistani as “a loser, simple as that!” right after talkback radio host Alan Jones confirmed that Kohistani had ran like a headless chook the night of the massacre before crawling out the back of his hut and cowering in the nearby scrub, where, Jones speculated, the weak-willed man decided to just completely shut out the sight of his settlement being destroyed and the bodies of his loved ones being thrown into a pit rather than tackling the problem head-on. The spineless bastard reportedly ran-off with his tail between his legs to the people smugglers the following day, and is now, by all accounts, content to just give up and pity himself at the taxpayer’s expense.

In a news poll, 91% agreed that Kohistani should not be using the massacre of his family as an excuse to just chuck in the towel. The poll’s comment section was shut-down after contributors overloaded the system with unanimous calls for taxpayer handouts to cease and for Kohistani to snap out of his depression and “get his shit together.”

Mr. Morrison acknowledged that both G4S and his own border protection point man, Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell, had warned Kohistani and all illegal arrivals that they needed to realise everyone faces challenges in their lives, and that they can’t just expect Australians to throw open their arms and take care of everything for them. “During an operational procedure,” said Mr. Campbell, “which I can’t directly discuss, but I can disclose that during that procedure one Australian naval officer lost his iPhone. Over the side and into the drink it went. It wasn’t backed up to the cloud so the officer lost everything. But he didn’t start crying about it, and he certainly didn’t run off to Indonesia expecting them to make it all better for him. No, he took it on the chin and first opportunity he got he was on eBay buying himself a new iPhone which he immediately backed up to the cloud so this sort of problem wouldn’t reoccur.”

Greens Immigration spokeswoman (and general bleeding-heart) Sarah Hanson-Young visited Adeeb Kohistani on Manus but failed to address the queue jumper’s propensity for running away from his difficulties. Instead, Ms. Young spent most of her time criticising the Federal Government’s offer to repatriate Adeeb Kohistani back to Afghanistan at taxpayer expense. The Greens Senator rejected calls for the gutless refugee to grow up and act like a responsible adult for once in his life. She said the piss-weak excuse for a man resolutely refuses to go back to his own country and that he enjoyed her full support.

“Adeeb Kohistani is just barely starting to feel safe here,” said Sarah Hanson-Young. “Returning to his home in Hazarajat is something he can’t even imagine at the moment.” Ms. Young cited dozens of Kohistani’s weak excuses for why he can’t tackle his problems and actually do something about them like any normal Australian would. “So many of his friends and relatives were murdered right in front of him during the raid, and it could have just as easily been him. He told me that he still hears their screams in his dreams every night.”

Scott Morrison countered by saying Adeeb Kohistani wouldn’t be having nightmares if he had initially confronted his attackers head on, although he stressed this did not justify what happened to Mr Kohistani’s relatives and other victims.


MH370 – All I Have Is A Voice To Undo The Lie

S-shape radar pix2
Mister Peter Swerling is a retired US Naval Flight Captain with an impressive CV: BACH Degree in Aerospace Engineering, MS Degree in Ocean Engineering, PRO Mechanical Engineer (PE), screened for Aviation Command, Executive Officer of 1st Reserve Patrol Squadron P-3C Update III, and Commanding Officer Reserve Patrol Squadron Augment Unit (VPSAU). Mr. Swerling is baffled by the Perth S-shaped phenomenon. In the absence of any credible explanation from The Australian Military, Mr. Swerling agreed to flesh out a conceivable rationale from his home near Florida Atlantic University.

JG: Peter Swerling, looking at Google Earth and transposing from the weather map to the real map, the strange S-shape seems much closer than it first appears.

SWERLING: I put it at 10.8 miles West of the Western tip of Rottnest Island. The formula for the distance of the horizon is D = 1.17 x SQRT (Height of Observer) so the phenomena could have been seen from 222ft above ground.

JG: On Rottnest Island?

SWERLING: Correct. As you say, much closer than one would think just from looking at the radar map.

JG: So anyone on Rottnest Island who looked West could have seen this S-shape formation?

SWERLING: Yes, providing it was cloud, which would then place it far above the water’s surface, say 10000ft or more. A surface based observer would be able to see those cloud tops much further away than the horizon. However, the Australian weather service ruled out any clouds in the area at that time so it had to be something else that reflects electromagnetic energy, like particle clumping or even a fake signal.

JG: With regards to particle clumping some people have suggested silver foil strips, a fuel dump or an explosion.

SWERLING: Right – I still don’t see why that type of S-shape pattern, which is obviously artificially generated, would be any better than just a fake irregular shape.

JG: Could the S-shape have been caused by some electrical glitch located in the vicinity of the receiving antenna, or the computer processing equipment associated with the radar display?

SWERLING: If it was an anomaly, the cause might be a type of electromagnetic interference from other electrical equipment that perhaps wasn’t grounded and somehow enabled a leading voltage or current to get in the processing equipment. However, this type of problem wouldn’t go away until it was repaired, and that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

JG: Or it was a fake signal?

SWERLING: If it was a fake, then it must have been created by some type of digital transmission on the weather radar frequency, a simulated echo return at varying times and density so that the pattern appeared like it did. If it was a purposely generated ECM type jamming signal, well, it gets me back to my previous point: I don’t see how the S-shape can be of any advantage.

JG: So what do you think it was?

SWERLING: Well, the only thing that I can imagine is some type of ECM jamming signal or blanketing signal that’s interfered with the weather radar. That isn’t impossible, but I am sure the Australian Military would not want to be overt about that unless someone wasn’t thinking. But again, the S-shape shown on the screen is so artificial looking that it wouldn’t even be effective as a decoy or jamming signal because as soon as you saw it you would know your signal was being jammed. If there is general broadband jamming, it just takes out the entire radar plot and you go blind and can’t discriminate targets or know what is going on.

JG: Peter Swerling, have you ever seen anything like this?

SWERLING: I flew for 25 years in maritime patrol aircraft whose mission was Search Visual and Acoustic Radar. In that entire time I never saw an S-shaped pattern, or even heard about one in the radar training courses I took, nor did I ever see a screen pattern displayed as a result of a system failure.

JG: It’s possible, though, isn’t it, with “Digital Processing”?

SWERLING: Oh, sure. I know that there are a lot of things that can be done, but I don’t understand what creating this type of pattern would do that would be tactically helpful. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t created by a group of Australian ships or aircraft operating in this area, I just don’t understand how it was done or why it would have a significant tactical purpose.”

To conclude, Peter showed me some images of “Perth Canyon.” This is a submarine canyon located on the edge of the continental shelf just off the coast of Rottnest Island. It is similar in dimensions to the Grand Canyon and is a part of the training ground used by the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Service. Peter told me that in 2006, the Oceanographic research ship Southern Surveyor, discovered a vortex in the waters above Perth Canyon. At 120 miles in diameter and 3300ft deep the vortex was visible from space.

SWERLING: The curious thing is that when you super-impose the S-shape radar image over the top of a Google Maps image of Perth Canyon, it generally fits the shape of the canyon on the sea bed.

Perth Canyon Animated
: Yes, it does. Could something natural be emanating from this area?

SWERLING: It’s not impossible, but I think we would have seen this phenomenon once before now. Also, if it were something natural, I don’t know why the Australian Military would claim responsibility for it.


MH370 – “S” Is For Coincidence

S-shape radar pix
Wednesday 12 Feb 2014, 6:16pm AEDT

A strange S-shaped formation appeared on weather bureau radar 20 miles west of Rottnest off the West Australian coast. After checking the satellite, the bureau’s Neil Bennett ruled out the phenomenon being caused by cloud.

“The radar that the bureau uses is there for the detection of precipitation. It’s basically just a beam going out and hitting the rain droplets or ice particles from hail.

“There’s no cloud, there’s nothing to produce a rain echo…which we do see a lot, but not this particular shape,” he said. “They don’t take on S shapes and things like that.

The ABC news who initially reported on this occurrence asked the Department of Defense whether there were any military operations off the coast which may have interfered with radar activity.

The Defense Department took 24 hours to reply.

Thursday 13 Feb 2014, 8:15pm AEDT

The Australian Department of Defense confirmed that the strange S-shaped phenomenon which appeared on the weather bureau radar off the West Australian coast was caused by a military exercise.

A spokesman for the Department of Defense said in a statement that the exercise was a regular training activity involving ships and aircraft designed to prepare a Navy warship for an operational deployment.

“The environmental conditions over the West Australian coast at the time of the activity provided a unique opportunity for this routine activity to be visible on the weather radar display,” he said, concluding: “This exercise is ongoing.”

Rottnest Island is 7 miles wide, a small blip in comparison to the S-shape. If the shape was produced by a “military exercise” what the heck are they (whoever?) doing off the coast of Western Australia?


Something unusual happened here, something “real” rather than an illusion caused by any radar glitch. Reporters did probe for greater depth to the military response, but it was not forthcoming. As with all military testimonials, it is dirt common to waiver any obligation of disclosure by simply answering with suitable spin (e.g. ye olde non-denial denial, misdirection and diversion, phrasing in a way that assumes unproven truths or avoids the question all together).

Let’s dissect what was said:

  • What caused the strange S-shaped phenomenon? – “A military exercise.”

This avoids the question all together; it’s a nothing answer. It’s comparable to the Athenians of ancient Greece who upon witnessing a solar eclipse asked, “What caused this strange phenomenon?” Answer: Angry gods. These days we know the answer. If the military would allow independent scientific analysis of what caused the strange S-shaped phenomenon, we’d have an answer for that too. But the military can simply wave all that away by saying, “The purpose of this particular exercise is classified and disclosure is not in the national interest.” What we do know is the purpose of a military exercise is to explore the effects of warfare or test strategies without actual combat. It is then reasonable to believe that the strange S-shape is connected to warfare.

  • “The exercise is a regular training activity involving ships and aircraft designed to prepare a Navy warship for an operational deployment.”

This embellishment does nothing to further the response to the original question: “What caused the strange S-shaped phenomenon?” Here the question is avoided by talking not about “the exercise” (which caused the S-shape), but by shifting the focus to this “regular training activity.” Regular, as in normal, standard, ordinary (e.g. nothing to worry about). “The exercise is…designed to prepare a Navy warship for an operational deployment.” How an “exercise” that produces a “strange S-shaped phenomenon” (over 30 miles long, incidentally) can prepare a Navy warship for an operational deployment, personally, makes me want to bang drums and symbols and shot arrows skywards to scare the dragon away. Furthermore, if this exercise is “regular” why has the irregular S-shape never been picked up on radar before?

  • “The environmental conditions over the West Australian coast at the time of the activity provided a unique opportunity for this routine activity to be visible on the weather radar display.”

What environmental conditions? “No cloud” as Neil Bennet stated. “Nothing to produce a rain echo.” Therefore, these perfect conditions “provided a unique opportunity for this routine activity to be visible on the weather radar display.” Where did this response come from, a Hardy Boy’s mystery? It’s an insult, as too is the second mention of this exercise/activity being nothing but “routine.” If the activity is routine, why is it classified? More to the point, what was the routine activity that produced this S-shape phenomenon?

  • “This exercise is ongoing.”

Firstly, if this is ongoing, why haven’t we witnessed this S-shape phenomenon before or since? Secondly, was the exercise ongoing when flight MH370 entered the Indian Ocean 2000 miles from where this “routine activity” took place? Thirdly, why did Garden Island radar, the main naval base on the West coast of Australia, 3 miles off the Western Australian coast, 56 minutes from Perth city, fail to detect a large Boeing-777 in its waters on March 8 2014?

From The Conservative Dark

The city of Mandurah in Western Australia lies approximately 45 miles South from Perth. It houses around 83,000 people.

Shortly before dawn on FEB 12 2014, one of them, a fisherman who wants to be known as Peter, was about 20 miles off-shore preparing to cast a net (no pun intended). Peter noticed something flicker in his periphery. He looked up and saw what he described as “…an eerie light show.”

Grabbing his camera, Peter managed to capture images of the light which he said moved and changed colours before disappearing with the sunrise. Peter believes what he saw was a UFO. “An unidentified flying object, yep! After nine years of fishing I’ve never seen anything move like it.”MadurahUFOThe strange sight preceded the release of the Bureau of Meteorology radar picture and the strange S-shaped phenomenon West of Rottnest Island.

We know The Bureau’s Neil Bennet ruled out the phenomenon being caused by precipitation. One unconfirmed source suggested the formation may have been caused by radar picking up condensation from an aircraft fuel dump during military exercises. However, the source did concede, “It wouldn’t have been over 30 miles long.”

Retired astronomer Ralph Martin said it was “hard to say” what caused either the strange light or the radar picture.

“The vast majority of these reports [strange lights] have reasonable explanations,” he said. “They’re usually either astronomical objects or aircraft. But we can’t explain them all.”

The Mandurah lights rank amongst those unexplained.


Force Majeure in Dallas

In 1963 my mother was 19 and living in San Francisco’s Ashbury Heights, working as some sort of secretary for The Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council. She was always flirting with the counter-culture that existed in the Bay area, and in March of that year she was in the Chinatown district celebrating the closing of Alcatraz with some beatnik types. At least one out of that group was en route to Alabama to lend support to the SCLC volunteers who were kicking off their Birmingham campaign against segregation with a sit-in. My mother ran away with them. She described it as “…the point the rest of my life began.”

Around September 1963 she found herself in the tiny enclave of Henrietta, Texas acting as a secretary for a local rancher and civic leader Mrs. Ellen Body. Mrs. Body was a focal member of The Presidential Commission on the Status of a Women. My mother probably typed up a lot of important documents for her.

On Friday November 22 1963 my mother was in Dallas, Texas standing on Main Street with some friends around 200 yards down from Houston Street. She smiled and waved madly as The President and the First Lady drove by smiling back in the warm Texas sun. She watched and waved until the motorcade turned right into Houston Street and disappeared. She was elated; everyone was. Presently, she and her friends became aware of police sirens and shortly after that an inexplicable feeling of distress rippled down Main Street and over them. Everyone around seemed to move instinctively towards Houston Street. My mother’s group moved with them. At the corner, they looked over Dealey Plaza and it was clear something had occurred. The panic was palpable. People were moving round directionless. Some were running. A few stood transfixed looking dazed and confused. Their group moved towards Elm Street. Everyone on the sidewalk was chattering. “Something just happened, didn’t it?” More fragments of talk began to filter through the dross and register in my mother’s ears – “It just took off…” – “What did you hear?” – “I did see that…” – “They were going some place on a hurry…” – “The cops went running up there…”

My mother asked a tall man in a gabardine suit, “Sir, what’s happening?”

He looked down at her, distracted. “What?…I…I’m not sure young lady. Something over there.” He pointed along Elm Street. “The President’s vehicle sped up and the police sirens went on and…I don’t know…I…I don’t know…”

Someone in the group suggested going to a diner, but no one moved. They stood there waiting on Houston Street as if for instructions on what to do next. Lots of police began milling around. The longer they stood the more theories they overheard. Many minutes went by before they heard something about a gun shot. The police presence was becoming conspicuous. Still more time passed and then my mother noticed a woman sobbing, “They shot him…I see’d it…”

“We need a radio,” said my mother.

One of my mother’s friends worked in an office a short walk up Elm Street: “Someone there will know what’s going on.”

Passing North Record Street they noticed a group huddled around a parked car. The owner was sitting in the driver’s seat, radio blaring. They walked over and joined the group. Someone looked at my mother and said, “They fired shots at The President’s motorcade.”

Someone else added, “Three shots.”

Someone else went SHHHHHHHHH and in a heart-beat all noise was sucked out of the world until the only sound anywhere on the planet was the radio announcing: “President Kennedy has been wounded…”

My mother stayed huddled with that group around the parked car listening until the radio announced: “The President is dead” –

Many years later my mother wrote – in a similar diary as I took this recollection from – the following interesting passage: “I remember when Joel said We was all being fucked over when Reagan sent the National Guard into Berkeley. He said it again when Kent State went down. But then Watergate hit and he was in no doubt. We were all being fucked over.

“I called him a late bloomer and he got a little pissed when I told him I felt the same way in Dallas day they wasted Kennedy. I wondered then are We being fucked over. I got my answer two days after: They shot Oswald and I knew We were.”