I Miss The Zombie Years

I Miss The Zombie Years

The #zombieyears are over. Gone forever. That feeling inside you, try not to be alarmed. The system is being rebooted, switching everyone over. From here on in it’s an act, everything. It’s all acting…but it’s real acting, and what you are feeling inside is alarm as you adjust to this new reality.

Fox News has already called it: The United States of America (and in turn, the world) is in a simulation.

The game is on: 40 years ago the world had a video game called PONG: two rectangles and a dot.

A decade into the 21st Century the world had photorealistic, 3D simulations with millions of people world-wide playing simultaneously…and it kept getting better.

A Trump presidency represents a new frontier because reality has morphed into reality TV, merged with virtual reality to give the world a brand new experience: augmented reality. Donald Trump is now the master of this game, the leader of the free world and the game is now indistinguishable from reality, just indistinguishable.

Soon, we shall pine for the #zombieyears, those sleepy years before the Trump presidency (when people cared no more than absolutely necessary). I feel nostalgic for those days already. Who would have thought that while the world cradled its mobile devices like amulets and slept, a criminal would slip into power. The only thing missing now is Batman.

All the players – you, me, them, everybody – we are all in danger; the actions of the game can not be undone. There is no reset button; option to reset has passed. It’s real people. No higher stakes anywhere. FREE WORLD The Game begins January 20 2017.

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