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MH370 – Freescale Semiconductor Theory


On March 8 2014, hi-tech company Freescale Semiconductor confirmed that twenty of its employees were aboard flight MH370, 12 of them were from Malaysia and 8 from China. Why this Group of Twenty was travelling together no one would say.

Freescale Semiconductor spokeswoman Jacey Zuniga said: “Out of respect for the families’ privacy during this difficult time, we will not be releasing the names of the employees who were on board the flight.”

Some journalists considered this behaviour odd and it made them suspicious. Was Interpol investigating the Freescale Group of Twenty? Interpol would neither confirm nor deny any investigation, and so the following questions remained unanswered:

  • What was the experience and technical background of the 20 Freescale employees on flight MH370?
  • Why were 20 Freescale employees travelling together?
    o   Were they on a picnic and if so what was the nature of the picnic?
  • Were these employees carrying any cargo with them?

Many weeks on, Freescale remained unwilling to provide any further information on the missing employees, persistently declining requests for details of their identities. In lieu of an answer, suspicion grew.

The Freescale Company that began operations in Texas in 1972 covering an eight hectare site remained tight-lipped. The designing for the manufacturing and testing of microprocessors went on. The digital signal processors and integrated radio frequency circuits rolled off their production line. The modern Malay facility continued to manufacture and test integrated circuits from their base in Petaling Jaya.

When it was discovered that Freescale’s “other” company, Freescale RF, was involved in creating solutions for Aerospace and Defence as listed –

  1. Battlefield communication
  2. Avionics
  3. HF Radar – Band L- and S-
  4. Missile Guidance
  5. Electronic Warfare
  6. Identification, friend or foe (IFF) –

The half truth, half suggestion, that the 20 employees were travelling to China with classified information about or for secure Chinese made processors and military grade operating systems began to spread across the internet. This counter-theory snowballed into a black project between the U.S. Military and the 20 Freescale technical brain-trust on board flight MH370. Then came the possibility of a virtual or remote hi-jacking using a daisy chain of Freescale lap-tops and smart phones bought aboard as carry on luggage.

This supposition moved up another notch when the identities of some Freescale shareholders were identified as The Carlyle Group. Carlyle’s earlier heavyweight clients included the Saudi Binladin Group, the construction firm owned by the family of Osama bin Laden. Previous advisers to The Carlyle Group have included former President George Bush and former British Prime Minister John Major.

The excavation continued and it was unearthed that Freescale Semiconductor Ltd (FSL) is owned by a private-equity group that includes The Blackstone Group LP (BX) and TPG Capital. On April 27 2013 Bloomberg published an article about Blackstone in which it confirmed that Freescale was indeed a Blackstone venture.

Enter one of the most reviled men in recent history, the multi-billionaire Mr. Jacob Rothschild who is linked to Blackstone as a member of its International Advisory Board.What’s more, The Rothschild dynasty owns the Malaysian Central Bank which in-turn is heavily invested in the Malaysian government and Malaysian Airlines.

But wait! There’s more. On March 11, 3 days after MH370 went missing, Freescale had a patent approved by the US Patent Office, US 008671381 dated March 11 2014. Four of the five patent holders were Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor. The patent it was revealed is divided up in 20% increments as follows:

  1. Freescale Semiconductor (20%)
  2. Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China (20%)
  3. Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China (20%)
  4. Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China (20%)
  5. Li Ying, Suzhou, China (20%)

Were the aforementioned patent holders on flight MH370?

Drum roll….no.

According to the March 8 2014 passenger manifest of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 the aforementioned persons were not on that plane. If they were then their names were not listed. But have the four Chinese patent holders come forward to say Hello, we’re alive! To date, no…not yet; this doesn’t automatically make them dead, however.

The counter-theory lost traction after this news, but picked it up again when RSS feeds reported that if a patent holder dies then the remaining holders equally share the dividends of the deceased (if not disputed in a will). In this case, if four of the five were dead then the remaining 1 Patent holder gets 100% of the wealth of the patent. Patent holders can alter the proceeds legally by passing wealth to their heirs. However, they cannot do so until the Patent is approved; when the plane went missing the patent had not been approved. That would mean that if the Patent holders are declared deceased Freescale Semiconductor gets 100% of the Patent and Jacob Rothschild gains thru his stake in Blackstone.

The patent involved was not, however, a blue print for a T2 Terminator. No, nothing remotely like it. See for yourself:

The counter-theory went into cardiac arrest when it was disclosed that the men described as patent holders were in fact not the patent holders. Those aforementioned names were actually the inventors/applicants, with the patent itself having been assigned to Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., of Austin, Texas. If Freescale Semiconductor indeed is their employer, well, it’s typical that engineers working in the employ of companies are required by the terms of their employment to assign ownership of their discoveries and inventions to their employers (and thus usually do not receive royalties from any resulting patents).

There is also no rule stating that if one of the co-holders of a patent dies, “then the remaining one patent holder gets 100% of the wealth of the patent” as if a patent were some form of tontine insurance awarded to the last man standing (if that were true they’d be dropping like flies). Unless prior arrangements had been made to that end, the share of the patent held by any deceased would pass to their estate thru regular channels.

As to Jacob Rothschild, the main insinuation was that he “owns” Freescale Semiconductor. He does not. Freescale is a public company whose stock is held by 152 different institutional shareholders. The Blackstone Group, at which Jacob Rothschild serves as a member of the company’s International Advisory Board – that’s true – is one of the largest of those institutional holders (with over 196 million shares). The Carlyle Group and TPG Group Holdings both own a comparable amount of Freescale shares.

So while certain hot aspects of this particular report can be described as correct, the opposite of correct is proven false in this case by coincidence and unsubstantiated claim. It does not automatically absolve nor erase any aforesaid party from the case of missing flight MH370, however. The other side of a profound truth is not necessarily a profound lie. It can often be another profound truth. MH370 is still lost in a little understood world of dimensional truths, or half-truths as they are sometimes called.


MH370 – A Bad Worded Sinner Town

Watergate Woodward And Bernstein
Steve Wang represents some of the surviving MH370 Chinese relatives in Beijing: “They [the Malaysian government] said themselves that there are many different possibilities, but they are judging on the basis of just one of them.”

That ONE possibility is: A catastrophic accident (possibly a fire and/or explosion) that depressurised the plane and knocked out the communication system. It rests on the assumption that the pilots, far from being in on some nefarious plot, were heroes who steered the plane toward the most convenient airport for an emergency landing on the island of Langkawi off the West coast of Malaysia, exactly on the compass heading that the plane took when it turned Westward over the South China Sea. Before that landing could take place the passengers and crew succumbed to either fire or lack of oxygen. The plane kept flying on autopilot down the Southern arc of The Indian Ocean until it ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea approximately 2000 miles off the coast of Perth Western Australia.

Sounds like Ockham’s razor to me.

But surely authorities would not perpetuate such an expensive goose-chase if they didn’t believe the plane was there, would they? Search coordinator, Angus Houston, declared on April 5, 2014 that his mission was “The most expensive aviation search in history; approximately $53 million to find flight MH370 so far.”

Reporters from all major news services continue to update the ONE possibility story, to arrange the information into easily digestible blog sized chunks, and distribute the official story thru their various traditional and new media outlets. There is little or no investigative journalism seeping thru the cracks. The brick wall of 60 minutes, Fox, CNN, BBC, ABC and Sky has moved the story on. MH370 is old because there is nothing new to tell. Traditional reporters have wrung the “ONE possibility” story out over and over as fast as they could copy it, and now it’s exhausted. They will return to it like a flock of seagulls on a chip once new evidence turns up, but meanwhile, the busy masses of the 21st Century are buying the account hook, line and sinker.

Or so mainstream media would have us believe, and more importantly, what the power-brokers behind those traditional news outlets would have we the people believe.

On April 26 2014, with one black-box gridded search area exhausted, Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad writing in an opinion piece, said: “Can it be that the plane remained intact on crashing and sank with no trace [with] no one launching the lifeboat doors, as we are told all these aircraft are equipped with? Can one believe this plane quietly floated down into the raging sea and sank conveniently in the deepest part (seven miles deep) of the Indian Ocean?”

Contemplating the nice, shiny, fat, logical maraschino cherry forming on the fluffy white ice cream cake caps of this unprecedented episode in aviation history, I went trawling the internet for a bit of hope. Looking for an investigative journalist trying to connect the dots on MH370, I found and began corresponding with Julius Chambers (not his real name) firstly by email then later by chat.

From a location near Rosslyn, Virginia, Julius agreed to allow me to publish in part a chat that took place between us on April 27 2014. The following portion begins at the ten minute point; I had just asked Julius what kind of world is it when a highly respected investigative journalist tells me that he’s compelled to write a book about MH370 because the paper that normally publishes his work is not giving “the plane story” any space.

Chambers: That tells me they’re getting stronger. The money and power behind the forces keeping the truth from people are only getting that much stronger.

JG: Investigative reporting takes time and patience, and this 24/7 news viewing audience doesn’t have it.

Chambers: Make no mistake, money and power ain’t giving it to them. Look what happened where you are. Tony Abbott! I mean, are you fucking kidding me? There is no either end of the political spectrum anymore. They’re all friends and they’re all bidding on both sides of the aisle.

JG: Why? What’s the point?

Chambers: Global capitalism. The good life. I have it, you don’t. That’s the point. It’s one big exclusive club. It’s a game, and you and me and all those people onboard that triple7, we ain’t allowed to play.

JG: It’s quite corrosive.

Chambers: Rust doesn’t sleep in today’s world. Everyone’s working the room, using their power, spreading their fear. That’s what they’re doing in the aftermath of this jet story and that’s why this story should trouble to no end all who care about a free and democratic society.

JG: Look what they’ve done to the music industry since the 60s. Music had a power that rattled the system. It’s been dumbed down over the years by a great orchestration of fear…the current music culture’s scared of missing out, not being included, of saying something stupid.

Chambers: It’s all corporate porn. Music’s no different, it’s all worthless. Give them money and fame and when they think outside that box give them the reminder that no one wins “The Voice” ruffling the feathers of politicians and corporate interests.

JG: Tow the line…I mean, we all do.

Chambers: The Group of Twenty wants to keep it that way. It’s no coincidence that Inmarsat didn’t leave anyone much to think about. The evidence is there but they won’t release it for independent analyses. Privacy issues. Without evidence, what’s left to report? So you dig and you dig and you have to blog your findings. Don’t wait for them, they’re happy to let the story die. It’s the legacy that lingers that is used against us. It’s death by a thousand cuts.”

JG: It explains why friends and families of survivors are the only ones challenging the paperwork.

Chambers: And if you report about those friends and families you get a Presidential aid calling you up asking why you are making some kind of political statement instead of doing your job.

JG: That should come as no surprise to anyone.

Chambers: Journalism is neutered, sacrificed to the cause of statism and not ruffling any feathers. Good journalism affects the bottom line. Upsets things. Wars aren’t popular anymore for the same reason. It’s not necessary to go to all that expense; not when you can get the same result just by making a plane disappear.

JG: What result?

Chambers: A world united by the mystery, and when the mystery goes unsolved, a world united in fear. Democracy depends on a citizenry that is not just highly informed but deeply engaged. When people are scared they disengage. They look after themselves and their loved ones. They tend to work harder. That means stronger economic growth. The capitalists love that.

JG: Who pays the price for this lack of transparency?

Chambers: We all do.

JG: It’s wrong on so many levels.

Chambers: But it is the world in which we live currently. The story behind this story has real impact. The paper trail goes up in smoke but the smoke keeps rising all the way to the G20. It’s why people like me are being told by management not to pursue this jet story. If the truth gets out the G20 credibility is irreparable. They’re worried about a catastrophic shift in society that could have greater ramifications upon the economic system than the GFC did.

JG: I’m a little embarrassed to ask this question, but what do you think happened to the plane?


Chambers: Pilot suicide – that, or person or persons on board with enough know how to overcome the crew and fly that plane either to oblivion or someplace else.

JG: You think you can uncover that?

Chambers: What I’m hoping to uncover is not necessarily what happened to the jet but how and why people on the ground reacted the way they did after the 1:21 disappearance. The way the fear behind this mystery was used against the people in a similar way WMD was used to generate fear and validate the Iraq war.


MH370 – Where Did That Plane Go?


Traditional media quickly confirmed the last ATC position of MH370, tracked at 35000 feet, about 90 miles off the east coast of Malaysia, heading towards Vietnam, near a navigational way-point called “IGARI.” It vanished from ATC radar at 1:21am.

For now, let’s believe MH370 existed normally until that time.

From 1:21 on, we the people rely on the public version of events generated by Malaysia Airlines and Lord knows who else. It’s the firm telling the press who tell the public.

Authorities know all information will be shared via personal networks: yet the majority of social media does not question the authenticity of the source they share. It’s accepted as the straight truth despite the information having flowed in a series of claims that assault the senses via a chain of Chinese whispers, bent out of shape passing the way-points of Rupert Murdoch and omnipresent Twitter feeds. The plane did this hash tag @ The plane did that hyperlink. Did it? The sources say it did. Why would they lie? The public shares information without considering the answers. Information is quickly transformed into common knowledge. Common knowledge gets shared.

So it’s 1:21 and the plane turns sharply westwards. It began heading towards a way-point called “VAMPI.” It went northeast of Indonesia’s Aceh province and followed a navigational point used for planes tracking route N571 to the Middle East.

The plane followed aviation corridors N571 and P628 both commonly identified on maps used by commercial planes flying from Southeast Asia to the Middle East or Europe. These corridors can be found in public documents issued by regional aviation authorities.

It flies towards a way-point called “GIVAL”, south of the Thai island of Phuket, and is last plotted heading northwest towards another way-point called “IGREX”, on route P628 that would take it over the Andaman Islands and which carriers use to fly towards Europe.

Either an aviation expert was entering those way-points in the flight management computers, or the computers had been programmed earlier to send the plane there. The former option is not consistent with an unconscious or dead crew. The latter makes no sense for a crew in a dire emergency looking for the closest place to land. Even if the plane was hijacked by a person with vast aviation experience, no one knows why the plane did what it did.

The time was then 2:15am and according to official reports that’s when it disappeared from Malaysian military radar, at a spot between the Malay Peninsula and the Andaman Islands. The plane was 320km northwest of Penanag.

From there the plane apparently flies blind. No one in the whole wide world can see it. Its only communication comes from its Rolls Royce engines pinging with Inmarsat satellites.

The public story is now in the hands of Inmarsat. At or around 2:15am, Inmarsat tells us the plane inexplicably stops following aviation corridors as it had done until now, and suddenly, MH370 turns away from the Andaman Islands, engages the auto-pilot (presumably) and flies off to its doom down the well publicised “Southern Arc.” Its last complete ping is at 8:11am. There is a partial unexplained ping at 8:19am. Here (presumably again) the plane runs out of fuel and crashes into the ocean some 2000km off the coast of Perth Western Australia.

That’s the official story.

March 18 2014
TEN DAYS after MH370 vanished

A story emerges from the Maldives about a number of witnesses claiming they saw a low-flying “Jumbo Jet” on the day MH370 disappeared.

Local news site Haveeru Online reported residents seeing a jet with markings similar to a Malaysia Airlines plane flying past Kuda Huvadhoo, a remote Maldives island in Dhaal Atoll.

According to the report, a number of locals saw a plane at 6:15am local time on March 8.

One resident said: “I’ve never seen a jet flying so low over our island before. We’ve seen seaplanes, but I’m sure that this was not one of those. I could even make out the doors on the plane clearly. It’s not just me either, several other residents have reported seeing the exact same thing. Some people got out of their houses to see what was causing the tremendous noise too.”

6:15am in the Maldives means the incident would have occurred seven hours and 45 minutes after the last radio contact at 1:19am Malaysian time.

A Boeing 777-200, with a nearly full load of 227 passengers and 12 crew, cargo, and fuel for the scheduled five and a half hour trip from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, plus reserves, would typically be able to stay in the air for approximately eight hours. That makes the presence of the aircraft at 6:15am in the morning local time in the middle of the Indian Ocean possible.

In fact, the distance between the point of last radio contact and Kuda Huvadhoo is 2000 miles, which a 777 at cruise speed would cover in far less time. Flying in a straight line from the Gulf of Thailand, MH370 would have appeared over the island well before sunrise.

However, as we know from Malaysian military radar tracking that after passing the West coast of Malaysia, MH370 zigzagged north and west, toward the Andaman Islands, following precise way-points. So, shortly before reaching the Andamans where it was lost to radar, the plane was flying at a very low level where the air is thicker and jet planes fly slower because of added drag. Coupled with a reduced air speed to maximise fuel range, and because jet engines are less efficient at low altitude, a 6:15am time frame remains possible.

March 19, Sepang:

Speaking at a press conference at the Sama-Sama hotel, acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein said, “MH370 was not seen over the Maldives.” A confirmation was made by top-level armed forces personnel in both countries.

“Regarding reports that the plane was sighted in the Maldives, I can confirm that the Malaysian Chief of the Defense Force has contacted his counterpart in the Maldives, who has confirmed that these reports are not true,” said Hishamuddin.

So they are false?

To reiterate: An undisclosed number of eyewitnesses spot an aircraft matching the description of MH370 traveling in a North to South-East heading towards Addu, the southern tip of the Maldives, on March 8, at 6:15am, and all comment on the very loud noise the aircraft made when flying over the island…and all of them are, apparently, wrong?

If anyone did ask Mr. Hussein why “these reports” were untrue it was not reported. There were no additional interviews with or publicity about those local Maldives eyewitnesses. The Maldives military backed up the official Malaysian statement with their own official statement on their official website:

Without question, without fitting investigation, the story is officially declared untrue. Traditional media goes along for the ride, new media does not probe and social media picks up the slack. The mathematical calculations of Inmarsat is pushed up the eyes and ears of busy people with better things to do, and like flight MH370 The Maldives story simply disappears from mainstream radar.To date, the official report is carefully worded as: “MH370 did not land at the airport of the Maldives’ capital Male.”

But no one ever said it did.

(Independent reporter, John Holloway, made calls to the Maldives and contacted residents who verify the sightings. Make of them what you will – HERE: – and HERE: – )

FACT: If MH370 did fly over Kuda Huvadhoo (as eyewitnesses suggest) the next closest runway suitable for a Boeing 777 to land is just a short 800 miles away on the U.S. military base of Diego Garcia.


MH370 – Diego Garcia


It is essential to mention the tiny atoll of Diego Garcia located in the middle of The Indian Ocean. It is one of a small chain of islands known as Chagos Archipelago, all of which have recently been mentioned, often in the same sentence, as missing flight MH370.

In the realm of new media some users are aware that Diego Garcia is a U.S. Military base; traditional media tends not to mention it. In turn, consumers of traditional information tend to be unaware of the operations conducted at Diego Garcia. Possibly because of what happened to the original inhabitants. They were coconut farmers, at least through the period 1793 to 1971 when plantation workers were documented, along with records of Franco-Mauritian managers, Indo-Mauritian administrators, Mauritian and Seychellois contract employees, and in the late 19th Century, Chinese and Somali employees too.

In 1953 the peak population of Diego Garcia and all its islands was recorded as 1142. How Britain and America conspired to get rid of these 1142 people is really quite a story.

It began in the 60s – didn’t everything? (The revolution was televised in the 1960s and 70s; that’s when the TV and the press began showing us how we were being fucked over from the comfort of our own lounge.) British governments, conspiring with American officials, tricked into leaving, then expelled the entire population of the Chagos islands. The idea was to give the principal island of Diego Garcia to the Americans who wanted it for a major military base. (Indeed, many US planes have since bombed Afghanistan and Iraq from the airstrips of Diego Garcia.) A successful book has been written about it, “Web Of Deceit” by Mark Curtis. It’s won awards and I recommend you read it; even if you have read it, read it again. A lot of people have since MH370 went missing. Mark Curtis tells a story about islanders who were dumped in the slums of Mauritius and, in the words of the British officials who left a “paper trail”, were abandoned in what the International Criminal Court now describes as “a crime against humanity.”

All the inhabitants had to be relocated to satisfy the requirements of a UK/United States Exchange of Notes signed in 1966 to depopulate Diego Garcia. By 1971 everyone was gone and the United States busied themselves constructing their military base. No current agreement exists on how many of the natives met the criteria to be an Ilois, and thus be classed as an indigenous person at the time of their removal, but the UK and Mauritian governments agreed in 1972 that 426 families totaling 1151 individuals were in fact exiles and due compensation payments. In 1982 the total number of people certified as Ilois by the Mauritian Government’s Trust Fund Board was 1579. The relocation decision remained in litigation til 2010, and then Britain fast-tracked laws turning all the Chagos Archipelago islands into a marine reserve. Strangely, it was around this time that Julian Assange and Wikileaks started upsetting a lot of people by sharing sensitive secrets.

Wikileaks Cable Gate document reference ID “09LONDON1156”

In a calculated move planned in 2009, the UK proposed that Diego Garcia and surrounding islands become a “marine reserve” with the aim of preventing the former inhabitants from returning to their lands. The following is a summary of the diplomatic cable:

HMG would like to establish a “marine park” or “reserve” providing comprehensive environmental protection to the reefs and waters of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), a senior Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) official informed Polcouns on May 12. The official insisted that the establishment of a marine park — the world’s largest — would in no way impinge on U.S.G use of the BIOT, including Diego Garcia, for military purposes. He agreed that the UK and United States should carefully negotiate the details of the marine reserve to assure that United States interests were safeguarded and the strategic value of BIOT was upheld. He said that the BIOT’s former inhabitants would find it difficult, if not impossible, to pursue their claim for resettlement on the islands if the entire Chagos Archipelago were a marine reserve.

This brief summary surrounding the history behind the U.S. military base at Diego Garcia is presented here to demonstrate to the reader something most already know: Britain and the U.S. are prepared to conspire, to lie and cheat, and to go to dangerous and exorbitant lengths in order to fulfill their objectives. Displacing 1600 peaceful people from their homelands is child’s play compared to the vast and bloody “stop at nothing” history of these two super-powers.

On the morning of March 8 as flight MH370 apparently found its way to the Indian Ocean, well within the sophisticated radar territory of Diego Garcia, the U.S. was from the tiny island busy monitoring and projecting its strong-hold throughout the Middle East, keeping an eye on East Africa and India, and on Australia and Indonesia too. But, funny how with all that hi-tech equipment operating that March morning, U.S. military radar did not pick up any trace of a big Boeing 777-200 plane flying in their direction. Now, it’s reasonable to believe, for many reasons, least of all that a big, noisy, sixty nine metre long metal plane heading your way is hard to miss on radar, that the Americans are lying. Either that, or the Air Force Satellite Control Network Station operating on the tiny island of Diego Garcia, isn’t worth a pinch of shit.

Let the word go forth, that from this day on, that present and future governments of the U.S. are wasting tax payer money investing in early detection technology from Diego Garcia. It doesn’t work!

Why Doesn’t The Air Force Satellite Control Network Station Work?

It should! The United States Air Force operates a remote tracking station on Diego Garcia. Its call sign is REEF.

There’s also a Ground-based Electro-optical Deep Space Surveillance system (GEODSS) on the southern end of the island.

Diego Garcia is one of the five control bases for the Global Positioning System, operated by the United States military. The station helps synchronise and update the atomic clocks on 24 orbiting satellites that emit signals used by GPS receivers.

There is also a High Frequency Global Communications System transceiver site located on the south end of the atoll near the GEODSS station. The transceiver is operated remotely from Joint Base Andrews and locally maintained.

And, hey, while the soldiers operating these incredible systems are on a meal break, they can check-out on their iPhone and track a whole slew of planes zipping all over the world, including, for 45 minutes at least, missing flight MH370.

Yet the entire Air Force Satellite Control Network Station at Diego Garcia, on the morning of March 8 2014, despite all the aforementioned known technology, the US military did not spot that plane. “We never detected the plane in our air space.” To date, that’s the official line.

I put it to you oh people of world, if that is true, if the U.S. military base at Diego Garcia is not lying, if it did not detect that Boeing 777-200 wildly off course, flying to Lord knows where with 239 souls aboard, then we should all be very, very afraid.


MH370 – A Word On The Word Conspiracy


No doubt the astute readers amongst us would have detected a strong whiff of “conspiracy theory” wafting between the lines of this blog. It is, therefore, necessary that I pause briefly to reflect upon the word.

Since the 1963 Kennedy assassination it’s been vitally important for governments to apply a derogatory meaning to the once neutral term, conspiracy. Traditional media is more than happy to push this agenda. I’ll get to why in a little while.

The verb conspire comes from the Latin roots con (with), and spiro (I breathe) – so “to conspire” literally means “to breathe together.” Something a deft government is extremely good at. United government(s) all follow the principle that entities should not be multiplied needlessly; the simplest of two or more competing theories is always preferred. It’s Ockham’s razor, and since day 1 it has been applied to the disappearance/search of flight MH370.

It is vitally important a government appears in control and transparent in all its dealings. So when a counter-theory surfaces it is automatically dismissed as ridiculous, misconceived, paranoid, unfounded, outlandish, irrational, a conspiracy. Interesting, however, that when a conspiracy theory is proven correct, such as the notion that United States president Richard Nixon and his aides conspired to cover up Watergate, the once crack-pot conspiracy theory gets re-branded as blue ribbon investigative journalism and a politician is made available to present the journalist with an impressive award.

The fact remains that not all conspiracies are imagined by paranoids. Historians have shown us that every genuine conspiracy has had at least four characteristics features:

  • Groups not isolated individuals.
  • Illegal or sinister aims, not ones that would benefit society or the world as a whole.
  • Orchestrated acts, not a series of spontaneous and haphazard ones.
  • Secret planning instead of public discussion.

Above all else, for a conspiracy to be redressed with respectability it must be evidenced by provable facts.

Endevouring to expose the cover-up of those provable facts often leads to good people being killed.


MH370 – Fast Forward One Month


April 8 2014AEST: The Malaysian Prime Minister declared mid-March that the flight ended in the Southern Indian Ocean near Perth. No tangible evidence yet. But nine ships, nine planes, and a British submarine are in hot pursuit of a ping or three they are sure might be maybe from MH370. Still, nothing has surfaced in four weeks. Not a wing; not a window; not a seat cushion; not a shoe. Nothing! Given the multiple and varied items aboard a plane completely capable of floating, that detail alone is beyond belief.

The focus of the search has been adjusted several times as ubiquitous expert’s re-estimate where the plane is most likely to have crashed, based on the best guess theory of its altitude, speed and fuel. Since the search began there have been over 100 gridded fly-overs; cruising at 1000ft the ten man crew have two spotters (rotated) eyeballing the white caps while others study video images in real time. To date, each shift has ended the same: “We saw absolutely nothing but ocean.”

Angus Houston, head of the joint agency coordinating the multinational search effort out of Australia said, “It’s vitally important for the families, it’s vitally important for the governments involved that we find this airplane.”

It’s vitally important for the insurance companies too. At this stage, insurance companies have already begun paying out many hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation to the families of MH370 passengers and crew. No plane wreckage; no dead bodies; 1.25 million dollars so far.

Reported FACT: Sunday 6 April 2014 02.11 AEST, at 25 degrees South and 101 degrees East, within the 84,000-sq-mile search zone, the Chinese detect a pulse with a reported frequency of 37.5kHz per second – the same as emitted by flight recorders. Before the discovery can be verified, a Chinese air force plane photographs a number of floating objects in the search zone. Within days the “ping zone” is re-calibrated 200 miles South. As for the floating objects, they must have sank: the objects and photographs are never mentioned again.

Fast Forward Some More:

April 21 2014 AEST: The “ping” reports have ceased because the battery life of the plane’s data transmitters, estimated at 30 days, has it would seem expired. The search area has been narrowed down to a 10 kilometer square area where water depth is estimated at over 4000 meters. It also happens to be one of the most mountainous below sea terrains in the Southern Indian Ocean. Progress is painstakingly measured. Too slow for traditional media who has all but ceased to report on the unsolved mystery. New media continues its daily updates and newsgroups continue to debate various feasible and far-fetched theories. The world at large has moved on.

It is far from unreasonable to suggest that this story was per-destined to fizzle out in the way it has ever since the story broke on March 8 2014.

“Move along folks…nothing to see here…”


MH370 – The Known Knowns

I know what happened-smaller

First public statement from Malaysian Airlines:

We deeply regret that we have lost all contacts with flight MH 370 which departed Kuala Lumpur at 12.41 am earlier this morning (March 8) bound for Beijing. The aircraft was scheduled to land at Beijing International Airport at 6.30 am local Beijing time. Subang Air Traffic Control reported that it lost contact at 2.40 am (local Malaysia time).

NOTE: “…lost contact at 2:40am” – later adjusted to 1:21am. The 2:40am time was it appears the time Malaysia Air Traffic Control notified authorities of the missing plane.

2nd Statement:

Malaysia Airlines is still unable to establish any contact or determine the whereabouts of flight MH370. Earlier today (March 8), Subang ATC had lost contact with the aircraft at 2.40 am. The last known position of MH370 before it disappeared off the radar was 065515 North (longitude) and 1033443 East (latitude).

  • It took the Malaysian government 5 full days to confirm early data from Inmarsat suggesting that MH370 was nowhere near the South China Sea.

When the news went viral, Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim accused the government of hiding information on missing flight MH370, telling Britain’s Daily Telegraph that the country’s radar system would have detected any change of course.

Anwar said he was “baffled” why the sophisticated Marconi radar system that he authorised as finance minister in 1994 had failed to immediately detect the plane’s deviation.

He described it as “not only unacceptable but not possible, not feasible” that [the plane] could go on to travel across “at least four” Malaysian states undetected, adding: “I believe the government knows more than us.”

The Marconi radar system, based near the South China Sea, covers mainland Malaysia and its waters.

  • The air U turn back West was initiated during the grey zone where the MH370 passed from Malaysian to Vietnamese air traffic control.
  • The maneuver was intentional because after the U turn the plane maintained a cruising altitude to reach the Indian Ocean.
  • All communication tools were deliberately disabled.
  • An expert aviation pilot was in charge of the plane for the entire period.
  • The Royal Malaysia Air Force detected the plane on radar, deemed it “non-hostile” and allowed it to fly on. With the exception of Thailand, military authorities from other countries (including the U.S. base at Diego Garcia) claim they never detected the plane in their air space.
  • The Captain of flight MH370, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, had such a passion for aviation that when he wasn’t flying real planes he was flying virtual ones on a self-assembled home flight simulator with records of all airstrips in the Indian Ocean, including The Maldives and Diego Garcia.
  • Based on unconfirmed satellite images of 2 objects floating in the Southern Indian Ocean, the Royal Australian Air Force, under the leadership of Angus Houston, with full confidence they had the right leads “to solve this baffling mystery,” was given charge of the entire recovery operation. And so the search began.

The known unknowns:

  • The Malaysian government stated, for almost 3 weeks, that the last verbal communication from flight MH370 was “All right, good-night” spoken by either the Captain, 53-year-old Zaharie Ahmad Shah, or First officer, 27-year-old Fariq Abdul Hamid. Finally, bowing to public pressure, the government released the actual and complete transcript of communication between Air Traffic Control and MH370, revealing a routine exchange up to and including the plane’s final broadcast: “Good night, Malaysian three seven zero.” It is, of course, impossible to misconstrue “Good night, Malaysian three seven zero” as “All right, good-night.”
  • When the air U turn back West was initiated the plane climbed as high as 45000ft (according to Inmarsat and Rolls Royce engine data), descended 40000ft in less than a minute (which a Rolls Royce technician described as making “no sense at all”) before eventually leveling out between 23000 and 29500ft. There is much conjecture as to why such a drastic fighter pilot type maneuver ever took place.
  • The plane’s communications went dark at 1.21 am on March 8 2014. Vietnamese air control twice contacted it, but it did not respond. Another Malaysian flight MH83 bound for Narita, Japan and flying half hour ahead of MH370 was asked to attempt contact. It was initiated but Vietnamese air control was informed that the response was static and mumbling.Why did the Vietnamese (and scores of military monitoring these channels) wait until 36 hours after the disappearance to admit this conversation took place?
  • MH370 flew on for another 6.5 hours:
    • To date, there is no indication of who was alerted in that time and what action, if any, was taken.
    • To date, there is no indication of what the civil aviation authorities and the air force did during this time.
    • At 6:30 on the morning the plane was scheduled to land at Beijing airport (the plane had already been missing for 5 hours), the Arrivals board listed MH370 as DELAYED. This remained in place until the first press conference went live at 7:24am Malaysian time.


MH370 – Prelude To A Mystery


It’s been many weeks now since a Boeing 777-200 along with 239 souls disappeared. Not quite as long, but long enough (April 8 2014 AEST) since a search area was defined for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, 2000 miles off the coast of Perth sitting at the bottom of the ocean. Right where they thought it would be (some say, right where they put it).

At the same time this formative article was being written the assessment by Malaysian and combined multi-national forces searching for wreckage off the coast of Perth pointed to a scenario that seemed to be coming more likely with every passing day — that what happened to the plane and the 239 souls on board might remain a mystery forever.

“Investigations may go on and on and on,” Inspector General Khalid Abu Bakar has told reporters in Kuala Lumpur. “At the end of the investigations, we may not even know the real cause. We may not even know the reason for this incident.”

We – us – may not even know the reason for this incident. Most believe General Bakar got that much right, at least.

And so, before the details surrounding the disappearance of MH370 crash into the murky depths of the internet, let’s recap what we do know.

At A Glance: The search for the plane began over the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea where the plane’s last communications were, and then shifted West to the Strait of Malacca where it was last spotted by military radar. From there, using the analysed hourly satellite “pings” between plane engine and satellite, authorities began supporting the theory that it crashed somewhere in the Southern Indian Ocean.