i was there when the fire started burning
in the gap between the rhetoric and facts
near the shattered reactor where the political actor
raised the cane and snapped the camel’s back

in the shiite area of manus
according to a map published by saddam
the lucky country turned ugly then vanished
when climate change killed an iranian man

one by one the cards fell and the digital tsunami
washed the neo-liberal frat-house out to sea
while ufo reports were read with eyes averted
pope francis sermonized: guard against all greed

these were the

no one believed that the poor of this century
were being monitored at the wall street exchange
no one dreamed that the declining economy
was being blamed upon the sick and the lame

never trust the welfare state said charles darwin
jesus said the hungry won’t be left to die
and yet across the widening gulf of the classes
financial gains were viewed with envious eyes

12:29 eastern standard time
the system started tearing down the safety nets
i strummed my guitar and told my wife “…it’s over…”
she said only for those who can’t pay their debts

i miss

those heady-days when politicians and scientists
when engineers and corporate stooges filed by
busy dividing the lifters and the leaners
only those with property or of status could survive

white ants marched right to this party of new order
spanish flies cleaned up the saw-dust and ran away
…gays succumbed to surgeons or electric conversions
while blacks were shot…minutely every day

short of the mark leaners were marked to be “deported”
never knowing nor fully understanding why
while the lifters who feared for their own freedoms
like the dodo they forgot how to fly

these were the

thru the mischievous loop-hole of our democracy
the peace marcher’s marched to stop the war
but dour powers looked down from their ivory towers
and exercised their right to ignore

one billion spitting illiterates with good key board skills
meme posting and hash-tagging at full force
directed impotent anger at the devious banker
whose bad behaviour at least 1% endorsed

more or less they played us all the snowman warned us
mr assange showed us a different point of view
did we ignore the mud and guts that history taught us
or did no one here know exactly what to do?

i miss
like a hole in my head
like a snake in my bed
the day common sense just disappeared
the zombies ate the signs
the windows and the blinds
and they ate up a door
to a world that’s no more
gone like a plane that one day took off and disappeared
i miss the zombie years
i miss the zombie years

sweeping southwards to the mexican border
unhooded klansmen torching present into past
our spit splashed around the timeline like aftershave
but when the south wind blew no hipster dodged the draft

some faced prison or a boat or a boat then a prison
or a drone attack to help explain the law
that moderate whites welcome the absence of tension
and leave justice pounding outside at the door

the sheep dog did retort: you must lend her full support
let her set the time table for all your freedoms
this is no time for direct action, you must go warn all your factions
wait for a more convenient season

these were the

a blazing fire storm of protests and hate crimes
followed the saviour who the world declared insane
and yet this carnival barker in his rusty red parker
had his manifesto rubber stamped and praised

when there’s a need to change there’s often no intelligence
and the ted talk found there was a need for change
coasting in neutral the man baby and mercedes
made work…distraction and play all look the same

in a snow globe world this horrid future unfurled
til one november it was picked up and shaken
into some visible symptom that hit us all about the head
like a length of timber if I am not mistaken

i miss
like a terminal cancer
the political answer
made all our common sense just disappear
the zombies ate the signs
the windows and the blinds
and they ate up a door
to a world that’s no more
gone like the creatures we hunted til they disappeared
i miss the zombie years
i miss the zombie years

fake people, fake world, fake authority
fake erections, fake votes, fake human rights
fake clouds, fake water, fake food, fake money
fake arabs and fake israelites

fake british, fake markets, fake medicine,
fake education, fake tits, and fake consent
fake americans, fake australians, fake china
fake japan, fake gays, fake home-land self-defence

fake news, fake dead, fake generation Z
fake entertainment, fake peace, fake consumers
fake reviews, fake gen x, fake love, fake sex
fake government, fake police, fake baby boomers

fake millennials, fake laws, fake generation Y
fake igen, fake sport, fake community
fake morality, fake church, fake charity, fake work
fake centennials, fake applause, fake security

fake elections, fake truth, and fake democracy
fake war on terror and fake false flag events
fake pandemics, fake lies, and fake economy
fake prime ministers and fake dumb presidents

fake democrats, fake liberals, fake republicans
fake stars and stripes, and fake red, white and blue
fake christians, fake muhammad, fake allah,
fake jesus, fake atheists, and fake agnostics too

fake god
can you hear me fake god

sweetheart did you bring me any silver
sweetheart did you bring me any gold?
sweetheart did you bring me anything0
to keep me from the gallows pole?

no no no i brought you no silver
no no no i brought you no gold
sweetheart i’ve come to see you hanging
hanging from the gallows pole

i wiped a fake tear

i miss

i raised a fake beer
watching the ice caps melt and disappear

i miss

i miss

i miss

these were the



#ZombieYears is written and arranged by Paul Buckberry
Copyright © Paul Buckberry 2017
All Rights Reserved
The #ZombieYearsSong and A6 booklet is available online thru the website
Also iTunes and CDBaby and other download services searchable thru google




I Miss The Zombie Years

I Miss The Zombie Years

The #zombieyears are over. Gone forever. That feeling inside you, try not to be alarmed. The system is being rebooted, switching everyone over. From here on in it’s an act, everything. It’s all acting…but it’s real acting, and what you are feeling inside is alarm as you adjust to this new reality.

Fox News has already called it: The United States of America (and in turn, the world) is in a simulation.

The game is on: 40 years ago the world had a video game called PONG: two rectangles and a dot.

A decade into the 21st Century the world had photorealistic, 3D simulations with millions of people world-wide playing simultaneously…and it kept getting better.

A Trump presidency represents a new frontier because reality has morphed into reality TV, merged with virtual reality to give the world a brand new experience: augmented reality. Donald Trump is now the master of this game, the leader of the free world and the game is now indistinguishable from reality, just indistinguishable.

Soon, we shall pine for the #zombieyears, those sleepy years before the Trump presidency (when people cared no more than absolutely necessary). I feel nostalgic for those days already. Who would have thought that while the world cradled its mobile devices like amulets and slept, a criminal would slip into power. The only thing missing now is Batman.

All the players – you, me, them, everybody – we are all in danger; the actions of the game can not be undone. There is no reset button; option to reset has passed. It’s real people. No higher stakes anywhere. FREE WORLD The Game begins January 20 2017.

#Imissthezombieyears #zombieyears #zombie

Interview With Two Really Mod Hippies

Interview Joe Flower & Harmony Breeze

San Francisco based hippie-duo Joe Flower & Harmony Breeze first made waves in Australia with a cover of Bruce Watson’s Save The Hippie. Now, on the heels of their summer festival tour with The Trippy Hippy Band, they’re set to mark the psychedelic world yet again. While readying their weed contacts in Nimbin (which is currently under siege from a Byron Bay SWAT team) Joe & Harmony were pleased to sit and fidget with us for several minutes: “Almost straight, can yah dig it?” The following exchange is a sobering meditation on the priorities of a relationship amidst a hectic touring schedule backdrop.


1.When and why did you start playing?

JOE: I started playing air guitar at 11, but didn’t graduate to a real guitar until I was 22, so 1991. I started playing a real guitar coz some asshole stole my record player.

HARMONY: My folks owned a record store on Sunset Blvd which had a small instrument section. Whiling away the hours my favorite instrument became a toy piano, that incidentally was used by Seals & Croft on their 1972 hit “Summer Breeze” – like, how far out is that?

2. Which instruments do you play?

JOE: 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar and ukulele. ( I did play double bass for a spell until I moved into an 8th floor apartment without an elevator.)

HARMONY: I play cosmic voice flute and also dig getting percussive with toe cymbals and tambourine. Recently I’ve been experimenting with an electric kazoo thru a Wah Wah pedal (wait til yah hear our version of Vodoo Child, like, wow!)

3.What was the first tune(s) you learned?

JOE: Bloodsucker by Deep Purple and a Grateful Dead version of the Elvis standard Ol’Shep.

HARMONY: Smoke on the Water (on toy piano), and theme from Exodus (on kazoo).

4. Is your family musical?

JOE: My folks weren’t players but they sure had a cosmic need for music in their lives. My mother was at Newport in 65 when Dylan went electric (and she cheered) and she met my father at Monterey Pop Festival in 67.

HARMONY: Like I said, my folks ran a record store in the 70s and most of the Laurel Canyon cats used to hang out there. I think Jackson Browne still owes them money, but I can’t really be sure coz I haven’t spoken to my folks since 1980 when they voted for Ronald Reagan.

5.Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

JOE: The Ravi Shankar who said, “Music is not for sale” and then went onto make a squilluon dollars from his music.

HARMONY: Janis Joplin and Grace Slick, right? Gloria Steinem too…she’s not a musician, I just admire her.

6.Which famous musicians have you learned from and what have you learnt?

JOE: Okay, like, Willie Nelson taught me how to make the best hash cookies ever, like, I saw more ceilings than Leonardo da Vinci, and Joan Baez who showed me how to whip up a cheese omelette.

HARMONY: My Laurel Canyon neighbor Frank Zappa showed me the best places to stash your shit when your being busted by the fuzz….

7.Who was your first teacher? Other teachers?

JOE & HARMONY: See question 6.
The Trippy Hippy Band
 8.Describe your first instrument. Other instruments.

JOE & HARMONY: See question 2.

9.What are your fondest musical memories? In your house? In your neighborhood or town?

JOE: My fondest musical memory was when Jerry Garcia said to me, “Dude can you hold my coffee?” I did. He blew his nose then said, “Thanks man.” I don’t have any musical memories from my house coz I grew up in an orphanage where live music was banned, and most musical memories from my town involve weed so I can’t remember most of them.

HARMONY: I’m hungry.

10. Who are your favorite musicians? Groups? CD’s?

JOE: My favourite musicians are ones with good weed, groups too for that matter, like, they have groupies too, right. And CDs, like, no man, vinyl, right? But when that asshole stole my record player he took my records too, man!!

HARMONY: Any band that made the San Francisco scene in the mid 60s, like Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe & The Fish, Quick Silver Messenger Service.

11.How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

JOE: Well, I just edit it out later…

HARMONY: I distract the audience by breaking into interpretive dance.

12.Do you get nervous before a performance?

JOE: Only if I’ve forgotten my guitar.

HARMONY: Only if I’ve forgotten my kazoo. And my weed.

13.What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

JOE: I’d say just wait until you’re no longer a beginner coz the nerves wear off by then.

HARMONY: Keep away from the brown acid before going on stage, man.

14.Do you attend sessions? What makes a good session?

JOE: Are you kidding me?

HARMONY: Yeah, I attend sessions, and a good one is when I have to be carried out.

15.How often and for how long do you practice?

JOE: Are we still talking about music?

HARMONY: I like to align my Chakras with a daily practise of downward facing dogs and happy babies.

16. How do you balance your music with other obligations mate, children, job?

JOE: Music is my job, my mate and my children, can yah dig it?

HARMONY: Joe is my mate, see above.


The Fox & The Wolf & Other Grimm Fairytales


“You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace” – Bob Dylan.

The Silver Fox has overcome The Shit-House Rat. And there is much rejoicing. But beware! Before you go patting the head of the Member for Wentworth, let us not ever forget where the wily old fox has been: His dirty paw prints are all over Australia’s high-speed broadband. Massive teeth marks left in Labor’s 1000/400mbps fibre-to-the-home NBN model in favour of the foxes National SLOWband. Least we forget how the fox wagged his tail when master Abbott scratched his ear and said, “We are absolutely confident 25 megs is going to be enough — more than enough — for the average household.” The fox barked his approval. He barely whimpered when his initial costings apparently overlooked $29 billion worth of blowout, for a scheme that might be realised in 2024.

Once upon a time the fox pretended to be Minister for Environment and Water, licking his chops at the controversial Bell Bay Pulp Mill back in 2007. Later, the fox dug up $10 million which he gave to a Russian/Swiss “rain-making” firm whose most elegant scientific justification was: “There is no evidence to show that this technology does not work.” The fox beamed pride as the case was presented and explained by a Russian researcher, who spoke Russian to local experts using a Power Point presentation entirely in Russian. The “rain-making” firm was part owned by Rupert Murdoch’s nephew, a Wentworth resident who is a regular and significant contributor to the foxes fundraising group the Wentworth Forum. This all took place right before a very expensive election campaign – weird!

The Silver Fox has proudly and “wholeheartedly” backed the introduction of a $7 GP co-payment; likewise with the dismantling of green energy research and infrastructure; ditto for the deregulation and privatisation of Australian Universities, and the six month waiting period for those with the temerity, certainly the misfortune, to seek federal assistance.

The fox has a taste for less-than-ideal remedies to problems that possibly do not exist. Wily old fox recently described Australia’s current asylum seeker policy as necessary “cruel measures” to stop people smugglers. Knowing this taints his foxy image as a compassionate Coalition ally of thought, once evoked in his genuinely moving eulogy of Robert Hughes.

Rich fox! Never been hungry a day in his privileged life fox. From his fox hole at Sydney Grammar prep to Sydney Grammar High, and then a nice little cozy lair studying Law at Sydney University and Oxford. Can’t blame the fox for being born into wealth, but he does have a problem relating to the average Australian living day to day. One indicator – the fox opposes the luxury car and alcohol tax on the grounds that it might drive up inflation. Yes…rich get richer fox…the richest, in fact, until Clive Palmer landed splat in Canberra with $133 million in his wallet. Tally-ho! A hunting we will go.

But in spite of all this, for some reason of turpitude, the fox is particularly popular among Labor and Green voters as preferred leader of the Liberal Party. That’s all right, isn’t it? Of course, but one should not mistake a preference for his leadership as a general fondness for his politics.

That’s the same fuzzy-headedness that landed Australia in hot-water last federal election, “Anything’s gotta be better than this current bloke, right?”

Have Australian voters learned so little from the 28th Prime Minister that they honestly believe now fox 29 is in charge, all the amoral, inequitable, socially irresponsible policies of the Coalition will now be rendered A-okay? What difference will the fox’s art-savvy charisma make to your working week? How will the fox’s privately administered smiles help feed your family? Next time you find yourself marvelling at the fox’s unique selling points, his personal branding, his charming penchant for poetry and some genuinely laudable positions on social policy, please remind yourself the fox is just another, very rich, white man – not a palatable hero for the less-ardent left.

Consider this final point – the 29th Prime Minister of Australia is the best thing to happen to the public image of the Coalition in decades. Why Australia is not deeply concerned about this is to say the least, troubling.

Marriage Equality Australian Style


On 24 June 1978 at 10 pm 500 people gathered on Oxford Street NSW calling for an end to discrimination against homosexuals in employment and housing, an end to police harassment and the repeal of all anti-homosexual laws. Although the organisers had obtained permission, this was revoked, and the march was broken up by police – 53 of the marchers arrested. 

Sydney Morning Herald published the names of those arrested in full, leading to many people being outed to their friends and places of employment, and many of those arrested lost their jobs: least we forget, homosexuality was a crime in New South Wales until 1984.

It would be comforting to view the no conscience vote on marriage equality “news” only thru the narrow and clouded lens of history where – from the safe distance of time – we could abstractly admire the courageous activism displayed by the 1978 protesters, who helped raise the stakes and push the equality issue forward into daylight.

Except that the past has been refused passage. Permission has been revoked. Australia peaks now thru the wrong end of the telescope; and what seems distant and tiny is, in fact, gaining upon us; is waiting ahead on our road that is still dark and largely uncharted. 

What happened to marriage equality today is what will always happen when everyday Australians elect leaders who can’t and/or won’t recognise themselves in others. Until they can, black and white photographs from 1978 giving way to endless and vividly moving colour reels from the 2015 marriage equality rallies, animating all manner of love, is what will pass for progress.

MH370 – The Search Party Is Just Getting Started

 Time is on the side of all the authorities in the search for MH370. It always has been. One year ago, AUG 2014, the harsh winter conditions quickly settling into the Southern parts of the Indian Ocean were used to postpone the underwater search til Spring or Summer. It bought authorities valuable time while they worked out what to do next. In the intervening months, the ongoing search included other periodic interruptions that might draw the search out over years (if necessary). Some families of MH370 have healed. The world has all but forgetten.

That’s why, in AUG 2014, I wrote the following:

….But at a time of their choosing, plane wreckage will be “discovered.” Debris will suddenly, without rhyme or reason “wash up” on some remote island in The Indian Ocean. Submersible vehicles will eventually track and capture murky pictures and ghostly footage of the plane resting on the ocean floor; carefully selected and purposely angled images will be approved for media release. The curious world will view the missing plane images with a mixture of awe and terror. Conspiracy theories will rise and fall. Predictable media questions will be sensibly answered.

: what follows is an example of what the public can expect at a Press Conference called by authorities related to the MH370 salvage operation – the spokes person stands at a podium before an array of reporters and clicking cameras…a CNN logo scrolls across the bottom of the screen.

“Now MH370 has been located, it is, at this point in time, unlikely that salvage operations to recover MH370 will be initiated. There are a number of reasons for this decision, none more significant than this being the final resting place of 239 souls. People who had family and friends, all of whom have suffered a long, lonely grieving process during these difficult intervening years of what has been the longest, most expensive and intensive search in aviation history. Our prayers and thoughts are with them. So while it is of scientific and popular interest to salvage the plane, the moral reason to leave MH370 where it rests is indisputable.”

News polls will be conducted: Out of respect for the families of the 239 people aboard flight MH370, should the plane be left where it is? 89% of people say YES and just 11% say NO.

The “grave-site” issue remains the elephant in the room while the situation turns to a money Vs result issue. Yes, MH370 can be salvaged but it would cost a trillion dollars. It’s 5 miles deep, existing equipment is unproven, water pressure is brutal, the temperature extremely cold. It’s of more use where it is. It’s a perfect place for scientists to test new technology at a great depth, to find out how new machines do and do not respond at such depths. The Black-Box can be recovered from where it lies and the wreckage studied more effectively than if it were brought to the surface.

Behind closed doors, the G20 Secretary of State will call the Secretary of Defense who will contact the Secretary of Energy who will pass onto the Secretary of Homeland Security news that the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence will describe as timely. Over lunch one day, the Deputy Secretary of State may be reading the official transcript of MH370’s Black-Box. Not the “actual” transcript, the official transcript, the one that will be peddled by CNN and the like, spoon-fed to the public as the whole truth, who will then blast it across the globe via social media. From the comfort of armchairs, armed with iPhones, the angry public will fire off blank after blank after blank at yet another unhearing, unfeeling, uncompromising “enemy.” 

Angry people tend to rely on cognitive shortcuts — easy rules of thumb — rather than on more systematic reasoning. All will be quick to blame individuals, rather than aspects of the situation, for the problems surrounding accurate answers with MH370.

Across the table, the Deputy Secretary of Defense who is reading the same black box report, will exhale a long steady breath from between his immaculate dentures and smile.
The Deputy Secretary of Defense will return the smile and whisper, “They did it!”

Stay tuned viewers. Stick a bag of popcorn in the microwave. The search party is just getting started.



 Gun crimes happen so frequently in America that a formulated template saves crucial time in a busy 24/7 news cycle –


[INSERT adjective & noun] gunman shoots dead [INSERT body count] at [INSERT location] police say.

LEAD IN: [Repeat Headline, reword].


Describing the shooting as a [INSERT “outraged quote” preferably from local police chief] and said the suspect is [INSERT description of gunman] who is [INSERT status of gunman e.g. still at large, in custody, dead etc].

[INSERT a 2nd quote from local police chief or other elaborating on the crime scene] he said.

[INSERT a 3rd quote from local police chief or other that mentions the victims and/or body count].

[INSERT a 4th quote from local police chief or other further elaborating on the crime scene]. 

[INSERT a 5th quote from local police chief or other further elaborating on the crime scene]. 

[INSERT a 6th quote from local police chief or other that summarises the crime with an adjective and noun].

The shooting happened [INSERT time] at the [INSERT location].

[INSERT an anecdote about the area the crime was committed using a historical fact to round it out].

Local network [INSERT network prefix] News earlier said police were also investigating [INSERT additional information e.g. the possibility of a 2nd gunman or a bomb etc].

[INSERT descriptive one sentence quote from a political figure e.g. mayor, local member that summarises the enormity of the crime, the location, and an adjective and a noun for the gunman] – [INSERT person’s name and title] said.

[INSERT a 2nd political figure e.g. a Premier or Governor of the State quote is excellent] said in a statement: [INSERT quote, maximum 2 sentences].

[INSERT crime area] is known locally as [INSERT trivia] due to its [INSERT reason #1] and [INSERT reason #2] that [INSERT startling or heart wrenching titbit that ties it all together into the local area].


NOTE: Include at least 3 photographs containing police, people praying, people crying, and/or distraught child alone and/or with pet and/or toy.


The Peace Tapes – an interview with Joe and Harmony

Joe Flower & Harmony Breeze are two 60s aficionados who sing the songs that transformed life in the West as we knew it. That iconic music has become their personal soundtrack as they pursue peace and love, advocating that old universal remedy to a modern world polarised between an “effete corps of impudent snobs” (as Spiro Agnew so memorably put it) and the silent majority of staunchly patriotic and pro-war working class folks living in “middle America.” As the counter memory that Joe & Harmony makes clear, the concept of peace and love is extremely common within the working class — much more common, in fact, than within the middle and upper classes — even though working class people do not always express themselves in the language of class politics. While challenging and correcting popular conceptions of what war can achieve, Joe & Harmony also offer numerous insights into what makes for successful and peaceful community organising, the interplay of class cultures within social movements, and the possibilities of a United Nations of Peace in our own time.

Joe & Harmony were gracious enough to sit down with me for an interview about these ideas and their implications for world politics today. This is a lightly edited transcript of our conversation:

JGinterview1 (2)
JG: You’ve both been performing popular music from America’s mid-60s peace & love era for a number of years now, haven’t you?

JOE: That’s right. Harmony and me first performed our Trippy Hippy 60s show on vacation in the Australian Blue Mountains a while back, and then it toured America, West coast to East in 2014.

JG: In particular, you identify with the U.S. hippie movement as it began with Bob Dylan. The folk revival in Greenwich Village?

JOE: I do, but I think Harmony was “neo-country rock” first, and then later, hippy.

HARMONY: Yeah, neo-country rock was around between The Byrds and The Eagles in the early 70s. I was going to school during much of the country rock movement, and after that I sang harmonies in a Gram Parsons tribute band and also part-time in a Weavers cover group. I met Joe at a peace rally in San Francisco and our musical influences were like two halves of a bridge that had been growing towards one another for years.

JOE: That music is now the soundtrack of our Trippy Hippy 60s show and our personal soundtrack as we journey towards peace.

JG: Now, the Peace & Love ingredient of The Trippy Hippy 60s Show is what separates you I think from the 60s cabaret acts I’ve seen over the years. I was wondering if we might talk at length about what you have both become aware of in your pursuit of peace and if you could tell me a little bit about what war and peace means to Joe & Harmony?


JG: Great. Well, let’s start with an obvious one: peace and love, can you know one without the other?

JOE: Total peace? Total love? I don’t think so. When you embrace love, totally, peace is the result, right? If you’re at peace – and I don’t mean dead, right, I mean, open to truth and seeing old ways in a new way, right? You can’t do that unless you’ve already embraced love.

JG: Is peace and love the upshot of war?

HARMONY: Let me start by saying…everything war is, peace and love is not – can you get behind that? War starts when people get scared, people start forgetting how they’re related to the people they’re warring against. They start trying to force an outcome, right? And forcing something to be a certain way, well, that’s just unnatural, man. War is unnatural – and peace and love is not the upshot, no.

JG: History appears to provide many examples of where war has eventually resulted in peace.

JOE: Well that’s just perception, man.

HARMONY: The end of war does not bring peace – let’s get that right – it just brings about the end of war. The war machine’s been duping people into believing that winning a war brings peace – but it’s crap, man.

JG: So achieving peace thru war is an oxymoron?

HARMONY: Exactly! Peace will never come thru war because war is a total contradiction of peace, and peace is a total contradiction of war. “War and Peace” is just the title of a book, man. One can’t exist with the other; war won’t make peace and peace won’t make war. They’re two opposites that won’t ever get it together.

JG: The world has seen many examples of what war looks like – what does peace look like?

JOE: Well, firstly, being peaceful is not about not waging war.


JOE: It’s tricky to describe, man, because it’s not a place, dig? I mean, sure, you can have a peaceful setting, right, but a peaceful setting can be wiped-out by nature or more often than not destroyed by humans. So peace is really a quality within a person, in the way they live and how they treat others within the setting they’re at, right? So if peace looks like anything it looks like a bunch of people living peacefully, embracing and extending peace by being peaceful and by deliberately pursuing peaceful ways of existence. So if you ain’t got “A Peaceful Easy Feeling” then, man, you’re not at peace.

HARMONY: And that goes whether there’s a war being fought someplace or not.

JOE: Yeah, right! – Or whether you like The Eagles or not.


JGinterview1 (3)
JG: Many would site common sense examples of where civilisation thought war was necessary in our past to bring about peace. Can you understand some people can’t comprehend how the world could have survived without engaging in war to either protect ourselves or gain something we valued or believed we needed?

JOE: Well, World War 2, man, Hitler, I mean, that happened because he deliberately went far, far out of his way to not see that there is always a peaceful solution.

HARMONY: That war…all wars start from the same point, man, where one side or both go too far to go right back to from where they started. And where they start is at the point where people stop being peaceful with one another. So, you know, time Pearl Harbour rolls around, in they come and blow things to smithereens, which is way, way beyond the time to start waving a peace sign yelling, Hey! Let’s pursue peace coz it will result in peace…

JOE: Your ass will be fried chicken, man.

HARMONY: It will at that stage, man, coz it’s too late, and by then all you can do is fight to stay alive. Sometimes you have to fight a war when you don’t really want to. It’s like, fight or die. And if miraculously you survive the dumb war you have another chance to pursue love, and hopefully come to an understanding that war will never result in peace and will only result in more war, more pain and more suffering.

JG: So how do you stop a war?

JOE: The only successful way to stop a war is to not start one, right?


JOE: I know that sounds kinda glib, but see, peace is not the act of not fighting or not demanding vengeance. Peace comes when people like you and me do away with the anger and fear that brought about what they felt was the need for war or vengeance in the first place.

HARMONY: War won’t stop anger and fear, man, it just means the anger and fear of the stronger army will later or sooner overpower the anger and fear of the lesser army.

JOE: See, there is no winning, there is just the idea that, okay, great, and the enemy is dead so we’ve gained control…but control is not victory. Control is oppression, and on a war footing oppression is maintained thru fear, dig? – Peace will never-ever exist in a place where people are living with the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

JG: In 2001, America experienced an act of war against them and the response was to wage further war and to seek vengeance. Is the world a better place today because of the “war on terror”?

JOE: Oh, man, I mean, was the world a better place before or after the Americans made deals with Bin Laden in Afghanistan? Was Afghanistan better before or after the Russians invaded? Vietnam, better before or after the war? How about Korea?

HARMONY: Or the American Civil War – oh, but it ended slavery. Really?! Try telling that to black Americans living South before 1965.

JOE: Not only is the world today not a better place, but it’s now even more hot-blooded than before 9/11 happened. Like Harmony said, war just creates more war and more fear. The only way to “win” thru war is to totally annihilate your enemy, just wipe them out! But it won’t bring peace, just the end of that particular war.

HARMONY: America’s post 9/11 goal is all about “winning the war on terror” which has nothing to do with “bringing about peace.” Peace will never happen because of “the war on terror,” because peace is not part of the goal…peace won’t ever be the consequence of that war.

JG: So, what were America’s options after 9/11? What else could America have done to bring about peace….just fold up and ignore what happened? Was America supposed to simply turn the other cheek and say “Please, hit me again”?

HARMONY: Well…that’s the attitude, man. Right there: that’s the attitude that creates more war. See, I don’t know if post 9/11 peace will ever happen. It’s all gone way too far right for this hippie, yah know? I mean, it started from the wrong place on the wrong foot and the powers that be just keep making it worse.

JG: Is it hopeless?

HARMONY: No, man, no. It’s grim, but where there’s life there’s hope. No one should give up on the idea of a United Nations of Peace. That would be a total bummer, man. Peace is not about apathy; it’s about getting your head and heart straight, about peaceful actions and effects, and not about giving up on peace.

JOE: Can we just embrace the idea of The United Nations meeting to discuss love? I mean, peace would be the result. Then healing could really begin.

HARMONY: In any situation and within any occasion…

JOE: Right! Peace doesn’t look to find blame and it doesn’t care who started the hassle, right? Peace looks beyond all judgement, and the UN could simply decide to apply healing to all sides of the apparent crisis so that the issue can be seen truthfully and then fully resolved to where everyone does win, peacefully.

HARMONY: When any form of attack happens, the world can choose to accept the attack and then attack back, or we can choose to see the attack as an unanswered cry for help which should tell us that big healing is required for this situation.

JOE: Can you imagine after 9/11, instead of embracing thoughts of vengeance and war, George.W.Bush had focused on providing healing to the situation that allowed the attack to happen in the first place.

JG: And what might that healing have looked like?

JOE: Well, think about what the world might look like today if George had said something like…America’s dealings in the past have provoked you to fear us so greatly that you felt you had no choice other than to hit us and try and provoke us into an all out world war. Neither of us have done the better thing, here. We are both responsible for a bloody, fucked-up mess where colossal healing is needed so that peace can be given a chance.

HARMONY: How groovy to dig George.W.Bush standing with Pete Seeger and singing “All we are saying, is Give Peace A Chance…” instead of popping on his pith helmet and demanding you are with us or with them! – Which was no choice at all, man, because on either side the only choice was war, war, and more war! How about George or Bin Laden saying… – no, wait! Hang on, forget about both of them, it’s all history, man. It’s been written. This is all just imaginary. It’s fantasy, man. How about getting real? Getting now! How about President Obama, or the next stooge they stick in the White House, saying to ISIS, you can side with war or you can side with peace? There is nothing in between, man, because you can only embrace the dark or the light, one or the other, but never both. Do you welcome peace or do you welcome war? Which side are you on?

JG: You’ve already stated that peace is not about inaction, not about inactivity. So, let’s play devil’s advocate and assume IS would reject this gesture and continue to chose war. What then?

HARMONY: Okay, so the President addresses the United Nations and offers, as a first step towards healing and peace, to change what motivates America, which would also change the way America relates to the world. Imagine the President saying, We have decided to relinquish our self-appointed mantle as the world’s police and to stop meddling in the relationships between other nations and we will stop doing so immediately. From now on, I am the President of Peaceful America; we will defend our country, but The United Nations can be the collective that manages world policing.

JOE: I guess the exception would be countries currently under attack that need military defensive aid, the UN could handle that. Otherwise, all U.S. troops are coming home.

HARMONY: Right, the U.S. will only use its military defensively from now on.

JOE: Right! I mean, America’s dealings to date have included deliberate ignorance of areas of the world that are truly in need, but had no natural resources they wanted to exploit, right? Can you imagine the U.S. President saying to IS, saying to the UN, from now on we’ll provide financial, technical and educational support to the starving nations and struggling people throughout the world and help stimulate new growth and true hope thru peace?

JG: Devil’s advocate again, no, no I can’t imagine that.

JOE: Well, of course…not with the current heart, which is always on red alert. The President would have to work in a reciprocal way with all nations to help best distribute the resources of the world as equally as possible amongst all nations so that the seeds of war are not sown in the first place…

HARMONY: All countries in the UN would have to lead by example and show all that matters now is feeding, housing and educating our brothers and sisters of the world to live in peace.

JG: It sounds utopian, like Dostoyevsky’s “Dream Of A Ridiculous Man.”

HARMONY: Well, I’d prefer John Lennon’s “Imagine” – but okay. Dostoyevsky’s “Man” may have been ridiculous, right, but if you’re saying I’m ridiculous, I’m faced with a choice, right? I could say “Screw you, asshole!” – an act of aggression, of war. Or, I could choose not to turn away from peace: All is forgiven because we have all contributed to this state of the world, so there is no blame to cast and no guilty party to destroy.

JOE: Right on, Harmony – America, so-called leaders of the “Free World” should be the ones to not behave foolishly and warlike. America should tell IS “We are not at war!” So, please stop any future attacks and let’s sit down and truly heal the rift that has allowed this situation to fail so miserably. America extends the olive branch to you, and whether you believe it or not or initially accept it or not, you will come to see it within us as we radically change how we treat all nations and all people of the world.

JG: Do you think Israel is ready to offer that to Palestine?

HARMONY: I think the heart of Israel is ready. The sleeping giant has been dreaming of war for a while, man, but really…Israel’s heart is a heart of peace.

JOE: Yeah, pursuing peace instead of war is humanities most important option and Israel should try a little harder to show it knows that.

JG: Do you think America is ready to wage peace?

HARMONY: America’s been ready since the 60s, man. “Tune in, turn on, drop out” – but that got bastardised by an administration that used its might to inflict a misguided concept of world order on its own people and the people of other nations. Their greatest thought then was the Vietnam war, man, catastrophes, economic collapse, poverty, starvation, disease…that is what they helped bring about, and what they always supported. Then you had Flower Power which had the sway to bring about what the love generation’s greatest thought was – a desire for all people and nations to pursue peace, along with a genuine wish to work fairly with everyone in the world…that is what they tried to bring about…and always supported.

JG: How do we get back to that garden?

JOE: We’re already in the garden, man; we’ve been there since Woodstock. We just have to respect it.

HARMONY: And do what the children of the revolution did, they pursued peace and love. It’s not a secret recipe of eleven different herbs and spices, right? The formula will never change: pursue love and peace will follow – and peace will remove the need for war. It will simply vanish. The result of peace is the absolute dismissal that war is even the slightest part of an answer: war and peace cannot exist at the same time and will only ever annihilate each other – that’s what ended the 60s.

JG: Can Christianity live in peace with the state of Islam?

JOE: And vice versa?

JG: Yes.

JOE: Both have to be a part of ridding this earth of war. Instead of seeing war as inevitable, prophesied or even divinely necessary, both have to choose instead to see peace as the only solution and be open for what peace will bring. To look away from all other ideas and options and choose peace, it’s that simple. Be open to love. Be open to peace. Be willing to see and make the future of this world peaceful. Be part of the reason that it spreads quickly…be the model of achieving peace thru peace.

JGinterview1 (1)

Money No Object When Great Power Scorned


“The IS is a direct result of the adventurism of the West”

A generation of controversy can be compressed into that spare, declarative statement by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He speaks as a free man; free in the most basic and important sense – he is free to speak his mind. Yet he speaks as a refugee, living under the diplomatic protection of the government of Ecuador since June 2012, in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

In 2010, Julian Assange supervised the examination and publication of over half a million documents from the U.S. State Department and the Pentagon. He arranged hundreds of media and human rights groups to scrutinize these documents, which revealed thousands and thousands of embarrassing misdeeds and transgressions perpetrated by the United States government. The deaths of more than 100,000 individual people in Iraq and Afghanistan were amongst the precise details.

This upset the ruthless Americans no end. They began a criminal investigation into espionage charges aimed squarely at Julian Assange and his staff at WikiLeaks. As this article goes live the investigation is ongoing.

Also in 2010, a separate investigation was initiated by Swedish prosecutors who wanted to question Julian Assange on allegations of sexual misconduct. Just questions. He was not charged with any crime, let alone convicted of anything. Despite the availability of alternatives, and complete cooperation on the part of Julian Assange and his lawyers, the Swedes insisted he answer the questions in Sweden and issued an extradition order to that effect. Under house arrest in the UK, he fought that extradition in the English courts for over two years. In June 2012, Julian Assange lost the extradition case at the final court of appeal. He was faced with indefinite pre-trial imprisonment in a Swedish jail and the reality of at some stage being handed over to U.S. authorities by the obedient Swedes.

When Julian Assange entered the Ecuadorian embassy in London on June 19th 2012 to exercise his superior right under international law to seek asylum, he was guilty of the following: a dedicated defence of freedom of expression and freedom of the press, as well as exposing America and other countries deliberate abuse of power. After more than two years “on the run,” the threat of political persecution against him was stated simply as a fact. The Ecuadorian government granted Julian Assange asylum on August 16th 2012.

He has been inside the Ecuadorian embassy ever since.

The situation is currently gridlocked. The embassy remains surrounded by the London Metropolitan Police force prevented from entering by the Vienna Convention. The UK authorities continue to reject negotiations aimed at providing Julian Assange with safe passage to Ecuador. Ecuador continues to offer the Swedish government an interview with Julian Assange on its premises, thereby facilitating Swedish due process and at the same time protecting Julian Assange from being transited to the United States. To date, the Swedish government continues to rebuff this offer.

So far, the UK taxpayer has spent multiple millions of £GBP keeping Metropolitan Police officers stationed 24/7 outside the Ecuadorian Embassy, on the off chance that Julian Assange will just nip out for a cuppa coffee (see the real time running total here https://govwaste.co.uk -).

Swedish Attorney General Anders Perklev was recently quoted via Rixstep News, saying “Costs to UK taxpayers [is] not our problem.” London Mayor Boris Johnson called the situation “absolutely ridiculous…[money] completely wasted.” Deputy chair of the Police & Crime Committee at the London Assembly, Baroness Jenny Jones said the situation had reached ridiculous proportions – “It’s time to end the stalemate and stand down the officers.” Former Scotland Yard royalty protection chief Dai Davies echoed the sentiments of many British subjects when he stated: “It is unfair for taxpayers to continue to fund this farce.”

It is an acutely embarrassing situation for all powers concerned, especially Prime Minister David Cameron. The UK government can’t back down from its position: Julian Assange must be arrested if and when he steps outside the building. Therefore, while America and Sweden remain in bed with one another the UK taxpayer is effectively paying for their room service.

In February 2015, Swedish State TV channel SVT2 aired an episode of Agenda discussing whether the case against Julian Assange should be dropped. Swedish Liberal Party spokesman Johan Pehrson stated, “All are losers in a lawsuit that drags on.”

But truth is rarely so simple, especially in a case that has stirred so many emotions and is so intertwined with issues just as large as the documents on WikiLeaks. The UK Inspectorate of Constabulary says that in austerity Britain, police can’t give priority to property crimes because they don’t have the personnel to attend the scenes of such crimes in person. But the UK’s domestic security apparatus does have millions to squander on a full time stake out of Julian Assange.

How long will this waste continue? It is a question to which UK taxpayers must demand an answer. For almost 3 years, defenders of Julian Assange have protested his maltreatment (and that must continue); surely now it is time to effectively protest the mounting costs to UK taxpayers, with full mention, in all instances, of the grounds which have shifted under this fundamentally important issue.

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Let’s Just Blame Tony – it’s easier that way.


What, then, begins to emerge as the truth when as a nation we wonder what is Tony Abbott teaching us? What are we learning about ourselves? That the typical Aussie is pretty fair dinkum? About keeping thy nose out of other people’s business, yes. About not being terribly sleep deprived by the facts of history, yes. Australians will cruelly, thoughtlessly, and irresponsibly turn a blind eye, sometimes in ways that will cause permanent damage to their land and the way of life they claim to love, often because they don’t give a shit. Another lesson is that when responsible Australians will not deal with difficult issues, irresponsible one’s wait in the wings. When Kevin Rudd, rightly counted as one of the great polarising figures in the history of Australian politics, affirmed that he should never have turned his back on Julia Gillard, he opened the door to Abbott. (Australian voters kept the door open by welcoming the LNP’s out-of-sight-out-of-mind tactics on issues such as refugees, climate change and the economy – “don’t know don’t care just fix it.”) Could the Abbott era have been avoided? It can be argued that he might simply have found another swamp to play in; it is difficult to imagine he could have found one so damaging to Australian public life.

For militant Australians, the ironies of the evolving historiography of the Abbott era are extraordinary, among them that when the LNP began tabling cuts to pensioners, long-term unemployed, DSP recipients, health services and indigenous people, they were targeting the very groups that had voted them into office. Thus, at least in part, we owe public indifference of the truth of the definitive fact of the LNP’s reign to history repeating. This provides its own lesson, namely that the judgments of voters in a democratic system are made not on the basis of the best interests of its country, but on the electorate feeling cynical and powerless. Outside of the ballot box they have given up. In the Australian context, the balance between learning from history, on the one hand, and on the other applying that wisdom to military, diplomatic, and even social welfare programs, will never be easily or perfectly made so long as the average Australian isn’t savvy enough to vote below the line.

“What difference would that make?”

Attempting to dilute that listless attitude with education while pointing out that your typical Aussie often doesn’t give a shit, especially with patriotic pride set to swell to dizzying heights as the 100 year Anzac Day celebrations loom, and so on, is guaranteed to produce both failure and even further cynicism, the latter being by far the more dangerous commodity.

So let’s just blame Tony – it’s easier that way.

Is it?


A Generational Change Will Occur


For too long, the terrorism of the Middle East has been used to argue the innocence of global data surveillance.

Looking for terrorists: good.

Spying on me: bad.

But why bad for me; me who has nothing to hide?

The people with “nothing to hide” must wonder why that archive of personal data is being collected at all; why are the millions of details of our everyday personal lives being processed; what is the government, what is the system learning from all that mundane data? The people with “nothing to hide” agree, governments are learning how we the people live in the 21st Century (all thanks to digital profiling). All this “learning” does make people wonder, as the profile of our civilisation is built and expands and changes over time, what conclusions are being drawn from the study of that expanding profile? And to what degree will that information be used to manipulate civilisation? – that is, massage it along a certain corridor or path?

The truth, in the end, is more complex and even more interesting than me who has nothing to hide can imagine: the gradual erosion of democracy and the subtle division of colleagues and traitors is merely the beginning. In the fullness of time, people with “nothing to hide” will find themselves controlled by either colleagues or traitors, and at that time every person will be accused of being either one or the other. By then, governments will have privatised everything and own nothing – nothing except the people who feed them, the colleagues who perpetuate the myth of why we need a government, and the traitors who oppose that old-fashioned system of rule.

Postmodernists may snub the very idea of truth, but this author finds its pursuit and even its imperfect image have value beyond the nihilism so prevalent across social media. Let us not lose faith that a generational change will occur, and at that hour may we all recognise the people who pushed for that change towards truth with tenacity, integrity, and courage.

As the 24 hour news cycle evokes still-painful memories with fresh controversies imbedded in basic moral issues, may we always see truth and human loyalty prominent among those many stories. In the end, it will be truth that will liberate us from the smog that rose up after the twin towers collapsed, the dust of which has covered our democratic processes for so much of this century.


KRM Update – 5 Memorable Quotes From The Abbott Government

Tony Abbott Talking Shit

The 28th Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott.

Julie BishopTalking Shit

The Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop.

George Brandis Talking Shit

Attorney-General, Minister for the Arts, George Brandis QC.

Joe Hockey Talking Shit

Treasurer Joe Hockey.

Scott-Morrison Talking Shit

Minister for Social Services Scott Morrison.


MH370 – JORN Radar Lights On But No-one’s Home

LCD monitor

We know The Malaysian Air Force tracked MH370 (which at the time was an unidentified aircraft on their radar) for approximately 40 minutes. But it took authorities 72 hours to report they had tracked the aircraft over the Strait of Malacca at around 02:15. Any theory, except for a disoriented crew, of why flight MH370 was heading in that direction has either not yet been released or is a matter of speculation.

One thing is clear, according to aviation expert David Learmount, who said of the Malaysian sighting: “Clearly they have let an unidentified aircraft pass thru Malaysian sovereign territory without bothering to identify it.”

Regrettably, that is normal. On March 8, as far as we know, the plane was tracked by primary Air Defence Radars turning left and heading out over the Malacca Strait on a West x North/West heading. There was no distress call issued or received from MH370. Therefore, conditions were normal.

Anthony Rumsford, an Airbus A380 Captain with Emirates said, “At the time there was probably no operator actually following the flight.” He stated that countries like Malaysia and Thailand [who also tracked the aircraft] do not maintain a rapid response air defense posture unless it is considered either necessary or during a military exercise. “Most pilots have concluded MH370’s track was probably determined by Malaysia checking its records after the fact.”

Approximately 1 hour after MH370 turned West, and flew out of primary radar range, we know the aircraft was deliberately turned South and into the Indian Ocean.

According to Inmarsat data, the last fix on MH370 occurred within 30 minutes of when it would have ran out of fuel. That final fix is somewhere thousands of miles off the coast of Western Australia. Authorities are planning a second search of that “somewhere out there” because they are convinced MH370 lies at the bottom of the Indian Ocean…somewhere.

Over three months on many people are unconvinced that scenario is true. In an uncomfortable limbo between what is evidence and what is speculation, new media is asking why if MH370 flew on for several hours, deep into the Southern Indian Ocean, why was it not picked up by The Australian Jindalee over the horizon (JORN) radar?

The fact is it may well have been. Or, as David Learmount said: “Maybe Australia’s defenses, like their Malaysian counterparts, are not what they are cracked up to be. And maybe they wouldn’t want the rest of the world to know that.”

The RAAF website confirms that “JORN is not resourced or tasked to conduct surveillance operations 24-hours-a-day 7-days-a-week.” JORN’s peacetime use is focused on searching for objects that the system has been designed to detect, however, that system still needs to be steered and most importantly, turned on. Resources do not always allow that.

Perhaps Australia does have a lot in common with Malaysia and Thailand when it comes to peace-time military operations.

Asked in March whether Australia had picked up any signals consistent with MH370 via JORN an Australian Defense Department spokesman said it “won’t be providing comment” on any aspect of the military surveillance system.

The Australian Government was slightly more co-operative. Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop stated on March 19 that Defense would not be withholding any information from authorities regarding MH370, but stopped short of saying whether Australia had infact anything to share, JORN or otherwise.

In reply to a letter on The Herald website dated May 21st, former defence reporter Peter La Franchi wrote, “In September 1999 the Defence Department showed journalists [including La Franchi] thru both the JORN radar station in Laverton and the central control station in Adelaide.”

La Franchi witnessed aircraft movements over East Timor and took note of the axis range to the left of the radar controller screen. It confirmed JORN had a range of “Twelve thousand, three hundred kilometres, with radar returns being evidenced at that distance.” Elsewhere, La Franchi wrote that JORN’s left lobe looks directly to the Northwest Indian Ocean, monitoring any approaches into Australia’s Island Territories. He wrote: “If as Defence has claimed, in statements to a number of media on 17-18 March 2014, that JORN was monitoring the northwest shelf area out to the island territories, then the left lobe was clearly switched on.”

In an attempt to cite those March 17-18 sources, 96 Rosevale Place contacted Peter La Franchi for more information, but to date he has remained – as does Australia’s Defense Department – unavailable for comment.

Whether or not any part of JORN tracked MH370 may never be known. But as Peter La Franchi, a former defence journalist with eight years experience would attest, the notion of most countries military on alert status 24 hours a day is a “TOP GUN” illusion. With the exception of possibly America, no government could sustain such an ongoing cost. For a five minute alert to be possible a fighter aircraft must be prepped and fuelled and the pilot(s) sitting in their flight gear, within 50 metres of the aircraft. That is the obligatory Defence status when imminent attack is detected OR a pre-arranged air defense exercise in being conducted. No monitoring is conducted without a good reason, and the conditions of March 8 2014, a normal moonless night bearing no indicators of a looming catastrophe, were not a good reason.

Mr. John Blaxland of the Australian National University’s strategic and defense studies centre conceded that the JORN system would have needed prior warning in order to program and look for MH370 in advance.

However, he was confident that experts would be scrutinising any data from the JORN system and that the Australian Government was being transparent about their level of co-operation with all parties involved in the search for flight MH370.

“I hope they find something,” said Mr. Blaxland. “I think there would be a remote chance that [JORN] may have picked up the plane.”

To date, however, MH370 was last seen on Malaysian radar well after midnight and on a weekend. For the 239 souls aboard and their families it is way beyond unfortunate to imagine no visual radar monitoring was occurring in real time. In turn, that strongly suggests that both RMAF and RAAF pilots were all safely tucked into bed when MH370 was flying off…somewhere…into aviation history.

…maintain the rage…


MH370 – Control: More Important Than One Airplane and a Handful of People

I will never forget MH370
On March 9, 2014, I along with so many others wrote the following lead-in for the MH370 story: “Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, 777-200ER registered 9M-MRO, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing was reported missing today. Air Traffic Control’s last reported coordinates for the aircraft were over the South China Sea at 6ᵒ55’15”N 103ᵒ34’43”E – A search for the aircraft began approximately four hours after it disappeared.”

June 8 2014 marks 3 months since that was written, and what is remarkable is that the aforementioned paragraph, approximately twelve weeks or 90 days old, to date is still the most reliable information the general public has on the missing flight. The incident summary still reads “missing” and the site still reads “unknown.” The information authorities are choosing to share with the public conveys the message that after analysis of all available satellite data, it is assumed “beyond reasonable doubt” that the plane was lost and there were no survivors. “Assumed” because, 3 months on not a shred of evidence has turned up to indicate otherwise. Incredible, but apparently true.

If the analysis of satellite “hand-shakes” initiated by the aircraft on an automated basis to an Inmarsat satellite is correct, MH370 flew South from a point North-West of the Strait of Malacca into the Indian Ocean, and somewhere to the West or North-West of Perth, its fuel ran out and it crashed some 2000 miles out to sea. We know the ensuing and unprecedented international search involved dozens of planes and boats scouring search areas that constantly shifted as new information, hypotheses and analysis came in. In spite of that the search was unsuccessful.

Yes “somehow” a Boeing 777-200 (currently worth around 260MM a piece) with a wing span almost as wide as its 64m length, somehow crashed into the deep Indian Ocean and left behind no evidence. Isn’t that just amazing?

After the strongest lead in the search, the early April acoustic pings detected off the coast of Western Australia, turned out to be a dead end, the search area was redefined to a vast 40,000sq mile arc of the Southern Indian Ocean approximately as large as the land mass of Tasmania.

Erik van Sebille, an oceanographer from the University of NSW, specialising in the waters surrounding Australia, has said the underwater search for MH370 will be incredibly difficult — and he is not optimistic of a successful outcome given where the effort currently stands. “It’s virtually impossible to find that plane if there’s not an extra lead,” Dr Van Sebille said.“If there’s no other lead…then I think we are in a pretty dire situation.”

By contrast, Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston told a special Four Corners report, “Over the next eight to 12 months, we will find the aircraft; we’ll find its final resting place.”

Meanwhile, in the land down-under, the Abbott government remains “committed to the search” for MH370 and understands the importance of trying to “resolve the mystery for the sake of the families and friends of those who have been lost.”

The opposition has offered bi-partisan support, with Labour Leader Bill Shorten adding that the mission was not being helped by the running commentary on the fate of the flight. “We’ve all been touched by the tragedy and the disappearance of MH370,” he told reporters. “What I think we need to do is have less running commentary and more letting the professionals get on with the job of trying to answer this terrible question.”

What Bill Shorten suggests is colorfully ambivalent and vaguely disturbing. It reminds people like me who have been following the MH370 story since day 1 why, 3 months down the track, so many questions remain unanswered.

The real reason to have “less of a running commentary” on MH370 is to preserve the system, of which Bill Shorten definitely subscribes to.

It has little to do with hindering what is certainly a criminal investigation. The architects of the crime are surely dead and will never be brought to justice. Any partners in said crime not aboard MH370 would have played aiding and abetting type of roles, and whether any case against them would be affected by answering questions and making information public is doubtful.

With-holding information has nothing to do with Malaysian law. There exist international agreements that automatically over-ride local laws, especially in the case of an international aviation incident.

Granted, revealing security arrangements or military secrets are another matter: All military is paranoid. Everything from satellite orbits, to image capture format to telemetry information is when discussing military space hardware classified. Same thing with military radar – no, not the concepts which are readily available in any modern radar textbook, I’m talking about the implementation specifics, deployment specifics and operating characteristics. For better or for worse, all that information is classified. Whether that status is justifiable is a debatable point, and one that won’t be resolved because of the disappearance of MH370.

That said, this paranoia behind “classified information” is the same paranoia that motivates all champions of the system to remain tight-lipped, and to encourage their constituency to do the same. Do your job, live your life and don’t ask questions. The system is in control. In the case of MH370, the 239 souls aboard and related family, clearly the system failed them. The secrecy surrounding the incident has everything to do with members of various establishments protecting their interests and maintaining the status quo. Regardless of the degree of incompetence and negligence on the part of Malaysia or the airline, withholding evidence sends a clear message: “We are in charge. You are underlings.” It is a provocation; go away and bury your head in the sand.

From a distance, gazing upon the lofty perspective of the system, it is plain to see that the issue of maintaining the appearance of control is of far greater importance than the loss of one airplane and a handful of people.

Three months on, it is abundantly clear now that a person or persons deliberately flew MH370 somewhere it was not supposed to go. As each day passes, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the authorities of the system to pretend they don’t know exactly who those persons were.

…maintain the rage….


KRM Update – Nauru Not So Bad After All…

12_Carlos_CazalisAfter more than four years of describing his time at Nauru Detention Centre as an “everlasting fire,” and “a place of torment for the damned,” Burmese and Sri Lankan refugees finally admitted yesterday that their time on the tiny Micronesian island was, in fact, “all right.”
“In spite of all the hunger strikes and all the letters to Amnesty,” Burmese Permanent Protection Visa holder Aung San said, “Nauru was not so bad. Mostly it was quite pleasant. Most refugees just get a little emotional, that’s all.”

Following Aung San’s announcement, asylum seeking refugees awaiting processing in detention centres across Australia acknowledged the positives of their particular predicament.

“The riots in February are the best part so far,” said Amila Debnath, 27, who has been on Manus Island for 11 months. “But it’s all good. A lot of time you look the guard in the eye and instead of killing each other, you swap food recipes and tell funny stories. We show them our secret dens, and they invite us over to their food hall to share some imported Australian beer and to smoke cigarettes.”

Debnath said he also started smoking marijuana on Manus, a habit he still enjoys to this day.

“There is nothing in the world quite like it,” he said. “Not even a visa.”

Musayev Marma is a Sri Lankan refugee who has been at Christmas Island Immigration Reception and Processing Centre for twenty months said, “I’m so glad the facilities here are nothing like they portray in movies like Afghan Stories or In This World. That would be really bad. Coming To America and a little bit of Peter Seller’s The Party is more true to our experience.”

Added Marma: “You see, everybody talks about the overcrowding and the rape allegations. But no one ever talks about the Freddo Frogs and games of Twister.”

Acting as spokesperson for his group, Aung San also admitted that, contrary to what The Refugee Council of Australia’s claim, the asylum seeker circumstances are not something beyond the average Australian’s comprehension.

“For quite a time now we are telling people, if you are not a refugee then you would not understand us,” San said. “But this is simply not true. Anyone could easily look at the television and get a very good idea of what it is like for us. There are many many shows with many detailed descriptions and bright coloured pictures. You certainly don’t need to actually go to Nauru to get a feel for it.”

Padma Ambu, an asylum seeker from Nepal formally detained in the now closed Baxter Immigration Reception and Processing Centre, remembers many good times.

“A lot of times, in between fighting, we would have the barbeque of great seafood and just laze around and drink for many hours,” Padma said. “Then we’d usually flirt with the Baxter guards and take them to our room and have sex with them. And they would often be our very good friends.”

Padma is now raising two beautiful children in Port Augusta South Australia thanks to her exciting refugee sexual adventures.

Ali Rasulov, who while waiting for his asylum claim to be heard had his eye gouged out by a guard during a riot at the now defunct Port Hedland Detention Centre, said that although he has had numerous recurring nightmares over the past 10 years, they have been largely unrelated to his stint as a refugee.

“There’s a really bad one where I’m back in the Port Hedland, and I’m swimming in the Olympic pool, but I realise I’m not wearing any trunks because I forgot to bring my gym bag,” Rasulov said. “My goodness, it seemed so real, it was terrifying.”



KRM Update – Mathias Cormann Denies He is the Voice of Rainier Wolfcastle

Mathias and RainierMathias Cormann, the Minister for Finance in the Abbott Government, strongly denies allegations that recently appeared on internet website Reddit claiming he has been moonlighting as the voice of Simpson’s character Rainier Luftwaffe Wolfcastle. Speaking from Austria, where he is holidaying with family, Cormann told The Sun Herald, “This whole Wolfcastle gossip is someone’s girlie fun-stuff.”

On ABC’s “Lateline,” Shadow Minister for Finance Tony Burke, described Cormann as “a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger.” The show’s host, Emma Alberici, interjected, “You think he owns a Ferrari F40?” Tony Burke replied that he believed it was neither “coincidence” nor “a gee-whiz luck event that he was recently observed driving around Austria in a Hummer H1.”

Cormann continued to deny the allegations outright, stressing “clearly and unambiguously I am not the voice behind Wolfcastle or the reprehensible McBain character.” He added, “This clearly false rumour won’t stick. Because Australian people are smarter than the average Commie-Nazi.”

If he were the voice behind Wolfcastle, Cormann asked, “Why do I think “Run! Get to the chopper!” is not funny?” And he denied, when asked how he slept at night, that he had ever responded with, “On top of a pile of money surrounded by many beautiful women.”

In the nine months since Cormann first assumed office as Minister for Finance, there have been discreet whispers about his experimentation with body-building and his love of German Bratwurst. The Sun Herald reported this week “a senior officer with the Federal Police said on Sunday that it was still their conclusion that Mr. Cormann was not leading a double life.” Despite accusations, Labour has not publicly revealed any evidence that he is working in any capacity with The Simpson’s creator Matt Groening. This issue is key to shaping the public’s perceptions of Cormann and indeed the Abbott Government in the wake of the 2014 Federal Budget. Tony Burke on “Lateline,” went on to allege that “I’ve personally heard him humming “The Bratwurst Song” in the Upper House. And several back-benchers on my side of The House heard him remark to Clive Palmer at the coffee cart “Quit stalling, fatty!” ”

On ABC’s “Q & A,” Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen made similar allegations, saying, “One night in March this year, Senator Cormann was at a local Canberra hotel with Christopher Pyne and was heard to jibe The Minister for Education by saying, and I quote: “Ja, that is some outfit, Pyne-e-e. It makes you look like a homosexual” – I mean, this is disturbing stuff.”

Asked today to elaborate on his reasons for suggesting that Mathias Cormann was in-fact the voice of Rainier Wolfcastle, Chris Bowen, thru a press aide, declined to comment.

Some observers, looking at the substantiation that Cormann was seen lunching with Matt Groening at Fox Studios in New York have pointed to a report in popular culture magazine, Rolling Stone, that before leaving America last Christmas Cormann stayed at Groening’s house in Malibu City. Cormann’s legal adviser, Lionel Hutz, a lawyer with “I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm” denied that report, however, saying, “It’s the most blatant case of fraudulent advertising since my suit against the film “The Never Ending Story” ” – (Rolling Stone stands by its story.)

“It’s not just the allegations about me being the voice of Rainier Wolfcastle that mystify me,” Cormann told The Sun Herald. “It’s that people really think I had a starring role in several gay pornography films while chewing on a “Power Sauce Bar.” ” Cormann expressed concern at the range of allegations that have been made against him in the media without intelligence officials providing some kind of factual basis: “I was never a key player in the Hollywood Prostitution scandal, and most certainly never carried George Brandis in an oversized Snugli for babies. I have no idea who Rob Schneider is and I’ve never seen the movie My Baby is an Ugly Man.” ”

Cormann went on, “I mean, I am more socially liberal than a majority of Ministers in our Cabinet around issues of the stem cell research, but I have never supported anyone named Sideshow Bob, and had no idea he was running for Mayor. Really, if I could meet some of these rumour-mongers I would shoot their face…and shoot their face again.”

In the end, Cormann reiterated that “These allegations are false. If mine bratwurst has a second name that’s S-C-H-N-A-C-K-E-N-P-F-E-F-F-E-R-H-A-U-S-E-N, it is nobody’s business but my own.”

KRM Update – Budget 2014: Drinkers React

Dougie Bishop on the BUDGET 2014An inebriated man from Footscray made a fascinating point about the 2014 Federal Budget a few nights ago, astutely commenting on the Abbott Government’s strangely misguided priorities. Dougie Bishop, a 37-year-old fork-lift driver, made the remark around 10:50pm at The Reverence Hotel, where he had spent the night stuffing himself with cheap tacos and drinking himself into a blind stupor.

Shortly before pissing himself, Dougie Bishop shrewdly hypothesised about the puzzling priorities of the 2014 Federal Budget. He has since been elevated to the position of senior-most provincial adviser to Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

“This government, they can find money to fight wars and search for missing planes, but they’re making people pay just to have a thermometer stuck up their bum,” Bishop sharply noted to a handful of patrons as he downed a triple shot of Bundy OP Rum. “They don’t know their fucking armpit from their elbow.”

He then added, “It’s bull-shit, mate, you ‘ear me?” before pissing his pants and stumbling home.

Bishop’s perceptive political remark immediately impressed punters at The Reverence Hotel.

“What Dougie said was spot on,” said Warren Murphy, 33, who was also maggotted. “He was saying like how we spend more money on the the war effort and stuff that’s got nothing to do with us than we are on free health-care for pensioners and stuff. And he was dead right: The whole budget’s screwed-up.”

Sharon Ward, who stood alongside Dougie Bishop at the time waving a bottle of Strong-Bow cider around, also agreed with the Footscray man’s appraisal.

“I can’t remember exactly how he put it now; I wish I could because it was bloody amazing,” she said. “He just cut thru all of the shit right to the heart of the problem…sensational mate, eh?”

Ward broke her nose and 3 ribs later that evening when she was struck by a car while trying to hail a taxi on Napier Street.

When asked to expand on his judgment of the proposed spending cuts outlined in the 2014 Federal Budget, Bishop replied, “I was talkin’ to this good-looking-sort for a while last night and I was pretty sure I was gonna get me end in,” he said. “But then I just threw me guts up right in front of her…but then she said she was a dyke anyway, so…you know.”

News of Dougie Bishop’s politically charged outburst quickly reached Canberra.

“Only a few days ago, I was one of the ministers in favour of cutting welfare benefits while rubber-stamping the purchase of 58 US F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft,” Minister for Employment Eric Abetz said. “But it is now clear that, as Mr. Bishop put it, We don’t know our armpit from our elbow.”

The Australian was also enthused by Dougie Bishop’s hard hitting remarks, dedicating a full page to the central comments of the twice-divorced alcoholic fork-lift driver and father of six who has a history of driving offenses and domestic violence.

“Solutions to major societal problems do not always come from within the Canberrian brain-trust,” editor-in-Chief Chris Mitchell noted. “Often, they come from ignorant, fluro-shirted Australians who fling their uninformed, one-dimensional solutions to multifaceted, 21st Century problems at anyone bothered to listen.”

In addition to his editorial in the pages of The Australian, Bishop has been invited by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman to participate in next month’s round table discussion on Brisbane’s ongoing bikie problem as well as strategies for supercharging the local economy.

New South Wales Premier, Mike Baird, has also expressed interest in consulting Bishop on a number of grave concerns in the wake of recent ICAC investigations.

“It would appear that Mr. Bishop has a nose for decoding the difference between good choice and a choice that is simply rank,” Baird said. “Therefore, I intend to initiate discussions with him in the foreseeable future, definitely.”

This is not the first time Dougie Bishop has boldly questioned the priorities of an Australian Government. In April 2013, after consuming 24 cans of Melbourne Bitter on the tailgate of his Hilux ute, he mumbled to himself, “This fucking Carbon Tax, mate…politicians just sitting around all day dreaming up new ways of sucking another dollar out of yah.”

The remark is said to have been the turning point which culminated in the Liberal Party being swept to power at the Australian 2013 Federal Election.


KRM Update – Manus Island Slackers!

Manus1Nine months after deciding his life was just too hard and engaging a people smuggler to secure him passage on a fishing boat bound for Australia, Adeeb Kohistani, a gutless slacker from Afghanistan, was continuing to hide from reality at Manus Island regional processing facility.

According to former G4S staff, the 31-year-old refugee, a member of the Shia Hazara people from the central highland region of Hazarajat in Afghanistan, apparently did-a-runner from his home last June following a violent raid by the Taliban Army, and now prefers to live in an army tent in the middle of Manus Island than face up to the challenges in his life and deal with them like any normal Australian would.

PNG Police Officer Russty Nicholson said of the pathetic runaway, “When things got hard Kohistani could have defended his village and died with his pride intact, but at the first sign of trouble he just took off to a different country instead.” Officer Nicholson explained this as a common reaction amongst boat people: the moment a large, well-armed military regiment raids their village and slaughters their family, they turn about and run.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison specifically mentioned Adeeb Kohistani’s case at a press conference outside Villawood detention Centre Thursday. “People like Mr. Kohistani need to understand that Australia is not the place to come and bury your head in the sand just because life has dealt you a rough-hand. I think I can safely speak for all Australians when I say that we are a tolerant nation who believe in a fair go and when a problem crops up, we fix it. You fix it and move on with your life. Because that’s what Australians do.”

Talk-back radio phone lines rang hot after Mr. Morrison’s press conference with the majority of callers agreeing that ignoring all your problems— such as ethnic cleansing and homelessness—and hoping it will all go away is a total cop-out.

“Look at me,” said Mr. Jasper Whyte a caller from Penrith NSW, “I never got my Housing Commission flat by taking the easy way out. It was bloody hard work.”

Another caller described Adeeb Kohistani as “a loser, simple as that!” right after talkback radio host Alan Jones confirmed that Kohistani had ran like a headless chook the night of the massacre before crawling out the back of his hut and cowering in the nearby scrub, where, Jones speculated, the weak-willed man decided to just completely shut out the sight of his settlement being destroyed and the bodies of his loved ones being thrown into a pit rather than tackling the problem head-on. The spineless bastard reportedly ran-off with his tail between his legs to the people smugglers the following day, and is now, by all accounts, content to just give up and pity himself at the taxpayer’s expense.

In a news poll, 91% agreed that Kohistani should not be using the massacre of his family as an excuse to just chuck in the towel. The poll’s comment section was shut-down after contributors overloaded the system with unanimous calls for taxpayer handouts to cease and for Kohistani to snap out of his depression and “get his shit together.”

Mr. Morrison acknowledged that both G4S and his own border protection point man, Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell, had warned Kohistani and all illegal arrivals that they needed to realise everyone faces challenges in their lives, and that they can’t just expect Australians to throw open their arms and take care of everything for them. “During an operational procedure,” said Mr. Campbell, “which I can’t directly discuss, but I can disclose that during that procedure one Australian naval officer lost his iPhone. Over the side and into the drink it went. It wasn’t backed up to the cloud so the officer lost everything. But he didn’t start crying about it, and he certainly didn’t run off to Indonesia expecting them to make it all better for him. No, he took it on the chin and first opportunity he got he was on eBay buying himself a new iPhone which he immediately backed up to the cloud so this sort of problem wouldn’t reoccur.”

Greens Immigration spokeswoman (and general bleeding-heart) Sarah Hanson-Young visited Adeeb Kohistani on Manus but failed to address the queue jumper’s propensity for running away from his difficulties. Instead, Ms. Young spent most of her time criticising the Federal Government’s offer to repatriate Adeeb Kohistani back to Afghanistan at taxpayer expense. The Greens Senator rejected calls for the gutless refugee to grow up and act like a responsible adult for once in his life. She said the piss-weak excuse for a man resolutely refuses to go back to his own country and that he enjoyed her full support.

“Adeeb Kohistani is just barely starting to feel safe here,” said Sarah Hanson-Young. “Returning to his home in Hazarajat is something he can’t even imagine at the moment.” Ms. Young cited dozens of Kohistani’s weak excuses for why he can’t tackle his problems and actually do something about them like any normal Australian would. “So many of his friends and relatives were murdered right in front of him during the raid, and it could have just as easily been him. He told me that he still hears their screams in his dreams every night.”

Scott Morrison countered by saying Adeeb Kohistani wouldn’t be having nightmares if he had initially confronted his attackers head on, although he stressed this did not justify what happened to Mr Kohistani’s relatives and other victims.


MH370 – The Malaysian Government’s Responsibility

Lose Yourself Malaysian AirlinesWe now know multiple authorities watched MH370 disappear. Despite the inaction and the repeated failures by those in charge on the evening of March 8 2014, no one in Malaysia has taken responsibility for the loss of MH370, and this is the real conspiracy behind the disappearance. This course was charted from the first official press conference, and since then it has become increasingly evident that a litany of embarrassing failures by multiple authorities in Malaysia to take the action they should have taken, has been covered up and dumbed down.

“It is a conspiracy,” said former Chief Pilot for Malaysia Airlines, Nik Huzlan, “merely to protect the people who have not done the job they were supposed to do…all the people that were on duty that night.”

The world knows what happened to MH370. Not definitively, perhaps, but based on the official evidence available it all points to one thing: human interference. Whether that onboard human interference was initiated by the Boeing 777 pilots, members of the crew, the passengers or a combination of all, the disappearance almost certainly began in the mind of a human. The task was carried out by people with vast aviation experience.

A catastrophic accident can be effectively ruled out. If there was a fire and/or explosion aboard MH370 that knocked out the transponder and the ACARS communication system, could the plane have kept flying? “It is beyond the bounds of probability,” said retired Boeing 777 Pilot Steve Buzdygan. “No mechanical malfunction would destroy an aircraft communication system while enabling said aircraft to fly on – in the case of MH370 – for several hours.”

It is true, a passenger jet can deviate from its proposed course because of bad weather or some control requirement prompted by Air Traffic Control, but none of these are a factor in the case of MH370. So until further notice it is safe to assume human interference is the root cause for the mystery.

Referring to the “grey-zone” where Malaysian air space crosses over into Vietnamese air space, yet another retired Boeing 777 pilot, John Lindsay, agreed that, “If I was going to take the aircraft over and make the aircraft disappear this is exactly when I would do it.”

Nik Huzlan backed up this claim: “When a plane crosses over from one air space into another, I tell you, it is all done in one fair swoop: Malaysian 370, good-night…over to Ho Chi Minh CLICK…Ho Chi Minh, Malaysian 370, good-morning. – That’s all it takes. Exactly that long. That did not happen.”

And while the mid-air human interference was occurring, human incompetence was working in tandem at a ground level to create a synergy of error that would ultimately make the disappearance of MH370 absolute.

The following is part of an interview conducted by ABC news with The Minister of Malaysian Transport, Hishammuddan Hussein.

ABC: Did DCA [Dept of Civil Aviation] contact the military?

HH: Yes they did.

ABC: What time?

HH: You have to ask the DCA. And it will come out the details, the dates…because I do not want to be trapped by…from my experience in the last four weeks…by dates, by numbers, by names, by rank.

ABC: You have conceded earlier that on the morning the plane was missing, there was four and a half hours time in which to respond. So why wasn’t a jet sent up?

HH: It was not hostile, it was commercial, it was from our airspace, and we’re not at war with anybody. Even if we sent [a jet] up are you going to say that we are going to shoot it down?

ABC: Well you said that, not me.

HH: No, I’m asking you.

ABC: I could not possibly answer; I’m not a military expert…

HH: So if we’re not going to shoot it down what’s the point of sending it up?

ABC: To see where it’s going.

HH: Well, to see where it’s going…you need a fighter for that? You are talking now about military procedures. And if I did shoot it down, you’d be the first to say how can you shoot down a commercial airline with 14 nationals, half of them Chinese…I’d be in a worse position, probably.

ABC: Why shoot it down if it’s not hostile?

HH: Well, the Americans would.

It is far from uncommon for officials attempting to cover-up details of an incident to put the blame on a subordinate. However, in this interview, Hishammuddan Hussein used a different approach. Relying on his skills in public deception, Mr. Hussein tried to create the impression that nothing improper had occurred, that faced with horrendous choices a sharp military crew had done the right thing. They had behaved in a manner that would surely shame the leaders of the free world.

Asked why a jet wasn’t sent up, Mr. Hussein replies: “…are you going to say that we are going to shoot it down?” Firstly, the original question should have included the word intercept; I believe this is what the interviewer intended: the question should have been clearer – Why wasn’t a jet sent up to intercept MH370? Perhaps then Mr. Hussein might have been less predisposed to introduce the concept of blowing the plane out of the sky. The word “intercept” is clearly different than the phrase “shoot it down.”

Air Traffic Controllers request military jets to intercept commercial aircraft on a routine basis. Sometimes the purpose is to tell a commercial pilot their plane has gone off course; other times the interceptor is sent to observe a situation directly – for example, to see who is flying the plane. None of this requires political approval. It is not uncommon for ATC to request military jets to intercept a commercial aircraft in response to any serious problem which ATC cannot resolve thru radio contact. Furthermore, the most common problem is that a commercial jet has deviated from its authorised flight path. Given what is known about the behaviour of MH370 post 01:19 this would have been a completely appropriate response.

Yet Mr. Hussein frames his response as “You are talking now about military procedures” as though interceptions are 1) unusual, and 2) as something that automatically means a seek and destroy mission. Mr. Hussein believes no interception was necessary because “It was not hostile, it was commercial, it was from our airspace, we’re not at war with anybody.”

The fact that Malaysia is not at war with anybody should not alter the fact that anyone at any time might decided to initiate an act of war against you. That is what military radar is for, early detection. “It was not hostile” – who decided it was “not hostile” might have been an appropriate follow up question. That or, how was the “non hostile” status arrived at? “It was commercial, it was from our airspace” – how did Malaysian military know that given that transponders and ACARS data transmitters aboard MH370 had been switched off? In the 40 minutes that MH370 blipped across Malaysian military radar, and to the best of public knowledge, that aircraft was unidentified.

Again, when a plane deviates from its flight plan, ATC will contact the pilot. If ATC cannot establish contact, a military jet can be scrambled to fly up to the aircraft and check out the situation. This normal procedure is called “interception” and it is not an aggressive act. Almost always it is requested because routine communication has become impossible.

Furthermore, Mr. Hussein’s implied argument – that there is no point in sending up an interceptor unless there is an intention to shoot it down – is obtuse. Why would such a decision have to be made in advance of scrambling an interception? Even if an airliner has been taken over by terrorists with a suicide mission, no one could predict how the hijacker(s) might respond to an interception. Both police and the military routinely respond to a hijack situation in this manner: they mobilise a potentially overwhelming force in the hope of getting the hijacker to surrender?

Here is just one example amongst the many that demonstrates Hishammuddan Hussein and the Malaysian authority’s reluctance to discuss their failure to intercept MH370. It adds to a full list of fallibility peppered with half truths peddled as accepted fact, false foundations and a fog of emotional misinformation designed to cover-up plain and simple human fault.

When will The Malaysian Government accept responsibility for the disappearance of MH370?

Roy Pinto, Chief Operations Officer at Inmarsat, said, “In events of this magnitude, everybody has an opinion.” The ongoing and regrettable behaviour of The Malaysian Government has done nothing to minimalise this truth.


MH370 – Some Ping Happening Here

It was breakfast time, 14th of May 2014. I was reading thru a Daily Mail article dated May 12 (updated the 13th): “Searchers fear “pings” they thought were from missing MH370 were not from the plane at all.”

I guffawed aloud, “Yeah, no shit Sherlock.”

When those black-box pings first made headlines round April 5th, I tracked down a scientist who helped direct the search for Air France flight 447, a Mr. Bill Meacham.

He said: “I don’t know any underwater acoustic people that think the pings have anything to do with the plane” – this was Monday April 14, just a week after the first reports – “One has to wonder if, in the eagerness to believe and the absence of any other lead, the authorities directing the search have downplayed evidence that is clearly contrary.”

But even before I spoke with Bill Meacham, I undertook my own preliminary research online which revealed to me that for several decades now, pingers with frequencies of 30 to 50kHz have been commonly used to track large, deep sea animals. Location and other data is transmitted to receivers in the ocean or to satellites whenever the animal surfaces. Acoustic pingers are also widely used as fishing net protectors, to drive away predators that would steal fish.

The more I learned about the specifics of the evidence obtained by the TPL (Towed Pinger Locater) the more it indicated that the received signals could have originated from any number of tracking devices, including all sorts of bio-telemetry tracked marine life. Anything from tagged whales to sharks, sea turtles, tuna, seals, swordfish, even a pinger attached to a net that is drifting.

Bill Meacham told me of a colleague at the University of Hong Kong who tracked a great white shark all the way from Australia to South Africa.

The first two pings detected on April 5th and thought to have come from the black box aboard MH370 came in at 33.5 kHz and later at 27 kHz. Remarkably, these detections occurred on the very first run of the TPL, and as we know if something seems too good to be true it probably is. But the experts on TV seemed very confident, especially with Prime Minister Abbott stating repeatedly that there was nothing in nature or commercial shipping that would make a similar sound.

That’s true, providing you exclude just one example (yes, just one of many) such as the real-time tracking of more than 400 marine animals listed at www.seaturtle.org/tracking.

But first and foremost, the signal’s frequency of 33.5 kHz and lower should have been the first red flag. This is NOT within the manufacturer’s specs of 37.5 +/- 1 for the black box pinger. It was written off at the time as “weakening batteries.” But reading this morning’s Daily Mail article, which caused me to spit toast crumbs all over my iPad, the authorities are at it again. The “vagaries of deep-sea conditions” they are calling it, with all the panache they can muster.

Meanwhile, Bill Meacham and his colleagues have been on record for a month saying the 33.5 kHz frequency alone proves that the signal did not come from MH370. Furthermore, that the frequency of the pinger would not change due to deep sea conditions.

The range of detection is another factor that adds to the skepticism. Scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution studying Baleen Whales used a pinger with an identical specification to the one used on flight MH370. The maximum range of detection was recorded as 2.3km. By contrast, the distances between the black box pings for the detections recorded between April 5th and the 8th were rated at 9.5, 12.3 and 13.6km. Even supposing the voice and data recorders were separated after impact by ocean currents, the signals clearly cannot be from the pingers on MH370 (and don’t even get me started on lack of a debris field).

Yet another quandary is the first detection, which lasted over two hours, picked-up by a TPL moving at 2 knots. The TPL covered 9km for the duration of the detection (a little over 2 hours). Since a TPL can only pick up a signal at a maximum of 3km, this extended detection suggested something moving parallel or at an angle to the TPL. (Maybe it was Flipper!) The depth of the sea floor was estimated at 4.5km and the TPL at approximately 1.5km away from the black box, even when directly over it – it doesn’t add up. Equally problematic is the second brief detection. The signal picked-up by the TPL partially submerged at a depth of only 300m, so approximately 4.2km from a source lying on the seabed.

There’s something happening here. Is it a case of brains trying to baffle us with bullshit?

Perhaps I’m being too harsh. Maybe it’s just irony, but all these authorities directing the search seem to dismiss the reality of a double audience. They regurgitate the news to one particular group who upon hearing the updates hear but don’t understand. The other group are not acknowledged at all. Those who hear when more is meant than meets the ear, are aware both of that more and of the outsiders incomprehension. If thru persistence they are finally acknowledged it is merely to write them off as conspiracy theorists.

Even a Daily Mail reporter at the time remarked: “Call it a triumph of science, or incredible luck, but on the very first path, the Ocean Shield (towing the TPL)… detected a steady series of pings.”

Prime Minister Abbott, you’ll recall, was “very confident” that the signals had come from the black box. I’m sure he still is. I’m sure all G20 members are very confident that this search situation is normal; as normal as a group of dolphins with wings riding around on skateboards assuming we all live someplace where such behaviour is completely normal.

Since March 8, I have walked a line and I have not walked it alone. The line maintains that for whatever reason of turpitude, the authorities are not in any hurry to find this missing plane. It will take many more weeks and months and many more millions of dollars before it miraculously appears at a time and place of their choosing. On that day, the smug faces will smile above their blue ties and hands will be shook and backs will be slapped and a prayer will be recited. Stringent measures will be put in place to ensure that this sort of incident is never repeated. Speeches will be made. Listen closely when they are: it will be an orgy of credibility mired in fact. The surface meaning and the underlying meaning of what is said, however, will not be the same as the evidence.


MH370 – Tampering With Evidence

Did You Hear Some Ping
The MH370 cockpit transcript has been in the public domain since April 2014.
The transcript exposed a huge lie that was never properly explained away by Malaysian authorities. The final words heard by air traffic control were not the informal “All right, good-night” as originally reported, but “Good-night, Malaysian Three Seven Zero.”

This untruth led, not only me but a number of interested parties to seek out an independent analysis of the original sound recording. In doing so, as with most processes surrounding MH370, it served only in adding a slew of unanswered questions to an already unacceptably long list.

“ATC Delivery” (Pre-Departure)

Mayalsia Airlines Flight 370 cockpit (12:25:53): Delivery MAS 370 good morning.

Air traffic control (12:26:02): MAS 370 standby and Malaysia Six is cleared to Frankfurt via AGOSA alpha departure 6,000 feet squawk two one zero six.

ATC (12:26:19): … MAS 370 request level.

MH370 at (12:26:21): MAS 370 we are ready requesting flight level three five zero to Beijing.

ATC(12:26:39): MAS 370 is cleared to Beijing via PIBOS a departure 6,000 feet squawk two one five seven.

Cockpit (12:26:45): Beijing PIBOS a 6,000 squawk two one five seven MAS 370 thank you.

ATC (12:26:53): MAS 370 welcome over to ground.

Cockpit (12:26:55): Good day.

“Lumpur Ground” (Kuala Lumpur airport ground movements)

Cockpit (12:27:27): Ground MAS370 good morning Charlie One requesting push and start.

ATC (12:27:34): MAS370 Lumpur Ground morning push back and start approved Runway 32 right exit via Sierra 4.

Cockpit (12:27:40): Push back and start approved 32 Right Exit via Sierra 4 POB 239 Mike Romeo Oscar.

ATC (12:27:45): Copied.

Cockpit (12:32:13): MAS377 request taxi.

ATC (12:32:26): MAS37….. (garbled) … standard route. Hold short Bravo.

ATC (12:32:30): Ground, MAS370. You are unreadable. Say again.

ATC (12:32:38): MAS370 taxi to holding point Alfa 11 Runway 32 right via standard route. Hold short of Bravo.

Cockpit (12:32:42): Alfa 11 Standard route Hold short Bravo MAS370.

ATC (12:35:53): MAS 370 Tower.

ATC (12:36:19): (garbled) … Tower … (garbled).

Cockpit (no time given): 1188 MAS370 Thank you.

Lumpur Tower (Kuala Lumpur airport runway)

Cockpit (12:36:30): Tower MAS370 morning.

ATC (12:36:38): MAS370 good morning. Lumpur Tower. Holding point.. (garbled)..10 32 Right.

Cockpit (12:36:50): Alfa 10 MAS370.

ATC (12:38:43): 370 line up 32 Right Alfa 10.

Cockpit (no time given): Line up 32 Right Alfa 10 MAS370.

ATC (12:40:38): 370 32 Right cleared for take-off. Good night.

Cockpit (no time given): 32 Right cleared for take-off MAS370. Thank you bye.

Lumpur Approach (Kuala Lumpur area controllers)

Cockpit (12:42:05): Departure Malaysian Three Seven Zero.

ATC (12:42:10): Malaysian Three Seven Zero selamat pagi identified. Climb flight level one eight zero cancel SID turn right direct to IGARI.

Cockpit (12:42:48): Okay level one eight zero direct IGARI Malaysian one err Three Seven Zero.

ATC (12:42:52): Malaysian Three Seven Zero contact Lumpur Radar One Three Two Six good night.

Cockpit (no time given): Night one three two six Malaysian Three Seven Zero.

Lumpur Radar (Malaysia regional controllers)

Cockpit (12:46:51): Lumpur Control Malaysian Three Seven Zero.

ATC (12:46:51): Malaysian Three Seven Zero Lumpur radar good morning climb flight level two five zero.

Cockpit (12:46:54): Morning level two five zero Malaysian Three Seven Zero.

ATC (12:50:06): Malaysian Three Seven Zero climb flight level three five zero.

Cockpit (12:50:09): Flight level three five zero Malaysian Three Seven Zero.

Cockpit (01:01:14): Malaysian Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five zero.

ATC (01:01:19): Malaysian Three Seven Zero.

Cockpit (01:07:55): Malaysian…Three Seven Zero maintaining level three five zero.

ATC (01:08:00): Malaysian Three Seven Zero.

ATC (01:19:24): Malaysian Three Seven Zero contact Ho Chi Minh 120 decimal 9 Good night.

Cockpit (01:19:29): Good Night Malaysian Three Seven Zero.

If You Want A Job Done….

The voice on the telephone sounded languid yet authoritative, but I didn’t hear too well what it said – partly because I was only half awake and partly because I was holding my phone upside down. I shuffled it around and mumbled hello.

“Are you there? I said my name’s Tony Parizeau, from Parizeau Forensics.”

“Tony Parizeau, gotcha.”

“You’re Johnny Green, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. That’s me.” I snuck a peak at my iPhone screen. It was 5.35am, not my best hour.

“Johnny, I’ve analysed the recordings: they’re edited.”

“You’ve edited the recordings?”

“No,” he snapped. “The recordings were…the recordings themself were edited…”

“Woe!” I interrupted. “Don’t tell me anymore over the phone. You better come here.”

“Where is here?”

I gave him the address of my place on Sicaria Avenue, and told him how he would find it.

“All right,” he said mildly. “I’ll be there in an hour.”

He hung up. I sprang out of bed, showered, shaved, and was chomping on my third piece of toast when the intercom buzzed.

“I’m Tony,” he said in a relatively monotone voice.

“Come on in.”

He was quite short. He wore a crumpled grey suit, a red scarf, a well-oiled head of black hair, a manilla folder, and a pair of brown eyes that looked at me as if I had just told him his pet dog died.

Tony sat at the table and I made him a cup of coffee. When I set the coffee down he had the manilla folder open before him. “Can I talk now?” he asked.

“Go ahead,” I said sitting opposite him with my iPhone recording.

“I can’t tell you why the recordings were edited, but in my opinion they most certainly were. I discovered at least four clear breaks in the audio that indicate edits to me.” Tony cleared his throat and continued. “The beginning and end of the recording are high-quality with a low noise floor, meaning ambient background noise is almost silent, unlike the middle.”

Tony selected an A4 page from the folder and handed it across the table to me. “At one minute fourteen,” he said, reading from the same page as I, “the tone of the recording changes to where to me it sounds like someone is holding a digital recorder up to a speaker, so it’s a microphone-to-speaker transfer of that information. That’s a pretty big deal because it raises the first red flag about there possibly being some editing.” He paused to sip his coffee.

Next Tony drew my attention to a three second snippet between the 2:06 and 2:09 mark. “I can hear noise in the room,” he said quietly, “along with the increase in the noise floor. I can hear a file door being shut; I can hear some papers being shuffled. Also, this whole section beginning at 1:14 continuing through 2:06 to 2:15, I’m sure it’s a digital recorder being held up to a speaker.”

“What did you make of those long gaps we discussed?” I said, looking up at Tony.

Tony glanced at his wristwatch. “The long gaps in the communication throughout the recording also imply some editing.” He took another sip of coffee. “There’s a huge edit at 6:17. The conversation is cut off. It’s interrupted. And the noise-floor tone changes again.” he said.

“Can you explain the noise floor thing to me, please?”

“Yes.” He straightened some papers and cleared his throat before settling his dark eyes upon me. “The noise floor, when you’re authenticating a recording from a forensic perspective, is a very important part of the process. Noise floor is defined as any signal other than the one being monitored. So background noise, basically. You can hear it at 4:07, you hear pages turning and a person breathing, which is unusual. I mean, it’s not uncommon for the background of a recording to change when a cockpit communication turns over from ground control to air controllers — which happened about four minutes into this recording — but that doesn’t explain the noises that are audible.”

I nodded.

He paused for a while and appeared to be studying me. “It’s not unusual that there would be clicks,” he said at last, “such as when they push the button on the microphone, but it’s very unusual to have a disturbance. Normally you wouldn’t have any background. Is this making sense to you?”

I assured him it was. I put it to him that a cut-off word also wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility, surely.

Tony nodded. “It wouldn’t be unthinkable to have a truncated word because if somebody let go of the trigger on the microphone, it might cut off their word. But it would be very unusual to find a background differential at the same time, suggesting that Malaysian authorities or whoever presented this made edits for, well, I’m not exactly sure why.”

“Perhaps the pilot said something the government did not want leaked,” I suggested.

Tony agreed. “If the pilot dropped something they did not want going public, sure.”

I shrugged. “Maybe he said something that didn’t fit with the Malaysian Government’s party line.”

“Or,” he said, “it could be an inadvertent thing. But, I will say this: it’s a very sloppy way to handle evidence.”

There was a brief silence as my eyes scanned over his report. I could see the MH370 pilots in my imagination, illuminated by the cock-pit controls. Maybe one of them had an expression that was looking a little nervous, maybe not. “So no smoking guns,” I said quietly. “But there are edits and the edits are clear, yeah?”

“Yes, but the recordings have come from different sources,” he said earnestly. “You can assume that the recording while the plane’s still on the ground came from the tower and then you could assume that the communication with air controllers was switched while they’re in the air. As I said, my take is they’ve mishandled the cobbling process. It’s just plain sloppy or it could be part of a larger cover-up. That’s for people like you to decide.”

I leaned back and plucked an envelope off the breakfast bar. “Thanks Tony,” I said, sliding it across the table to him. “The jury will always be out on this one, even when that plane is found.”

Tony looked at the envelope, picked it up and slotted it into the inside pocket of his crumpled grey suit. “Of course, there’s dozens of issues, things that have to do with timelines and radar information that exists but for one reason or another the Malaysians are sitting on it all. It appears to be a covering up of something, but I had to base my findings on the sound recording that was presented to me.”

“I know that; they wouldn’t give over anything that would be enlightening,” I said in a dead-pan tone. “They’re sloppy not silly. But trying to nail down who exactly is screening the evidence before it’s made public is a problematic issue.”

“Considering a few hundred people are dead – presumed dead – purposefully covering up critical clues as to what happened is certainly a problematic issue.” Tony was just as dead-pan as I was.

We stood up. We gave each other those looks and shook hands. He went out.


MH370 – Dividing By Zero


QUESTION: Who was responsible for entertaining the false impression that MH370 sent a “ping” message every hour on the hour, regular as Big Ben, from the time it left the runway in Kuala Lumpur until its final complete “handshake” at 08:11?

Answer: The Malaysian Government.

Does this “false impression” matter much to the average Joe? Probably not, but it should and here’s why. It is part of a long chain of information dilution aimed at lulling the public back to sleep on the MH370 issue. Media continue to perpetuate this lullaby, no doubt, but it’s The Malaysian Government and all affiliated authorities who keeping rocking the cradle. Since day one, the grieving families, the general public, have been mollycoddled away from the truth – that is, the claim that Flight MH370 went South rests not on the weight of mathematics but on faith in authority.

What you’re about to see is the official ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing & Reporting System) details for flight MH370. The document is public, but it is quite a bit different from what the public imagine.

A Brief Summary Of The Summary

The official synopsis as reported across countless global news services since March 2014 –“After leaving Malaysian military radar coverage the plane turned South and flew over the Northern tip of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island before heading for the Southern reaches of the Indian Ocean off Australia’s Western coast”

How would The Malaysian Government know this if they were no longer able to track the aircraft?

Answer: The “ping” data.

Inmarsat, who provided the data, stated that final pings from MH370 at 08:11 and 08:19 indicated one of two aircraft trajectories: 1) the Southern Indian Ocean, or 2) North toward the Gulf of Thailand and the Bay of Bengal. They are on record as calling their own early interpretations of the data uncertain.

Then Inmarsat reportedly refined their calculations. The Doppler affect; a phenomenon that causes radio signals to be longer when the source is moving away from the receiver, shorter when it is moving toward the receiver.

The Inmarsat geo-stationary satellite hangs over the Southern Indian Ocean “shaking-hands” with an array of aircraft, including, apparently, MH370. Inmarsat calculated their satellite data and declared each one of the MH370 pings after 01:07 was shorter than the one before it. That would indicate the plane was moving toward the satellite’s geo-stationary point (the place on earth that is directly under the satellite). Inmarsat said it was so. The Malaysian Government released the report, but orchestrated public attention away from Inmarsat’s over-all findings towards less relevant detail. The newspapers, as Bob Dylan once sang: “They all went along for the ride.”

The Exchange Between MH370 & ACARS

  • Used to calculate the Doppler affect:

1. 00:30 ACARS Message
2. 00:41 Take-off
3. 00:43 ACARS Message
4. 00:55 ACARS Message
5. 01:07 ACARS Message

GAP – 1 hour gap in ACARS and Handshakes

6. 02:25 ACARS Message or Ping?
7. 02:27 ACARS Message or Ping?
8. 02:29 ACARS Message or Ping?

GAP – 1 hour gap in ACARS and Handshakes

9. 03:40 Hand-Shake Ping
10. 04:40 Hand-Shake Ping
11. 05:40 Hand-Shake Ping
12. 06:40 Hand-Shake Ping

GAP – 91 minute gap in ACARS and Handshakes

13. 08:11 Final complete Handshake Ping
14. 08:19 Final “partial” transmission (no Doppler yet)
15. 09:15 Final Ground Station attempt to shake (unsuccessful)


(1) 00:30 ACARS Message

  • Aircraft position on the runway immediately before flight (calibrates the total time delay bias).

(2) 00:41 Take-off

  • Exact NOC (Network Operation Centre) ground station location.

(3) 00:43 ACARS Message

  • Maps of the GPS integrated water vapor delay (small correction).

(4) 00:55 ACARS Message

  • Exact satellite location Vs time

These first 4 readings were generated by standard ACARS messages.

(5) 01:07 ACARS Message

  • GAP – 1 hour gap in ACARS and Handshakes (?)

(6) 02:25 ACARS Message or Ping?
(7) 02:27 ACARS Message or Ping?
(8) 02:29 ACARS Message or Ping?

  • GAP – 1 hour gap in ACARS and Handshakes (?)

(9) 03:40 Handshake Ping

  • The gap between 01:07 and 03:40 contained 3 emergency alerts initiated by the aircraft radio) around 02:25-02:29 containing engine data (whether this takes into account ambient pressure sensor data necessary for independent data analysis, Inmarsat won’t say. Privacy laws).

(10) 04:40 Handshake Ping
(11) 05:40 Handshake Ping
(12) 06:40 Handshake Ping

  • GAP – 91 minute gap in ACARS and Handshakes (?)

(13) 08:11 Final complete Handshake Ping

  • The 4 transmissions between 04:40 & 08:11 were Pings initiated from the NOC ground station.

(14) 08:19 Final “Partial” transmission (no Doppler yet)

  • The final “unexplained partial ping” transmission was not initiated by NOC and was not in-fact a ping. It was a 4th emergency alert generated by the aircraft.

(15) 09:15 Final Ground Station attempt to shake (unsuccessful)

Burst Frequency Offset Analysis

Inmarsat used a new kind of mathematical analysis to rule out a Northern route. What that “new kind” of math might be they didn’t say. Or if they did, The Malaysian Government surely didn’t pass it on.

What was released was a written report with an appendix that contained 3 diagrams. Diagram 2 appeared to sum up the case against the Northern route in one persuasive chart. The graph showed the predicted Doppler shift for a plane traveling a Northern route; another line showed the predicted Doppler shift for a plane flying a Southern route. A third line, that showed actual data received by Inmarsat, fitted the Southern route almost like a glove. It was enough to dismiss the Northern route altogether.

Using the charts and diagrams from the report, science-buffs around the globe threw themselves into reverse-engineering the Inmarsat data. It was generally believed to be possible to figure any number of feasible routes while double-checking the assertion that the plane did in fact fly South.

But as examiners drilled down into the sequence, they quickly realised something wide of the mark. The former commander of the US Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, Scott Morgan said, “There simply isn’t enough information in the report to reconstruct the original data. Consequently, we don’t know what Inmarsat’s assumptions are going into this.”

Mike Exner, a CEO from the remote sensing company Radiometrics Inc., came to the same conclusion. Using all available Inmarsat information, Mike was able to derive figures for the relative velocity between aircraft and satellite. But no matter how he stretched his vast mathematical know-how, he could not get his values to match those implied by Inmarsat. “Mine look like cartoons,” smiled Exner.

Even more disturbing, not one person who independently analysed the Inmarsat report has been able to figure out what kind of Northern route might yield the values shown in the report. According to Mike Exner’s analysis, there’s no more than a few percent of the total velocity value that varies. And yet the Inmarsat report shows a drastically different set of values between the Southern and Northern routes. “Actually, neither predicted route makes much sense,” Exner concluded.

Hans Kruse, a professor of telecommunications systems at Ohio University, said, “It’s really impossible to reproduce what the Inmarsat folks claim and therefore impossible to validate their assertion which rules out a Northern route.”

Is this Inmarsat’s fault? Make no mistake, Inmarsat engineers are commonly regarded as top-shelf, models of precision in a profession that is almost neurotic about its attention to detail. But their work has been passed onto the media via The Malaysian Government, whose consistent inconsistency and lack of transparency has from the go-get eroded public confidence. The Inmarsat report appears to have been abridged in such a way as to make it impossible for anyone to independently assess its claims. Given that the report was supposed to explain to grieving family members Inmarsat’s amazing conclusion, it has, in-fact, had the opposite effect. Instead of clarity and trustworthiness, it has succeeded only in adding yet another layer of mud.

Of course, Inmarsat has done themselves no favours by refusing to answer repeated requests for a clarification of their methods. To date, not enough information has been provided for the public to assess the validity of Inmarsat methods. The company remains tight lipped behind a barrier of customer confidentiality agreements and various US laws that restrict the release of information about sensitive technologies. The Malaysian Government continues to play a “tell them only as much as we need them to know” game in a similar way.

One is forced to wonder who is pulling the strings.

Did You Say, “Conspiracy Theory?”

Look again at the Inmarsat Ping data again. After the 01:07 ACARS message there is over a 1 hour gap in satellite relations. One hour and eighteen minutes later comes the first of four emergency pings 02:25, 02:27, 02:29, followed by a gap of one hour and eleven minutes before the 03:40 ACARS message. A total time lapse of two hours and thirty three minutes in “normal” satellite relations. Clockwork communications followed from 03:40 til 06:40 when a 91 minute gap occurs.

Inmarsat never questioned whether the pings were originating from MH370; each aircraft communication system generates a unique ping identified with that particular aircraft, so why would they? The Comsat (Communication Satellite) link was where Inmarsat said it was…but that does not mean the plane itself was. Comsat links are small devices. Two such units might easily be interchanged. Alternatively, any programmable device can be reprogrammed or cloned to mimic the hand-shaking device found on MH370. Such a device could easily be loaded onto a “private jet” and flown along the flight path that investigators believe MH370 traveled. No one – certainly not Inmarsat – could ever tell whether the plane that left those signals behind was MH370 or another aircraft.

THEORY #112:

MH370 went North and was shot down by India over The Bay of Bengal, where “wreckage” was found…(but led to nothing, just like the official search of likely impact zones West of Perth led to nothing). “Whoops,” said India, “sorry.” To avoid an international incident G20 scrambled a jet with a clone of the Comsat device aboard to trick the geo-stationary satellite into believing MH370 was flying to its doom in the Southern Indian Ocean. When the jet reached the deepest part of the ocean it had only to turn the Comsat link off to suggest MH370 had crashed. Such a jet could then divert to, say, The Royal Australian Air Force Base Pearce, located just North of Perth, for a routine refueling and a cup-of-java before finally heading home – “I’m back honey. Boy, what a night.”

Theory #112 and the ones involving Diego Garcia, found its way into the public domain thru Twitter. It was spawned by the “ping” data gaps. To some people, it makes more sense than a “hi-jacker” diverting a plane to no-mans land. A suicider might do that but not a hi-jacker. It makes more sense than 239 people dying from a catastrophic accident and the plane diverting itself down the Southern arc until it runs out of fuel and crashes into the sea without a trace.

How ridiculous.

DAY 63:

Now, with the search for surface debris over and the mystery of MH370 looking more impenetrable by the minute, I’m afraid it’s not a conspiracy theory that needs to be debunked anymore, it’s the “official story.”


MH370 – All I Have Is A Voice To Undo The Lie

S-shape radar pix2
Mister Peter Swerling is a retired US Naval Flight Captain with an impressive CV: BACH Degree in Aerospace Engineering, MS Degree in Ocean Engineering, PRO Mechanical Engineer (PE), screened for Aviation Command, Executive Officer of 1st Reserve Patrol Squadron P-3C Update III, and Commanding Officer Reserve Patrol Squadron Augment Unit (VPSAU). Mr. Swerling is baffled by the Perth S-shaped phenomenon. In the absence of any credible explanation from The Australian Military, Mr. Swerling agreed to flesh out a conceivable rationale from his home near Florida Atlantic University.

JG: Peter Swerling, looking at Google Earth and transposing from the weather map to the real map, the strange S-shape seems much closer than it first appears.

SWERLING: I put it at 10.8 miles West of the Western tip of Rottnest Island. The formula for the distance of the horizon is D = 1.17 x SQRT (Height of Observer) so the phenomena could have been seen from 222ft above ground.

JG: On Rottnest Island?

SWERLING: Correct. As you say, much closer than one would think just from looking at the radar map.

JG: So anyone on Rottnest Island who looked West could have seen this S-shape formation?

SWERLING: Yes, providing it was cloud, which would then place it far above the water’s surface, say 10000ft or more. A surface based observer would be able to see those cloud tops much further away than the horizon. However, the Australian weather service ruled out any clouds in the area at that time so it had to be something else that reflects electromagnetic energy, like particle clumping or even a fake signal.

JG: With regards to particle clumping some people have suggested silver foil strips, a fuel dump or an explosion.

SWERLING: Right – I still don’t see why that type of S-shape pattern, which is obviously artificially generated, would be any better than just a fake irregular shape.

JG: Could the S-shape have been caused by some electrical glitch located in the vicinity of the receiving antenna, or the computer processing equipment associated with the radar display?

SWERLING: If it was an anomaly, the cause might be a type of electromagnetic interference from other electrical equipment that perhaps wasn’t grounded and somehow enabled a leading voltage or current to get in the processing equipment. However, this type of problem wouldn’t go away until it was repaired, and that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

JG: Or it was a fake signal?

SWERLING: If it was a fake, then it must have been created by some type of digital transmission on the weather radar frequency, a simulated echo return at varying times and density so that the pattern appeared like it did. If it was a purposely generated ECM type jamming signal, well, it gets me back to my previous point: I don’t see how the S-shape can be of any advantage.

JG: So what do you think it was?

SWERLING: Well, the only thing that I can imagine is some type of ECM jamming signal or blanketing signal that’s interfered with the weather radar. That isn’t impossible, but I am sure the Australian Military would not want to be overt about that unless someone wasn’t thinking. But again, the S-shape shown on the screen is so artificial looking that it wouldn’t even be effective as a decoy or jamming signal because as soon as you saw it you would know your signal was being jammed. If there is general broadband jamming, it just takes out the entire radar plot and you go blind and can’t discriminate targets or know what is going on.

JG: Peter Swerling, have you ever seen anything like this?

SWERLING: I flew for 25 years in maritime patrol aircraft whose mission was Search Visual and Acoustic Radar. In that entire time I never saw an S-shaped pattern, or even heard about one in the radar training courses I took, nor did I ever see a screen pattern displayed as a result of a system failure.

JG: It’s possible, though, isn’t it, with “Digital Processing”?

SWERLING: Oh, sure. I know that there are a lot of things that can be done, but I don’t understand what creating this type of pattern would do that would be tactically helpful. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t created by a group of Australian ships or aircraft operating in this area, I just don’t understand how it was done or why it would have a significant tactical purpose.”

To conclude, Peter showed me some images of “Perth Canyon.” This is a submarine canyon located on the edge of the continental shelf just off the coast of Rottnest Island. It is similar in dimensions to the Grand Canyon and is a part of the training ground used by the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Service. Peter told me that in 2006, the Oceanographic research ship Southern Surveyor, discovered a vortex in the waters above Perth Canyon. At 120 miles in diameter and 3300ft deep the vortex was visible from space.

SWERLING: The curious thing is that when you super-impose the S-shape radar image over the top of a Google Maps image of Perth Canyon, it generally fits the shape of the canyon on the sea bed.

Perth Canyon Animated
: Yes, it does. Could something natural be emanating from this area?

SWERLING: It’s not impossible, but I think we would have seen this phenomenon once before now. Also, if it were something natural, I don’t know why the Australian Military would claim responsibility for it.


MH370 – “S” Is For Coincidence

S-shape radar pix
Wednesday 12 Feb 2014, 6:16pm AEDT

A strange S-shaped formation appeared on weather bureau radar 20 miles west of Rottnest off the West Australian coast. After checking the satellite, the bureau’s Neil Bennett ruled out the phenomenon being caused by cloud.

“The radar that the bureau uses is there for the detection of precipitation. It’s basically just a beam going out and hitting the rain droplets or ice particles from hail.

“There’s no cloud, there’s nothing to produce a rain echo…which we do see a lot, but not this particular shape,” he said. “They don’t take on S shapes and things like that.

The ABC news who initially reported on this occurrence asked the Department of Defense whether there were any military operations off the coast which may have interfered with radar activity.

The Defense Department took 24 hours to reply.

Thursday 13 Feb 2014, 8:15pm AEDT

The Australian Department of Defense confirmed that the strange S-shaped phenomenon which appeared on the weather bureau radar off the West Australian coast was caused by a military exercise.

A spokesman for the Department of Defense said in a statement that the exercise was a regular training activity involving ships and aircraft designed to prepare a Navy warship for an operational deployment.

“The environmental conditions over the West Australian coast at the time of the activity provided a unique opportunity for this routine activity to be visible on the weather radar display,” he said, concluding: “This exercise is ongoing.”

Rottnest Island is 7 miles wide, a small blip in comparison to the S-shape. If the shape was produced by a “military exercise” what the heck are they (whoever?) doing off the coast of Western Australia?


Something unusual happened here, something “real” rather than an illusion caused by any radar glitch. Reporters did probe for greater depth to the military response, but it was not forthcoming. As with all military testimonials, it is dirt common to waiver any obligation of disclosure by simply answering with suitable spin (e.g. ye olde non-denial denial, misdirection and diversion, phrasing in a way that assumes unproven truths or avoids the question all together).

Let’s dissect what was said:

  • What caused the strange S-shaped phenomenon? – “A military exercise.”

This avoids the question all together; it’s a nothing answer. It’s comparable to the Athenians of ancient Greece who upon witnessing a solar eclipse asked, “What caused this strange phenomenon?” Answer: Angry gods. These days we know the answer. If the military would allow independent scientific analysis of what caused the strange S-shaped phenomenon, we’d have an answer for that too. But the military can simply wave all that away by saying, “The purpose of this particular exercise is classified and disclosure is not in the national interest.” What we do know is the purpose of a military exercise is to explore the effects of warfare or test strategies without actual combat. It is then reasonable to believe that the strange S-shape is connected to warfare.

  • “The exercise is a regular training activity involving ships and aircraft designed to prepare a Navy warship for an operational deployment.”

This embellishment does nothing to further the response to the original question: “What caused the strange S-shaped phenomenon?” Here the question is avoided by talking not about “the exercise” (which caused the S-shape), but by shifting the focus to this “regular training activity.” Regular, as in normal, standard, ordinary (e.g. nothing to worry about). “The exercise is…designed to prepare a Navy warship for an operational deployment.” How an “exercise” that produces a “strange S-shaped phenomenon” (over 30 miles long, incidentally) can prepare a Navy warship for an operational deployment, personally, makes me want to bang drums and symbols and shot arrows skywards to scare the dragon away. Furthermore, if this exercise is “regular” why has the irregular S-shape never been picked up on radar before?

  • “The environmental conditions over the West Australian coast at the time of the activity provided a unique opportunity for this routine activity to be visible on the weather radar display.”

What environmental conditions? “No cloud” as Neil Bennet stated. “Nothing to produce a rain echo.” Therefore, these perfect conditions “provided a unique opportunity for this routine activity to be visible on the weather radar display.” Where did this response come from, a Hardy Boy’s mystery? It’s an insult, as too is the second mention of this exercise/activity being nothing but “routine.” If the activity is routine, why is it classified? More to the point, what was the routine activity that produced this S-shape phenomenon?

  • “This exercise is ongoing.”

Firstly, if this is ongoing, why haven’t we witnessed this S-shape phenomenon before or since? Secondly, was the exercise ongoing when flight MH370 entered the Indian Ocean 2000 miles from where this “routine activity” took place? Thirdly, why did Garden Island radar, the main naval base on the West coast of Australia, 3 miles off the Western Australian coast, 56 minutes from Perth city, fail to detect a large Boeing-777 in its waters on March 8 2014?

From The Conservative Dark

The city of Mandurah in Western Australia lies approximately 45 miles South from Perth. It houses around 83,000 people.

Shortly before dawn on FEB 12 2014, one of them, a fisherman who wants to be known as Peter, was about 20 miles off-shore preparing to cast a net (no pun intended). Peter noticed something flicker in his periphery. He looked up and saw what he described as “…an eerie light show.”

Grabbing his camera, Peter managed to capture images of the light which he said moved and changed colours before disappearing with the sunrise. Peter believes what he saw was a UFO. “An unidentified flying object, yep! After nine years of fishing I’ve never seen anything move like it.”MadurahUFOThe strange sight preceded the release of the Bureau of Meteorology radar picture and the strange S-shaped phenomenon West of Rottnest Island.

We know The Bureau’s Neil Bennet ruled out the phenomenon being caused by precipitation. One unconfirmed source suggested the formation may have been caused by radar picking up condensation from an aircraft fuel dump during military exercises. However, the source did concede, “It wouldn’t have been over 30 miles long.”

Retired astronomer Ralph Martin said it was “hard to say” what caused either the strange light or the radar picture.

“The vast majority of these reports [strange lights] have reasonable explanations,” he said. “They’re usually either astronomical objects or aircraft. But we can’t explain them all.”

The Mandurah lights rank amongst those unexplained.


MH370 – Judgment Is A Negative Frequency

There is currently a contentious debate concerning whether people’s fascination with the MH370 story are symptoms of a mental disorder, if mental disorders are a consequence of the MH370 story, or if people with mental disorders are especially susceptible to or even looking for the type of experience induced by the MH370 story.

Apophenia is the assertion fuelling said debate, a state-of-mind that presupposes all MH370 fanatics (especially at this stage of the tragedy) are obsessed by the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of unrelated phenomena surrounding this mystery. This tendency is closely linked to psychosis and in turn creativity, to the point where apophenia and creativity are seen as two sides of the same coin.

It is true, someone prone to apophenia might suspect he or she is being watched or spoken about, might feel the object of eavesdropping or the sense of being followed by strangers. But sometimes two wrongs do make a right, and simply because a person is apophenic doesn’t mean their suspicions are wrong.

By contrast, a synchronicity is when two seemingly random events occur at the same time, creating the sensation that there is a direct connection between the two events. If you think synchronicity sounds a lot like apophenia, you’re not far wrong. Perception is perhaps the key to the difference. For example, Doctor Carl Jung was sitting in his consultation room one day analysing a patient’s dream. This dream was about an Egyptian scarab beetle. Presently, the two were distracted by a light rapping at the window. When Dr. Jung went to investigate he found on the sill an Egyptian scarab beetle. In Switzerland! It was absolutely uncanny. Dr. Jung intuitively understood that there was something very powerful about the lining up of these two events, the telling of the dream about a scarab and the bizarre appearance of a scarab thousands of miles from where it ought to have been.

A doctor who erred on the side of logic would have used said logic to dismiss any perception of a connection, while Dr. Jung remained open to and fascinated by the opportunity to look more deeply into one’s own existence.

And so, dear reader, as we dig evermore deeply into the disappearance of flight MH370, I encourage you to think of apophenia as Darth Vadar and Obi-Wan Kenobi as synchronicity, both over-looking the same remarkable force but from two very different points of reference.